WTB Your Haikus (in Contests)

Tal October 26 2010 11:53 AM EDT

im in a gloomy mood today, so gimme some haikus to cheer me up or make me feel like there are others like me....

10k for each one

looking behind me
the path i've taken so far
paved with bad choices

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] October 26 2010 11:56 AM EDT

owls are known as wise
they should not look where they've been
but rather ahead

AdminShade October 26 2010 12:04 PM EDT

I have no idea
what to think sing or write
still I try

Phoenix [The Forgehood] October 26 2010 12:13 PM EDT

That wasn't a haiku!

Looking down at feet,
thinking solely of regrets;
A future promise

Listener [Fees Dirt Cheap] October 26 2010 12:18 PM EDT

I have always thought
Haikus should end with a joke
Insert punchline here

AdminShade October 26 2010 12:19 PM EDT

I have no idea
what to think sing type or write
yet I try

Demigod October 26 2010 12:25 PM EDT

Hey, life could be worse.
At least you don't have the AIDs.
Then again, you just might...

Sickone October 26 2010 1:11 PM EDT

Solo fireball,
old nostalgic memories,
lackluster mage run.

Single minions,
cool to look at, but not use.
My wallet, it weeps.

Oh, despised bonus,
how many flame wars you start,
yet nothing changes.

Runes of solitude,
my crippled enchantment fails.
Not one damn fizzle.

Invader Sye October 26 2010 1:21 PM EDT

Life doesn't matter
It's just like paid programing
Go kill yourself

Gloomy enough?

AdminShade October 26 2010 1:38 PM EDT

got it now
what to think sing type or write
one last try

Tal October 26 2010 2:02 PM EDT

ill count that one shade even though its 3/7/3

Wasp [Demon Forging] October 26 2010 2:21 PM EDT

Wake up this morning
Another dull rainy day
Back to bed I go

AdminShade October 27 2010 1:05 AM EDT

I should have wanted
to write a better haiku
wait this one is good?

Tal October 27 2010 1:11 AM EDT

YAY shade got one!

Tal October 27 2010 1:18 AM EDT

Mr. Owl (Sink or Float) AdminShade (The Valaquenta) $20000 1:18 AM EDT
Mr. Owl (Sink or Float) Wasp (Canada) $10000 1:17 AM EDT
Mr. Owl (Sink or Float) {CB3}Sye (Miami Vice) $10000 1:17 AM EDT
Mr. Owl (Sink or Float) Sickone (Occam's Razor) $40000 1:16 AM EDT
Mr. Owl (Sink or Float) Demigod (Demigod) $10000 1:16 AM EDT
Mr. Owl (Sink or Float) Listener (Tertiary Apiary) $10000 1:15 AM EDT
Mr. Owl (Sink or Float) Meteor Phoenix (MeteorHawk) $10000 1:13 AM EDT
Mr. Owl (Sink or Float) dudemus (immolation) $10000 1:12 AM EDT

DoS [Demon Forging] October 27 2010 1:37 AM EDT

You think you are god?
well here comes the real deal yo.
just kidding, it's yours.

That was on the house,
and this one might be as well,
but not the next one.


Lord Bob October 27 2010 1:45 AM EDT

I really suck at,
writing haikus like these, yo.
So I'm gonna quit.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] October 27 2010 1:50 AM EDT

Haiku or Senryu
Questionable entries here
Amusement low too

AdminShade October 27 2010 1:54 AM EDT

are you not amused
then teach us inventiveness
that will prove useful

DoS [Demon Forging] October 27 2010 1:59 AM EDT

Well, amused I am.
Bast seems to have misscounted,
very tactful though.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 27 2010 2:05 AM EDT

indolent wind
autumnal depression
cold biting rain


{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 27 2010 3:21 AM EDT

the road ahead now
is as bad as it was then
still I travel on

Kirimori October 27 2010 6:38 AM EDT

Winter approaches,
Rest awhile and Seek to gain,
your Spirit once more.
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