Why is cb slowing up every evening? (in Off-topic)

AdminShade November 7 2009 1:53 PM EST

CB has been slowing up about every evening at around 8 PM (Amsterdam Time) for a while (I think server switch).


AdminG Beee November 7 2009 2:26 PM EST

8PM Amsterdam is early afternoon or even late morning across the US so it's unlikely to be loading on the CB server at that time. You sure it's not your own ISP bandwidth sharing?

AdminShade November 7 2009 2:27 PM EST

I am almost positive because it is not just me but a whole lot of players are complaining about it in chat.

Always around the same time, and they are literally from various places:

Netherlands, America, elsewhere...

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] November 7 2009 2:39 PM EST

Yeah, and it's weird, b/c the server load time stays really low, like .15 or so, but pages sometimes won't load at all for me. I'm from the US, and I'm certain it's not my end, I get usually like 16M down and 12M up.

kevlar November 7 2009 2:45 PM EST

I know nothing about servers, but I wonder if there is a scheduled virus scan or something?

AdminShade November 7 2009 2:51 PM EST

Titan: I don't think it has anything to do with upload or download speeds. It's about access time...

I'm thinking the same thing, some sort of scheduled event which happens every day at around 2 PM EST and lasts for half an hour or so.

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 7 2009 2:54 PM EST

Yea I am having problems up here in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

three4thsforsaken November 7 2009 3:11 PM EST

it's making it impossible for me to try and burn my 1600 BA during exp time.

Joel November 7 2009 3:14 PM EST

I'm having big problems here, too. I live in Dallas, Texas.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] November 7 2009 3:33 PM EST

joel is within a few miles of the server likely so if he is having problems then it is server side or facility issues.

oh, and it is virtually unusable for me near san antonio!

Rawr November 7 2009 4:14 PM EST

it seems like there are spurts of good connection then one BA takes 1 minute to load

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] November 7 2009 4:50 PM EST

Yup it was the same my end. It's better now I think

AdminJonathan November 7 2009 5:20 PM EST

is it mostly the fight page?

any particular opponent(s) it happens more consistently with?

Kokokitty November 7 2009 5:22 PM EST

When I was playing around 2 maybe 3 there was a page error...And I live in Beaumont Texas. Not to far away from Joel.

BootyGod November 7 2009 5:24 PM EST

It was mostly fighting for me, as I recall. It's gone now. But it was pretty bad (Had times where IE wouldn't load the page it got so slow).

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] November 7 2009 5:45 PM EST

Jon: No particular opponents, it's happening for everyone. Also, for me it was more than just fighting. The home page was slow, community was slow. One time it timed out when I was trying to access someone's page.

AdminShade November 7 2009 5:49 PM EST


it is not only the fight page, even forum seems to be affected, home screen also, training etc...

Fighting obviously is the most visible page as it is accessed far more times than others, but all other pages really do suffer from it.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] November 7 2009 6:07 PM EST

When Shade posted this thread, I noticed the lag too, but in forging, forum, didn't check fighting though.

AdminJonathan November 7 2009 6:14 PM EST

I've installed the Munin monitoring system so the next time this happens we can see what resource was being strained.

AdminShade November 7 2009 6:18 PM EST

Great. Then we should put into a thread (this one most likely) when we experience CB being so slow. :)

Rawr November 8 2009 9:36 PM EST

"it's making it impossible for me to try and burn my 1600 BA during exp time." ~three4thsforsaken

Just curious, with what character 3/4ths?

And CB seemed fine for me this morning.

three4thsforsaken November 8 2009 11:13 PM EST

Rawr, I retired him and am going to restart my NCB. His name was Dancer.

Rawr November 8 2009 11:15 PM EST

hohoo single UC tank, good luck with that lol

three4thsforsaken November 8 2009 11:36 PM EST

UC is going to be untrained, it's only for the initial growth phase :D

So no, not a single UC tank.
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