Upgrading my items, what is best? (in General)

AdminShade December 8 2009 11:39 AM EST

What should I upgrade, within reasonable terms, to make good use of additional AC or bonus to stats?

big minion, main Enchanter:

A Amulet of Focus [0] (+12) (named)
A Breastplate of Expertise [18] (+27)
An Elven Cloak [4] (+11)
A Set of Boots of Fortitude [12] (+28) (named)
A Pair of Elven Gloves [3] (+12)
A Cornuthaum [0] (+10) (named)
A 2007 CB T-shirt [1]

Smaller minion, Junction Enchanter:

An Amulet of Junction [0] (+9)
A Pair of Spellboosters [4] (+1)
A Set of Noldorin Spellcasters [0] (+15) (named)
A Helm of Clearsight [-5] (+5)
A Steel Familiar lvl 7,414,635 (named)
A 2008 CB T-shirt [1]

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] December 8 2009 11:41 AM EST

Corn a few points, AoF a few points, and BoF 3-4 points. That should keep you busy for awhile ;).

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] December 8 2009 11:44 AM EST

Corn to 11, AoF to 13, BoF to 32. Cost 11M. Reward: 2% more AS, 3% more AS on your big minion and 2% more damage from your Fam.

AdminShade December 8 2009 11:46 AM EST

In other words: for the time being, the only upgrade I will be able to perform is Boots of Fortitude up a few points.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] December 8 2009 11:47 AM EST

2% is a lot. Over 10 rounds for you, it's about 200k more damage.

AdminShade December 8 2009 11:49 AM EST

200k on sometimes 7+ million I do? that's ~2.9%...

miteke [Superheros] December 8 2009 11:53 AM EST

I'd name the AoJ - I have that 10% uncertainty.

AdminShade December 8 2009 12:01 PM EST

the AoJ already works at 100% miteke. (if you doubt, I never ever see 90% effect)

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 8 2009 12:01 PM EST

I'd upgrade those named items, so the +1 the on the name adds is worth several million dollars.

AdminShade December 8 2009 12:15 PM EST

AK: for armor's naming adds a 4% bonus (rounded upwards).

For the AoF this is 12,48, rounded 13. To gain another point 'bonus' for the naming, I'd have to upgrade it to +26.
For the Boots of Fortitude this is 29,6, rounded 30. For another bonus point, I'd have to upgrade them to +39.
For the Cornuthaum this is 10,4, rounded 11. For another bonus point, upgrading to +26.
For the Noldorin Spellcasters: same story as AoF / Corn.

The cost of those upgrades however, would be impossible to pay.

DoS December 8 2009 1:11 PM EST

I had a nice long reply ready for you, but my phone bugged out and I couldn't get my reply back. In short I said that AK didn't mean upgrading it until you can get 2 more from the naming, but that having a +11 corn (from the naming) is something like 10mil (my numbers are off because I can't look). Sure that is good, but if you upgarde your named corn from 10 to 11 for only 6mil (something like that :p), your corn will act as +12 which is say 20mil (again my numbers are off). So for only a 6mil upgrade, you are getting a 10mil upgrade.

QBRanger December 8 2009 1:17 PM EST

It would help to know how much +1 to each item costs.
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