Paragraphes in CM (request for NS) (in Changelog)

lostling December 22 2009 10:21 PM EST

can our chatmails be more structured? instead of like compressing all the time into meaningless jumbles of words?

AdminNightStrike December 22 2009 10:22 PM EST

You want paragraphs and the like?

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] December 22 2009 10:33 PM EST


Joel December 22 2009 10:36 PM EST

That would be nice! I was wondering why CMs didn't look like forum posts. I thought they should come out the same!

AdminNightStrike December 22 2009 10:41 PM EST

Well, it's mainly because we strip the html. I'll tell you what, though... get ten people to send $1m each to Charity and I'll do it.

lostling December 22 2009 10:45 PM EST

im already sending 14mill by the looks or it :) does that count? =x

AdminNightStrike December 22 2009 10:46 PM EST

nah, new money only!

lostling December 22 2009 10:47 PM EST

awh... c'mon people... donate!

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 22 2009 11:08 PM EST

If i come a position in the tourney i will donate money for this.

Lochnivar December 22 2009 11:10 PM EST

Lochnivar (Anbhas) Charity (ChildsPlay2009) $2000000 -- cm ftw lol 11:09 PM EST

so now we only need 8 people... right?

iBananco [Blue Army] December 22 2009 11:13 PM EST

Technically, you're not a person who send 1M to Charity, so the count's at 10 still.

iBananco [Blue Army] December 22 2009 11:14 PM EST


Demigod December 22 2009 11:15 PM EST

get ten people to send $1m each to Charity and I'll do it

Love it.

TheHatchetman December 22 2009 11:21 PM EST

(Hatchet NCB take 1) Charity (ChildsPlay2009) $1000000 11:21 PM EST

I'm in

QBRanger December 22 2009 11:22 PM EST

QBRanger (Heroes) Charity (ChildsPlay2009) $1000000 5:06 PM EST

AdminNightStrike December 22 2009 11:50 PM EST

Paragraphs are in. I'm assuming the rest of the donations will come :)

Miandrital December 23 2009 12:43 AM EST

Dont have a million yet, but once I get one I will send it for sure. Thanks NS, great addition!

Joel December 23 2009 1:29 AM EST

Joel (Joel) Charity (ChildsPlay2009) $1000000 1:29 AM EST


blackshadowshade December 23 2009 9:39 AM EST

I'll support this change 100%!

blackshadowshade (Shadow Walker) Charity (ChildsPlay2009) $1000000 -- ChatMail fix 9:38 AM EST

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] December 23 2009 9:45 AM EST

Good change

Wasp (Waspie Bank) Charity (ChildsPlay2009) $1000000 9:45 AM EST

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] December 23 2009 10:28 AM EST

Supported :-D

Zenai (FuerGrissa ost Drauka) Charity (ChildsPlay2009) $1000000 -- CMs...Woot! 10:22 AM EST

Charity December 23 2009 1:08 PM EST

Thanks for the donations guys!

And thanks to you too, NS, you big sweetheart you.

[RX3]Cotillion December 23 2009 2:32 PM EST


[RX3]Cotillion (A Murder of Gods) Charity (ChildsPlay2009) $1000000 2:32 PM EST

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 24 2009 12:05 AM EST

WhiteWolf (Item Stockhold) Charity (ChildsPlay2009) $1000000 -- Paragraph Donation 12:04 AM EST

AdminNightStrike January 3 2010 9:00 PM EST

Charity is almost selling cash, for anyone that still wants to donate in arears for this feature.

kevlar January 3 2010 9:04 PM EST

kevlar (Pack Mule Service) Charity (ChildsPlay2009) $1000000 9:03 PM EST

because of u, NS. <3

kevlar January 4 2010 1:39 PM EST

NS, awesome. Just awesome! It looks so much better >:)

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] January 4 2010 3:22 PM EST

Nice work NS, and all of those that donated.

AdminNightStrike January 5 2010 2:04 PM EST

I fixed it so that there's no longer a trailing br tag
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