Tutorial as it is now, step by step: (in General)

AdminShade January 13 2010 2:24 PM EST

This is a step by step walk-through through the tutorial. I will place notes from cb in the quote bars and my actions beneath it.

Welcome to Carnage Blender. This is a quick tutorial to introduce you to the basics of combat and magic. (When you finish, chat will open.)

Your Character has been equipped with a whip. Click 'Equip' in the Active Character section on the left to see him.

Clicked on 'Equip'.
This is your Character Alaft. Characters are teams of Minions.

All minions have these traits:
- Hit Points: stamina or vitality; how hard this Minion is to defeat
- Strength: makes your Minion's attacks more powerful
- Dexterity: agility; how good your Minion is at attacking and dodging
You can also train your minions in many spells and skills. It's up to you how you spend your Experience to improve these and make your Minion a more formidable opponent.

Your Minion Oxmai has no experience and not much money to buy equipment with. You gain both money and experience from winning battles, so let's get some! Pick someone from the Opponents drop-down, and click fight. (All opponents with a score of 1 are pretty much the same.)

Clicking fight.
Great! You won! Now pick another opponent, and click Fight again. (Or just hit Enter on your keyboard.)
After 5 more victories we will Train your Minion.

Fought another 5 targets.
Cool! You have earned enough experience to Train your Minion. Click on the Train link in the Active Character section.

Clicked Train.
Here is the training facility. At the very beginning, Dexterity is the most important to train, since if it is high enough you can avoid being hit entirely. Later you will also want to start training Hit Points and Strength and spells.

Go ahead and choose max for Dexterity. Click Apply Changes at the bottom of the page to actually train the minion.

Chose max for Dexterity.
Clicked Apply Changes.
Notice that CB recentered your Opponents list when you trained to provide you a better challenge. The Reset link in the Opponents box does the same thing.

Now we're going to recruit another Minion so you can train a mage. Click the 'Recruit a new Minion' button at the bottom of this page.

Clicked 'Recruit new Minion'.
Your new Minion will start with a fraction of the total exp earned by your existing Minion. As this total grows, recruiting becomes more expensive.

Click on Enlist for... to continue. CB has generated a name for your new Minion, but you're welcome to change it.

Clicked 'Enlist for...'.
Now you have a second Minion, but he doesn't have enough Experience to learn a spell yet. You'll need to fight some more to earn the Experience; both Minions will now gain Experience at about half the rate your single Minion did before.

Let's earn some Experience. Pick an opponent, and click Fight.

Fought 1 fight.
Great! You won! Now pick another opponent, and click Fight again. (Or just hit Enter on your keyboard.)
When you've earned some more exp, we'll train your second Minion in a spell. Estimate: about 14 more victories. (Money and exp awards are randomized.)

Fought 14 more opponents.
Well done. Let's go train your mage.

Click on Train again.

Clicked Train.
Now we're going to learn a direct damage spell. (Later, you'll also be able to learn skills and enchantments as well.)
Click on your second minion's (Teryan's) tab. Then pick the Magic Missile spell from the Direct Damage options, and click Apply Changes.

Chose Magic Missile and clicked Apply Changed.
Now you've learned a spell, but it's still at its base level. It won't do much damage that way. Put some more experience into it: select Max from the dropdown next to it.

Let's give your first Minion (Oxmai) some help too. Click back to his tab, and this time, set Strength to '1/2 Max' and Dexterity to 'Max.'

When you've set the training instructions for both Minions, click Apply Changes.

Did what I was asked to.
Great! One last step, then you're done with the tutorial. Let's go to the weapons store and buy a better weapon for your first Minion.

Put your mouse over Businesses under Quick Links on the left, and select Weapons.

Clicked businesses - Weapons.
Buy the best weapon you can afford -- the one with the highest [Base x Enchantment]. You may have to scroll down to find one you can afford.

Check the weapon you want, then scroll back to the top and click Buy Selected Items.

Bought something at random.
A common mistake people make is trying to use both weapons and magic. Don't do that; your minions can only do one thing at a time.

So we're going to replace the starting weapon on your first Minion with this one. Under Unequipped Items, change the drop-down option to your first Minion's name, and click Apply changes.

Equiped it.
This concludes the beginning CB tutorial. You will notice that the chat applet has now started. (If it has not, see the chat FAQ for advice on fixing your problem.) Please feel free to ask questions in the New Players room.

QBRanger January 13 2010 2:45 PM EST

I would think and hope a nice video perhaps linking to it on Youtube would be a great way to visually show people how to play CB. In addition to perhaps getting some people viewing it and wanting to visit.

AdminNightStrike January 13 2010 3:15 PM EST

A big issue with the tutorial is not so much doing exactly what it says, but doing something else instead.

AdminShade January 13 2010 3:19 PM EST

About a year ago the tutorial would very frequently loop people around enlisting and fighting instead of training. It seems that this bug has gone now.

Natasha January 13 2010 3:21 PM EST

yeah, when i was doing the tutorial i hated buying a weapon, equipping it, training strength and dexterity. i knew i wanted a spell casting team so that really irritated me to be forced onto a warrior style of character.

i ended up getting rid of the second minion that the tutorial forced me to get, untraining all of my learned things and starting from scratch. the tutorial wasn't useful to me except for learning how to fight, train, and equip things if i wanted to equip them later on.

AdminNightStrike January 13 2010 3:24 PM EST

I can put a "Get me out of this tutorial" link on every tutorial banner thingie.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 13 2010 3:25 PM EST


Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] January 13 2010 3:33 PM EST

I think a line should be added somewhere that states:

"This is only a tutorial. Once it's over, the way you build your team is up to you. For now, do what I say."

Then maybe less people will try ditching the tutorial to "Make my own char, dammit! Screw you for telling me what to do! Blah blah blah."

I think many people have a problem with the concept of a "tutorial", thinking what they do in it is actually important. It's not! It's practice!

The tutorial could try harder to get the above point across?

"Listen to me and make a fighter. You'll be able to make a monk later."

(But less condescending, of course.)

Demigod January 13 2010 3:40 PM EST

I can put a "Get me out of this tutorial" link on every tutorial banner thingie.

YES! We still need to revamp the tutorial, but that's not going to be completed anytime soon. That link certainly would be a nice bandage.

Wasp January 13 2010 4:27 PM EST

Maybe a message at the beggining explaining that the person could create a new character and start again after the tutorial is finished. That way the tutorial can explain a bit more in depth and hire more minions. Then the new player could make his new character and start however they want!

Flamey January 13 2010 9:15 PM EST

The use of quotation marks when referring to links would be helpful. "Enlist for.." "train" etc.

AdminShade January 14 2010 1:35 AM EST

The use of quotation marks when referring to links would be helpful.

The game already highlights the part of the game where you need to click. I.e. for train, the training link section is highlighted.

Flamey January 14 2010 10:55 AM EST

Well that's snazzy and new.

Demigod January 14 2010 11:06 AM EST

Are any players reading this willing to write out a whole new storyboard? We can't really complain too much if we have a chance to help but don't take it.

QBRanger January 14 2010 11:11 AM EST

Right now some of us are working with NS on improving the tutorial.

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 14 2010 1:01 PM EST

Yes NS..I think a "Get me out of this Tutorial button" would be good.

/me stayed in tutorial for 4 months while he did what he wanted....

AdminShade January 14 2010 1:06 PM EST

Or perhaps, what a lot of games also have, but different worded, 'Skip Tutorial'

AdminNightStrike January 14 2010 1:51 PM EST

Well I wasn't suggesting to actually make that be the real text, Shade... :P

AdminShade January 14 2010 4:03 PM EST

How should I know? >:p
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