Most Damage you have EVER Inflicted! (in Off-topic)

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] April 10 2010 11:36 AM EDT

I was just wondering what the highest Damage Inflicted everyone has had.

So far I have : Damage Inflicted 101,567,623

kevlar April 10 2010 11:42 AM EDT

*faints* you can't go inactive dealing that kind of scary >;]

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] April 10 2010 11:44 AM EDT

Saturdays I'm back in the saddle for a short time then during the week nada mucho :-/

QBRanger April 10 2010 12:31 PM EDT

*claps slowly*

You win, highest ELB, highest strength.

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] April 10 2010 12:47 PM EDT

*returns the slow clap*

Nice go for the sarcastic route there Ranger.

There are other ways to inflict major damage Ranger. I would have expected more from a Top Strategist in this game. Stop trying to find ways to egg me on by acting like a jerk thankyou.

AdminShade April 10 2010 12:58 PM EDT

Hey now, no need for this. You have to admit that you did spoil the 'game' somewhat of mentioning Damages Inflicted by posting your highest damage yourself first... :)

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] April 10 2010 1:06 PM EDT

Whatever destroy this thread Shade it has been tainted by Ranger's bullcrap.

kevlar April 10 2010 1:07 PM EDT

I think of it more as a reluctant bow out and seeing a competitor moving ahead, Z. I don't think he's being a jerk, if anything still disappointed in the fact that if things were different he'd still be right there with ya competing with the bows. It's pretty rough leaving a game you wub <3. Sure ya can sugar coat it and hug each other after a big game with titles on the line, but deep down there are other thoughts brewing inside other than congrats in any friendly competition >:)

See some of my posts lately. Not exactly sarcastic-free in my own right

QBRanger April 10 2010 1:16 PM EDT


I am just tired of the "let me congratulate myself" threads.

You win Z, there is nobody out there who can do 1/2 your damage.

The most with Heroes is about 40M, but Hatch may be able to clarify that.

Again, Congrats, you win the Most Damage Inflicted title.

Trophy is in the mail.

TheHatchetman April 10 2010 1:18 PM EDT

59,581,835 against Jiraiya

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] April 10 2010 1:26 PM EDT

Kev he was SUPPOSED to bow out after his last tourney by his own word DAMMED LIAR.

Aside from that he could simply just NOT be a freaking jerk every time he get's a chance to be. This is exactly what I was talking about before too many give him leeway to do whatever he wants. Stop ENABLING this kind of crap from him.

Regardless of situation enough is enough either do something POSITIVE for the game or go away with your continuous NEGATIVE air about everything that is not a part of the Ranger Show.

PS: Screw You Ranger you always did whatever you wanted to do and defended it to the ends of the earth. Stop raining on everyone's parade you flaming Jerkwad. Besides who in the hell are you to tell me what to do. 10 time quitter because not everyone agrees with every single piece o garabage that comes out of your mouth.

Maybe just maybe I wanted different perspective on damage types!

Gah for once I can say this with a clear conscious.


kevlar April 10 2010 1:35 PM EDT

you guys are gunna make me have to puke to break this up aren't ya? Aren't ya!?? *sigh*

AdminG Beee April 10 2010 1:36 PM EDT

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