why are clan points disappearing (in General)

MonkeyMandate [Wasting Time] January 2 2010 5:21 AM EST

its saturday and all my clan points are disappearing, that i have earned in the last under 24 hours. wondering if anyone has an explanation for this as it is really annoying considering exp time is in like six and a half hours.

its also happening for other clan members as well i think.

iBananco [Blue Army] January 2 2010 5:22 AM EST

Quite simple. You didn't earn any clan points between 25 hours and 1 hour ago.

AdminShade January 2 2010 5:30 AM EST

Yesterday was a Holiday Sunday so today is treated like a Monday :)

Mikel January 2 2010 5:52 AM EST

Saturday should be like a Monday after the refresh, not Sunday.

AdminShade January 2 2010 6:10 AM EST

Today is counted as a Monday after a Sunday...

MonkeyMandate [Wasting Time] January 2 2010 6:24 AM EST

ok that seems completely and utterly weird

AdminShade January 2 2010 6:32 AM EST

Does it? Perhaps you weren't expecting it to happen, but the system works normally. When new year would be on a Saturday, we wouldn't get points at all.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] January 2 2010 7:02 AM EST

Dec 25th and Jan 1 have been added to the no CP acquiring days. They are treated as a Sunday in that respect because they are major holidays. So not so weird :-)

Guardian January 2 2010 7:53 AM EST

clans are messed, u are in top 10 clan u dont receive bonus? thats ugly
and its why i am not in 1 now

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] January 2 2010 9:45 AM EST

Perhaps you still don't understand.

AdminShade January 2 2010 10:01 AM EST

KW: clans are not messed up

Lochnivar January 2 2010 10:45 AM EST

Clans are like Fairies in Peter Psn...

... if you don't believe then they can't give you a bonus :-)

AdminShade January 2 2010 11:05 AM EST

Peter Psn...

Peter Playstation Network? ;p

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] January 2 2010 12:07 PM EST

KW Clans that are not in the Top 25% of the Total Clans receive no bonus. If there are less total Clans then yes it will seem like only the Top 10 Clans are getting a bonus. ie

More Clans = More Clans getting a Bonus

Less Clans = Less Clans getting a Bonus

Your Clan is in the Top 25% then you get a Bonus.

Your Clan is NOT in the Top 25% then you get no Bonus.

This is not messed up KW this is incentive to be competitive in the Clan Tiers. It is also the way it has been for a long long time.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] January 2 2010 12:10 PM EST

KW Clans that are not in the Top 25% of the Total Clans receive no bonus.

actually jon clarified that it is the top 25% of clans that are active. active should be defined by having at least one clan member with a positive net score for the past 24 hours.

clans are buggy as there are usually quite a few showing, and thus affecting how many get a score that do not fit the criteria as jon defined it.

this bug means more clans are getting a bonus than should be though at most points during the week.

AdminShade January 2 2010 12:16 PM EST

Sorry to say but we are diverting from the original question.

Q: Why did clan points and rewards go down all of a sudden?
A: Because yesterday was a Sunday.

We know clans are buggy and that has been discussed in multiple threads already. Seems pretty useless to chew it up again...

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] January 2 2010 12:18 PM EST

KW: clans are not messed up

then perhaps don't make overly broad erroneous statements that need clarification? ; )
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