Shield of Capacity not working properly? (in General)

AdminShade December 18 2009 1:10 PM EST

First some facts:

I am using a Shield of Capacity.
I am using Unarmed Combat. (even if it's base, does not matter)
I am fighting in Melee at the time of this incident.

My second minion (called Mucho Tiempo) on my tournament character is still alive in the first few Melee rounds.
I am attacking Kliktu, whom is using a Sling of Death. He is targeting my minion though:

Kliktu Himself's explosive shot hit Mucho Tiempo [44838], Ofelia [15195]

My response to that however is this:

Mucho Tiempo stumbled swinging at Kliktu Himself
Ofelia bruised Kliktu Himself [60587]
Ofelia tapped Kliktu Himself [47941]

QBRanger December 18 2009 1:13 PM EST

Ofelia is getting hit with splash damage which is NOT physical damage.

It is, I believe, magic type damage equivalent to FB damage.

That is why your SoC does not help.

AdminShade December 18 2009 1:13 PM EST

Ofelia is not using the Shield of Capacity, Mucho Tiempo is however.

QBRanger December 18 2009 1:14 PM EST

Well one has to hit to activate the stored energy of the SoC :)

AdminShade December 18 2009 1:15 PM EST

Does one? I have been using this for a while now and with a 'normal' melee weapon, this works...

QBRanger December 18 2009 1:15 PM EST

You still have to hit your target to get the stored energy of the SoC activated.

Pwned December 18 2009 1:15 PM EST

yup you need a MoD or a Morg with alot of + and no X like mine

QBRanger December 18 2009 1:16 PM EST


UC also works with the SoC.

AdminShade December 18 2009 1:18 PM EST

In other words, because I miss, the effect does not trigger?

Learned something new! :)

QBRanger December 18 2009 1:20 PM EST

Always been that way:

TheHatchetman December 18 2009 2:16 PM EST

Always been that way

Actually, your link serves as proof that it hasn't. In fact, as recently as Jan 17, 2008 (and all dates prior), it wasn't :P

AdminShade December 18 2009 2:23 PM EST

Unfortunately, before that time the Shield of Capacity did not exist...

AdminNightStrike December 18 2009 3:40 PM EST

In fact, as recently as Jan 17, 2008

You mean June?
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