T50 Official Thread. (in Contests)

TourneyPrizes [TheQueensMelee] February 12 2010 12:56 PM EST

Team Tourney:

Starts Sat 2/13 at noon. Ends when someone wins.

It will be a team tourney, 4 people per team.
After the first day, there is no attacking a teammate.

Prizes will be:
Winning team gets 5M each PLUS a free item naming each. I am personally doing the item namings.

Basically a team will be composed of 4 characters:

The bonus will be 1550%, updated 3/13.
17 Million starting xp. updated 3/6.
160 BA to start.
5M CB to new starting characters. updated 3/6.
Participation prize of 250k to those that get in 1/2 the BA of the lowest BA on the winning team.

Each team must have :
* one archer-only character (no DD, no melee weapons, no tattoos, no GA)
* one tank-only character (no DD, assassin crossbow as only missile weapon allowed, no tattoos, no GA, can use UC)
* one mage-only character (no weapons, only lesser familiars, no GA, only use DD spells for attack)
* one enchanter-only character (no weapons, only lesser RoS, can use DD spells for attack, can use GA)

The mage can use the tattoo artist as many times as s/he wants during the tournament.

A team is composed of 4 characters.
A character is composed of up to 4 minions.
So each team can only have 1 character of each class.
Each character can have 1 or more minions that fit into a minion type. IE: 4 minions using missile weapons or only 1.

Therefore the only characters that can use decay is the enchanter and mage.

All ED and EO spells are available to all characters except GA which is only to be used by the enchanter character.
All skills are open to all minions. Except UC and Bloodlust (tank only), archery (missile user only).

The NSC will NOT be in this tourney.

Some items will be character type specific:
Only the tank can use DB and only 1 set is allowed for all minions.
Only the tank can use the assassin's crossbow.

Winning team will be the one that can defeat a specific target first.
They must defeat the target without outside help, but they can work as a team to weaken the target (only ONE attack per team member before the "refresh tick").

There must be at least 5 minutes via the time stamp between attempts to beat Dracula.

Your target:
Dracula may become tougher as the tourney goes by.

We have the following teams:
Salketer - Archer
Apoclyspe - Enchanter
Vicious Cat - Mage
Shade - Tank

Tal Destra -- Tank
Sparticus -- Enchanter
Newlin -- Archer
Asgarginia -- Mage

Miandrital-- Mage
DoS-- Enchanter
Nemerizt-- Tank
Novice (changed from Kefeck)-- Archer

Sickone - Archer
Areo - Mage
Dudemus - Enchanter
Demi - Tank

Serialkiller - Enchanter
Draco - Mage
Eliteofdelete - Tank
Titan - Archer

TourneyPrizes [TheQueensMelee] February 12 2010 1:00 PM EST

Please post your team in this thread with who is playing what type of character in your team post.

AdminShade February 12 2010 1:06 PM EST

Team name: unknown

Salketer - Archer character
Apoclyspe - Enchanter character
Vicious Cat - Mage Character
Shade - Melee Tank Character

AdminTal Destra February 12 2010 1:49 PM EST

Team Blenderific is as follows

Tal Destra -- Tank
Sparticus -- Enchanter
Newlin -- Archer
Asgarginia -- Mage

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] February 12 2010 4:04 PM EST

Please just 160 starting BA? :)

TourneyPrizes [TheQueensMelee] February 12 2010 4:23 PM EST

Please just 160 starting BA? :)

updated first post. Yes 160 BA to start.

DoS February 12 2010 6:13 PM EST

Team Blender

Miandrital Mage
DoS Enchanter
Nemerizt Tank
Kefeck Archer

Demigod February 12 2010 6:22 PM EST

Team Jabberwocky

Sickone - Archer
Areo - Mage
Dudemus - Enchanter
Demi - Tank

TourneyPrizes [TheQueensMelee] February 13 2010 12:33 AM EST

There will be one change for tank characters.

They can use the assassin's crossbow but not the enforcer's version.

This will be the only missile weapon allowed by that character type.

This will be reflected in the first post.

Apoclyspe February 13 2010 1:08 AM EST

Could we be team Vanhellsing?

Trentin February 13 2010 9:07 AM EST

... I want to be a Samurai

winner winner February 13 2010 11:50 AM EST

Serialkiller - Enchanter
Draco - Mage
Eliteofdelete - Tank
Titan - Archer

TourneyPrizes [TheQueensMelee] February 13 2010 11:59 AM EST

If you are not in a team now, you can join the tournament.

Pick a character type and stick with it. If you can find others that are not in a team, perhaps you can all join together later on.

QBRanger February 13 2010 12:00 PM EST

Ready... Set... GO!

QBRanger February 13 2010 12:11 PM EST

As tough as the archer and tank seem in the beginning, remember every team has the same disadvantage of getting their tank/missile users up to stuff.

winner winner February 13 2010 12:42 PM EST

Why the 2 handed flail?

TourneyPrizes [TheQueensMelee] February 13 2010 12:44 PM EST

That character was supposed to be retired or changed before the T started.

That was my mistake.

winner winner February 13 2010 12:45 PM EST

lol, good mistake. thank you

winner winner February 13 2010 12:51 PM EST

so I paid 30k for a BoE by accident and now I can't sell it back.

Any idea on how I can rid of it?

AdminShade February 13 2010 12:54 PM EST

because these items have a high worth at base, you can't... (not yet anyway)

QBRanger February 13 2010 1:11 PM EST

Or you should save it until you hire a new minion.

Trentin February 13 2010 1:35 PM EST

I joined even tho im teamelss but my character is a 0

AdminShade February 13 2010 1:59 PM EST

Trentin: have you not yet made your character? seems that you have no tournament character?

winner winner February 13 2010 2:40 PM EST

You have to hire a minion first.

Sickone February 13 2010 3:51 PM EST

If tanks are allowed Assassin's Crossbows, shouldn't maybe archers be allowed Unarmed Combat ?

QBRanger February 13 2010 4:40 PM EST


AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] February 13 2010 7:17 PM EST

Tourney chars can still bid on auction items.

Miandrital February 14 2010 3:28 AM EST

Ah, I was just about to post that...
Accidentally bid with my t-char on an ES in auctions. Can someone outbid me? (max bid: $33,391)

I'll refund the amount to the bidder

Demigod February 14 2010 3:30 AM EST


{CB1}Sparticus [Screwed Justice] February 14 2010 3:07 PM EST

Maybe there should have been another rule.. no attacking people on your team.. Ive seen DoS and Tiger doing nothing but that.. and since DoS got the unfair advantage of attacking one of Tourneys characters before he retired it, and Tourney retired it before anyone else could attack it. it gave DoS an advantage that noone else was given.

{CB1}Sparticus [Screwed Justice] February 14 2010 3:09 PM EST

I mean in all fairness it is a tournament. which means by letting him get away with that. yet not letting any of us the same opportunity it seems as if DoS's team has already been given preferance.

DoS February 14 2010 3:10 PM EST

Boo hoo *wipes a tear away,* what I did is and always has been within the rules. Last night I was on my phone and didn't see or I missed the update where we couldn't attack our team members after the first day. Well, I haven't attacked my team members since getting on a regular computer.

And by the way, I am not the only one to attack that TP character. I am just the easiest one to blame because I have the highest MPR.

TheHatchetman February 14 2010 3:25 PM EST

There were only 42 successful battles against Dead End by tourney characters... Only a little over half of em were DoS... And now that score is running around T chars, boosting the CB% of anyone fighting them...

QBRanger February 14 2010 3:30 PM EST

Maybe there should have been another rule.. no attacking people on your team.. Ive seen DoS and Tiger doing nothing but that.. and since DoS got the unfair advantage of attacking one of Tourneys characters before he retired it, and Tourney retired it before anyone else could attack it. it gave DoS an advantage that noone else was given.

There is a rule out after the first day not attacking anyone from your same teams.

And as Hatch pointed out, it was 42 total battles against that character on TP. Not enough to matter but enough to let everyone get a CB.

TheHatchetman February 14 2010 3:31 PM EST

And while you're blaming DoS, note that if the 42 successful battles against Dead End, 26 of those battles were SK, 10 were DoS, 6 were Miandrital

{CB1}Sparticus [Screwed Justice] February 14 2010 6:35 PM EST

My biggest problem is, it's a tournament. why is it people try to look for ways to cheat the system. or circumvent the rules.. finding a glitch and exploiting the hell out of it until its fixed, as it were. Cant people ever play fair. without looking for cheap ways to screw everyone else...

Look if i get beat and they do it fairly, then great good for them. Gratz and all that. If they have to cheat me to beat me, na, thats not cool at all. because I am not out there looking for that kind of stuff..

Just finally figured out this was the original reason why i had quit playin tourney's all together to begin with.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 14 2010 6:42 PM EST

Like I said before. What do you want us to do? Reset everyone? Fine the people who did the initial attacking? Beat Ranger with a live electrical cord?

None of those (however satisfying) puts the cat back in the bag. Everyone in the tourney benefited from those attacks, including you. The net effect over the life of the tourney is negligible.

Maybe it's time to implement fines for both the gimper and the attacker.

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] February 14 2010 6:45 PM EST

Maybe it's time for Sparticus not be lazy and find that target himself next time.

Unappreciated Misnomer February 14 2010 6:49 PM EST

jsut now im seeing t50 characters attacking other t50 characters

T50 Sniper puréed [T50] Jabber A
[T50]Poison thwarted {T50}Tank-errific

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] February 14 2010 6:51 PM EST

That's fine as long as they're not on your team.

Unappreciated Misnomer February 14 2010 6:51 PM EST

im sorry to point this out but as imlooking through the other t characters battle logs, im amazed at how many are not obeying rules and getting away with this. these last tourneys has been plagued with nothing but loop holes and cheats

Unappreciated Misnomer February 14 2010 6:52 PM EST

ok thx, sry

QBRanger February 14 2010 7:06 PM EST


It was my fault as I did not retire that character.

Whoever attacked it found it by themselves and after a few battles I did retire it.

winner winner February 14 2010 8:53 PM EST

"My biggest problem is, it's a tournament. why is it people try to look for ways to cheat the system. or circumvent the rules.. finding a glitch and exploiting the hell out of it until its fixed, as it were. Cant people ever play fair. without looking for cheap ways to screw everyone else... "

Whine much? Tell me how it was cheating the system or circumventing the rules. It was a not a freakin glitch and figure out what you are talking about before whining about it.

QBRanger February 14 2010 9:39 PM EST

Guys/Gals/others, please stop the personal stuff in this thread.

The attacking of that TP character was MY mistake as I left it unretired.

In the overall scheme of the tourney, it does not matter.

Time to let it go, everyone let it go.

Guardian February 14 2010 9:53 PM EST

i need a team is there anyone avalable?

{CB1}Sparticus [Screwed Justice] February 15 2010 9:49 PM EST

My bad. retracting statement. Let the grinding continue.

Miandrital February 16 2010 1:15 AM EST

Is there any chance we could transfer money between t-chars on our team? Can admins even do that?

It would be nice because the tanks will need some help money wise, while the mages really don't need the money very much

QBRanger February 16 2010 8:50 AM EST


Mages are more powerful earlier on, but in time tanks will be better once they get the money rolling in.

QBRanger February 17 2010 11:12 AM EST

Just bumping this to the top.

Hope everyone is enjoying this tourney.

And questions please feel free to CM me.

AdminShade February 17 2010 11:28 AM EST

Bidding for Tournament Characters disabled:

Error Placing Bid

* Tournament characters are not allowed to place bids at auction. Switch to a different party.

Thanks to NightStrike

QBRanger February 17 2010 11:33 AM EST

As someone asked:

A wall minion is a great type of minion for any character to use!!

QBRanger February 17 2010 11:54 AM EST

If anyone is playing and does not have a team, please post below.

QBRanger February 18 2010 12:53 PM EST

There has been a change to the cost of the TSA.

Those who already bought a TSA at a higher price have been given some money back.

AdminShade February 18 2010 1:00 PM EST

finally some love for the tanks :p

AdminShade February 18 2010 1:38 PM EST

Those who already bought a TSA at a higher price have been given some money back.

Why have you sent me 2 mil while I bought my TSA for 55k?

QBRanger February 18 2010 1:43 PM EST

I thought you bought 1 for the higher price. Thanks for the honesty. If u cannot get rid of the 2 million do not spend it. Or upgrade a base weapon 2 million and not use it.

AdminShade February 18 2010 3:54 PM EST

I can edit my character and remove the 2 million easily. I can then edit the TP char and add the 2 million back. :)

Vicious Cat February 18 2010 6:43 PM EST

A wall minion is a great type of minion for any character to use!!

A wall minion takes XP away from your primary Attack!!!

Sickone February 18 2010 10:49 PM EST

So, how can we get to sell our old armor (most people went with BoE) to help buy and upgrade the new one (most archers/tank WILL switch to TSA) ?
Because I see the "can't sell to store" limit is still in place.

QBRanger February 18 2010 11:20 PM EST

You can disenchant your old armor to base.

As there are 10 available slots for armor, I doubt you will run up against a item limit on your character.

Especially since by now, almost every should have every item they need with perhaps a few.

For the store price people paid for their BoE-38k, that will mean nothing over the entire tourney.

So, just keep that BoE on your T character. I will not matter over the long term of this tourney.

QBRanger February 20 2010 11:15 AM EST

Bonus increased slightly.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] February 20 2010 11:24 AM EST


AdminShade February 20 2010 11:59 AM EST

fix the first post? :p

QBRanger February 20 2010 1:04 PM EST

When I get home:)

DoS February 21 2010 1:57 PM EST

What the hell is this SK?

The Force Imperfect mage (F) (+) The Force 6 1:15 PM EST
The Force Imperfect mage (F) (+) The Force 5 1:14 PM EST

That is very low and I would call it bad sportsmanlike as well. You just went down in my book.

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] February 21 2010 2:00 PM EST

He killed off your challenge bonus with one of his smaller characters?

DoS February 21 2010 2:01 PM EST


AdminShade February 21 2010 2:53 PM EST

That indeed is utterly low. I will not handle in it as of yet but I would seriously hope actions be taken for such bad sportsmanship.

Demigod February 21 2010 3:52 PM EST

You're saying that he used a smaller character to plummet your target's bonus?

If so, I don't see that as bad sportsmanship, I just see it as devilishly clever. It's the risk you take for having one target. Remember, this tourney is for fun. Enjoy the sneakiness.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 21 2010 4:11 PM EST

Classic SK...

Gaming the score system is truly the least fun part of CB.

QBRanger February 21 2010 5:00 PM EST

There are a couple of rules in the tournament section regarding such actions. There are also some precedent set allowed by Jon and NS.

First- gaming the score system is perfectly legal. Per Jon and NS. That is a non-debatable fact. Gaming it up or down are both allowed. This has been mostly abused when people are starting NCB and want a gimped character to beat but again, it is allowed.

Second- per the tourney rules: You may not intentionally gimp a non tournament character so that it is beatable by tournament characters. This was not done in this instance, but I wanted to put it out there in case someone else brought it up.

Third and perhaps most important, in the tourney rules, as per the wiki: If what you are doing is not explicitly against these rules, you may still be disqualified. These rules are meant to prevent a players normal wealth and status from affecting the outcome of a tournament. If you do something to affect the outcome of a tournament with a non-tournament character, or with non-tournament money, you may be disqualified.

SK has CMd me about some potential cheating that he perceived. The main points being people INTENTIONALLY losing to someone on another team to feed them xp. I seriously doubt people would be stupid enough to do this, given the ability of everyone to see their battles. But I have been fooled before.

However, this was likely a reaction to him not getting the results he wanted via the CMs.

In this instance, I agree SK has manipulated the tournament using a non-tournament character.

Perhaps he did not specifically read that part of the rules, or perhaps he did it to mess with someone elses rewards. Either way, it is illegal in the tournament.

So the next question: What to do?

DQ SK? I feel that is too harsh.

So what penalty: SK must fight Dracula 50 times in the next 24 hours, basically wasting 50 BA for what he did. If he does not, he will be DQd and likely cost his team a shot at the tourament.

TheHatchetman February 21 2010 5:16 PM EST

Gaming the score system is truly the least fun part of CB.

If he woulda done it with his T char, then this would have fallen under the "gaming the score system" loophole.
DQ SK? I feel that is too harsh.
So what penalty: SK must fight Dracula 50 times in the next 24 hours, basically wasting 50 BA for what he did.

non-T char messing with T standings. If not for it being a team tourney, I'd have to disagree here. But to DQ SK would penalize DrAcO, EoD, and Titan and certainly does seem too harsh. Great job finding the middle ground.

QBRanger February 21 2010 6:28 PM EST

SK did the 50 battles.

Let us now concentrate on who will win this T.

And for the future, I will be looking very carefully at all battles and if I find any evidence of people feeding other people xp, DQs will occur. I am NOT saying it has already happened. But I do not want it to start.

So please, let us all enjoy this tourney!

TourneyPrizes [TheQueensMelee] February 27 2010 10:40 AM EST

Bonus increased. Reflected in first post.

DoS February 27 2010 11:40 AM EST

Cool :)

Sickone February 27 2010 11:52 AM EST

If no team can beat the target at the preset end date, do we get the tournament end date extended ? :)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 27 2010 11:53 AM EST

I'm pretty sure that's the case.

DoS February 27 2010 11:53 AM EST

Starts Sat 2/13 at noon. Ends when someone wins.

There is no end date :P

Sickone February 27 2010 12:04 PM EST

Oh... right... must have changed somewhere in between or I read something weird at T-char creation (IIRC it said it ends in a month).

DoS February 27 2010 12:24 PM EST

I wonder who has the highest tat...

TheHatchetman February 27 2010 12:28 PM EST

This Character will only be active for the duration of tournament 50, which ends in 13 days 23:33:52, and will earn 9.5 times as much money and XP as a normal Character.

But as has been said, I'm sure it'll be extended til we have a winner. I seriously doubt anyone would run a T where it was impossible to win (though the more they push it, the more exciting it is :P)

TourneyPrizes [TheQueensMelee] February 27 2010 12:30 PM EST

The price of a corn has dropped. Due to oversupply in the store. Only 1 person has bought a corn and got a high partial refund.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] February 27 2010 12:43 PM EST

i bought a corn, not sure i am the one that got the refund though.

QBRanger February 27 2010 12:47 PM EST

OK, 2 people :_)

AdminShade February 27 2010 12:48 PM EST

I'm sure it'll be extended til we have a winner.

It will, don't worry.

Sickone February 28 2010 6:42 PM EST

So, anybody willing to guess what the winning team average MPR will be when the target is finally beaten ?
If it'd be a betting man, I'd bet on around 2.5 mil MPR.

QBRanger February 28 2010 6:46 PM EST

It seems Team Unknown has lost a member with Titan retiring his character.

T characters cannot be unretired.

My suggestion is for them to find someone else currently playing to take his place or wait till he comes back and makes a new character.

Sickone February 28 2010 6:48 PM EST

P.S. So, at the current rate of growth, if target remains as strong as it is now, and if no rules are altered, this tournament could easily last another 3 months from now :)
Not that I'm complaining, it's actually nice, not sure if it was the original intention though, to have such a long-running tournament.

Miandrital February 28 2010 6:50 PM EST

Sickone is right. With the 8 mil hp per minion that he has, we have to have at least 60% of that to survive his GA, and more to survive the archer, and then we have to get some damage on top of that. It is a very uphill battle right now, and 2-3 months is about right

winner winner February 28 2010 6:50 PM EST

Anyone currently over 450k MPR, feel free to drop off your current team and join ours.

QBRanger February 28 2010 6:53 PM EST

People are NOT allowed to switch teams in the midst of the tourney.

I doubt this will last more than 3 more weeks.

Remember, it is a team tournament.

winner winner February 28 2010 6:54 PM EST

I thought you said we were allowed to recruit?

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] February 28 2010 6:55 PM EST

I think ranger means from someone not in a team already.

Sickone February 28 2010 6:56 PM EST

Yes, he did, but to recruit from people not playing in T50 yet, or get Titan back later on a fresh char.

QBRanger February 28 2010 6:58 PM EST

Exactly as they have stated.

Someone not currently on a team or Titan when he comes back.

QBRanger February 28 2010 7:02 PM EST

For those starting now, starting xp will be 10M which is about 300k MPR.

Sickone February 28 2010 7:11 PM EST

>I doubt this will last more than 3 more weeks. Remember, it is a team tournament.

In order to be able to win the tournament, at least one team member has to be able to kill at least ONE minion, because just dealing partial damage means the team would be back at full HP next round.
There's a minimum MPR needed to acheive that.

Since ROBFs are forbidden, to take out a 8+ mil AS-HP minion on a team protected from a nearly 6 mil RoS with decent GA, you either need enough DM to overcome the RoS and the GA then evade or tank the archer damage (in which case, one team member could just as well win solo soon after he manages to kill just one minion), or have enough HP to survive both the GA backlash and the archer damage (roughly 1.3 mil damage/round just from that), or last, overpower the archer via GA.
In any case, you either need, say, 4-5 mil DM + 2.5-3.5 mil HP + high damage-dealing potential, or around 5-6 mil HP + high AC (costs CB$) + decently high damage-dealing potential,and in the case of the GA enchanter, enough GA to cover archer damage plus incoming DM minus lesserROS protection PLUS around 14 mil HP.

And on the NEXT minion, instead of things getting better, they either remain mostly the same or actually get worse, since the main AS source is concentrated on the second minion, which can't be directly attacked, and if one minion is down, the HP on each minion might actually go up (depending how much AS was on the minion first killed).

Either way, forget about being able to pull any of that off without 12 mil trained levels, probably closer to 15 mil trained levels. That's 2.5 mil MPR, or even 2.9 mil MPR.
Ok, maybe somebody would come up with a miraculous strategy to pull it off at 2 mil MPR or so, but before then, no chance in hell.

QBRanger February 28 2010 7:34 PM EST

After you take out the first minion, the rest become exponentially easier.

There is a way to do this but strategy is needed.

QBRanger February 28 2010 7:38 PM EST

But again, it matters on the order you kill the first minion :)

Sickone February 28 2010 9:36 PM EST

You still need to be able to take out any one minion in the first attack with any one of the team members, and you can't do that before roughly 2 mil MPR no matter what strategy you have or which team member you pick, with a hefty dose of luck thrown in too... and it's much more likely to happen at 2.5 mil or even higher MPR only.

If the target's minions aren't switched again, then the most effective choice long-term would be to take out the back minion first, in which case HP per minion actually goes UP for round two, since all AS is still there but the penalty is lower because there's less minions... but at least the DM/GA is gone, which would make upcoming rounds easier for the rest. Still, that would mean either the mage or enchanter going first, since they're the only ones that can use MM, and the target also has some AMF on top of the GA, which makes it even nastier to go first with a mage-type, in terms of needed MPR.

It's not a matter of strategy, it's a matter of pure math.
The target regenerates in full if you can't take one minion (any minion) out in the first battle (with any team member).
And you need a pretty high MPR to be able to do that.
Again... it's not a matter of strategy, it's a matter of pure math.

IMO, it just CAN'T be done with 1 mil MPR, nor 1.5 mil MPR, 2 mil MPR is probably possible but unlikely, and only 2.5 mil MPR actually looks doable... with something closer to 3 mil being actually easy.

Demigod February 28 2010 9:40 PM EST

If this carries on that long, how 'bout a huge increase in the participation reward?

Sickone February 28 2010 9:59 PM EST

Well, to be fair, the reward is pretty big for a tourney... as a whole, that's 20 mil CB$ plus 20 USD split evenly for the winning team.

QBRanger February 28 2010 10:49 PM EST

Win, get ultimate glory.

Second Place, not so much :)

DoS February 28 2010 11:09 PM EST

Lol ^_^

DoS March 1 2010 11:31 AM EST

I have a request; the next tournament not be until at least a week after this tournament ends, and not a few days.

QBRanger March 1 2010 12:11 PM EST


DoS March 4 2010 1:28 AM EST

We will be dropping Kefeck from the team and adding novice. Sorry Kefeck, it seems as if there is a lack of interest.

DoS March 5 2010 11:12 AM EST

Muhahaha 8/20 now

Vicious Cat March 5 2010 8:20 PM EST

Salketer is finding it difficult to keep running two Chars at once (lord knows how those pesky multis do it).
As a result, he has agreed to step aside if we can find an archer for Team Van Helsing.
Any budding Robin Hoods out there want to join?

QBRanger March 6 2010 7:23 AM EST

Bonus increased
Starting xp increased

Vicious Cat March 6 2010 7:44 AM EST

Good time to start an Archer character if you ask me...

QBRanger March 6 2010 11:35 AM EST

Sometime by noon tomorrow, every T character on a team will get 5M CB2 to help them alone.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] March 6 2010 12:03 PM EST

Starting xp is at what now... considering I just started with 12.5m. I hope it's not much more than I earned by fighting...

TheHatchetman March 6 2010 12:08 PM EST

17m now

TourneyPrizes [TheQueensMelee] March 6 2010 12:38 PM EST

Money sent.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] March 6 2010 1:25 PM EST

Wow that sucks, I've missed almost no BA since starting... so I guess it's time to start a new char... oh wait then I'll miss out on the money.

Way to punish people for playing.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] March 6 2010 1:33 PM EST

Well it looks like I'm a stupid jerk... it appears that 17m is a pretty good estimate of my teams XP, Sorry...

QBRanger March 6 2010 2:02 PM EST

I tried very hard not to give new players an advantage over players already in the tourney.

As you started just this week, I was in a quandary about how much xp to start. I felt 17M would be about where you were, and you already had some NW aside from the 5M given today.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] March 6 2010 5:20 PM EST

And you did quite well

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] March 6 2010 5:22 PM EST

Don't feel bad nov, I wasted two hard weeks of play. But, boy, what a fun way to waste it.

QBRanger March 7 2010 5:38 PM EST

I will be staying to see this T through.

TourneyPrizes [TheQueensMelee] March 10 2010 7:57 PM EST

Bonus increased.

TourneyPrizes [TheQueensMelee] March 13 2010 12:18 AM EST

bonus upped

Sickone March 13 2010 5:08 AM EST

Ah, shucks, why don't you just bump it to 3000% already :P
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