My Boycott of Home Depot (in Off-topic)

Shark November 21 2009 1:11 AM EST

I don't know if any of you live by or have a Home Depot close to you, but Home Depot has turned into HOMELESS DEPOT.

The street urchins, parking lot pan handlers, crack heads, drunks and all kinds of other less than glamorous people seemed to have adopted the parking lots at Home Depots everywhere.
WHY? Bec Home Depot puts out water, porta cans, and trash buckets for them to use instead of them using the plants for toilets and trash cans. Nasty People.

Approaching you With the ruse of looking for work, then out comes the do you have any spare change? I'm so sick and tired of just about everywhere you go some poor person with a poorer sob story begging for money and got their hand out.

It finally happened the other day at Home Depot. Some slob stuck his head in my car window while I was doing something else.
Scared the crap out of me to start with and him looking like a wookie. Then proceeded to tell me some sob story hows he's from nowhereville and is out of GAS."Yeah Right.. Get out of my face, you have invaded my space and you stink." He reached in and knocked my smoke out of my hand and starting yakking and spittin at me and in my haste to leave the situation, almost tagged him with my truck. Then he's duking and diving in front of my vehicle trying to make me hit him..Next thing I know this guy is in the store asking the clerk to call 911 someone tried to run him over in the parking lot..Goodness..What a piece of living human garbage.
Number 1 you don't try to run someone over, either you do or you don't.
Now I'm worried I'm going to jail for some Bull..So I waited for some time to see if the police would show up and they never did so I left..went home to my comfy chair and I guess he got left in parking lot with some type of wounded ego..You wonder how one can wound an go when they have a hand stuck out begging for money?..thats right homeless boy I'm going home and you got Dolly DownSyndrome and 3 kids waiting for you..cant you hear your children calling you "DADDDD DEEE DADDDD DEEE DADDDD DEEE" they all kind of look sheepish..must be that arkansas DNA Barnyard Billy Bob.

These people live in such a negative vortex, when you get around them they suck you right down with them. When you try to argue with an idiot you are the one that turns out looking stupid..Before it was all over with every damn homeless urchin out there was beginning to get mob like, and I'm the bad guy...

My lesson learned is just tell them no I cant help and move on down the road.

But I will NEVER go to Homeless depot ever again until these people clean up the lots and the urchins out of it.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] November 21 2009 1:52 AM EST

I cannot say I have run into this at any of the Home Depot locations where I live (Houston, Texas). I am pretty confident that there is quite a few more homeless people in my town,not to make it a competition but honestly my town is like one of the largest in the US. It may be something that your town is having a problem dealing with. I can understand your point in that it sucks, I have to deal with the same thing Downtown. Just avoid those areas unless there is no other way. If there is no other way then go prepared. This is the best advice I can give you bro.

On a side note you just do not know their situation. Some put themselves in that situation others just get a really bad break in life. I've been down that road and managed to pull myself out of it. It was tough but I was determined, it is why I have an open mind towards the homeless but a shrewd outlook as well. If I can get out of it then so can they if they push for it. I have no sympathy if I know they have been there for a very long time.

Mesoshort November 21 2009 1:57 AM EST

I completely feel your pain. I work in a similar environment, but fortunately I have deputies surrounding me and park underground where they never go. I work at the courthouse in a fairly large city, where homeless will just walk in the middle of a street and cross regardless of traffic. I just keep my windows up and the doors all locked; the cold weather doesn't really hurt either.

My advice when dealing with bums: They are all crazy and need medication, no matter how sane they look. No eye contact, just act as if they are not there. Don't even say no, you can't help; just look forward as if they don't exist. Sad way to deal with it, but I find works the best.

DaH4mburglar November 21 2009 2:01 AM EST

That's a pretty crazy story, I dont think any of the charges would stick. Especially if he put his head in your car, that's definitely not legal. I guess Home Depot does those things to let everyone know they "give back" to the community. Oh well, go to Lowes then I guess.

NooneKnows November 21 2009 6:39 AM EST

a human infestation problem? call the exterminators at once!

QBRanger November 21 2009 7:32 AM EST

I have never had that problem with HD.

However things are great there now.

When I go to the back to pick up supplies, I get served by the most educated people I have ever met.

Lawyers, professors and teachers are all there helping me load my lumber into my SUV.

Mythology November 21 2009 10:21 AM EST

"thats right homeless boy I'm going home and you got Dolly DownSyndrome and 3 kids waiting for you.."

And you say THEY are a negative influence on the planet.

Let me explain a simple concept to you, it's called capitalism and the free market. It means the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The middle classes are subdued into thinking everything is okay enough until they bump into one of those 'urchins' and get a shock that not everything is fine and dandy in the capitalist system.

Blame the criminals, blame the 'urchins' and whats more, call them names to make yourself feel better. Whatever you do, dont spend a single minute of your day trying to help them or the society you live in.

QBsutekh137 November 21 2009 11:06 AM EST

Looks like folks are covering all the standard aspects of the spirit behind your post, Shark. So I'll address its implementation.

Is the volume of intense epithets _really_ necessary for your piece? I mean, we got everything here: Arkansas, Down Syndrome (that doesn't even make sense), having several kids, lack of education, Billy Bob...

I got your frustration and anger right away. There's no need to put on layer after layer of silly, stereotypical perceptions atop that. At best, it doesn't help your point, and at worst it detracts from your point because it sounds to me like you think you have all the homeless people figured out (which of course, is impossible).

I am sorry you had a conflict in the parking lot, and that guy sounds nuts. So don't get me wrong on this specific instance. You had me at "head in car window", as a friend of mine had a crazy neighbor below her that did the same thing once (didn't even stick his head in, just got close, and still scared the jeebus out of us). Later he tried to burn her building down and then the cops found a shotgun under his sofa. Good times.

But that doesn't mean I know where he came from, how he got there, his marital status, or any genetic defects about his children. One nut-job, one story. The End. No, I am not naive enough to think other people like that aren't out there, and I hope they can be helped (both by others AND themselves) to the point where you feel OK with going to Home Depot once again.

Mythology November 21 2009 11:11 AM EST

ignore my post and just read sutekh's :)

QBRanger November 21 2009 11:22 AM EST

So now we have the moral police stating when it is ok to vent or not?

QBsutekh137 November 21 2009 11:28 AM EST

You point out NUBs, I point out stereotypical behavior that detracts from an otherwise understandable point.

Why would you question my right to speak when you so doggedly defend your own?

QBRanger November 21 2009 11:32 AM EST

I am not.

I am saying it is ok to do both.

But refrain from the personal attacks.

Comparing me to Joe is quite a personal attack.

QBsutekh137 November 21 2009 11:37 AM EST

I don't see any reference to a "Joe" on this thread.

You've a hard time keeping things in mental and emotional buckets, don't you?

You know, if you started another thread about the exbow right now, I'd be on there supporting it. Mental segmentation. Try some. That's not a personal attack, I really think it is something you should try that could give you benefit in your life, so I feel right and correct in suggesting you give it a whirl.

QBRanger November 21 2009 11:51 AM EST

And Sut,

You should try not to personally attack people for their point of view.

Learn to differentiate venting from real attacks.

Learn to differentiate disliking a notion rather than the person.

Lord Bob November 21 2009 12:00 PM EST

"You should try not to personally attack people for their point of view."

Like you do?

QBRanger November 21 2009 12:03 PM EST

And even you?

QBsutekh137 November 21 2009 12:05 PM EST

Ranger, that is exactly what my response to Shark was -- a discussion of HOW he expressed himself, not an attack on the man or even the frustration and anger he is feeling. I respect Shark and I respect his right to experience the situation as he sees fit. What I respect substantially less is the use of broad, stereotypical, even hurtful, epithets in making that point.

If one of your children was feeling frustration or anger, you wouldn't deny them that. But if one acted out that emotion by calling someone a retard or red-necked Down Syndrome case, would you step in?

So just what exactly are you talking down to be about?

(And you never responded about the mental buckets, just sort of glossed right through it... You think you want to give that a try?)

AdminShade November 21 2009 12:23 PM EST

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