T-Shirts??? (in General)

AdminTal Destra January 18 2011 1:17 PM EST

No 2010 shirts i guess huh?

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] January 18 2011 1:19 PM EST

in 2008 they didn't get released until the 30th so i don't think we should give up yet!

lostling January 18 2011 1:31 PM EST

lol seriously... if we have like more then 4 tshirts how do we wear them

QBOddBird January 18 2011 1:34 PM EST

Yeah...I'm not looking for t-shirt inventory spam, only 1 minion here, so anything beyond 1 shirt is just taking up space

AdminTal Destra January 18 2011 1:35 PM EST

give me your extras... i only have 2 and i have a 4 minion character

QBOddBird January 18 2011 1:40 PM EST

The following items could not be transferred:

* A 2008 CB T-shirt [1] (this item is commemorative item)
* A 2009 CB T-shirt [1] (this item is commemorative item)


AdminLamuness January 18 2011 1:42 PM EST

Also can not be rented, auctioned, sold, or upgraded.

Admiralkiller January 18 2011 1:51 PM EST

Perhaps a solution would be to have an option to accept the T-shirts or not. I know I would like 1 more and any new players who have not would probably like 1.

Demigod January 18 2011 1:52 PM EST

If NS is feeling funny, we might actually get pants this time.

QBOddBird January 18 2011 1:52 PM EST

Perhaps a solution would be to have an option to accept the T-shirts or not. I know I would like 1 more and any new players who have not would probably like 1.

I'd rather they just didn't count toward inventory space, and have a max 4 of them.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] January 18 2011 2:10 PM EST

Yeah, I'm only using one. My Storage toons though are happily holding them... They have no bodies to wear them with.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] January 18 2011 3:54 PM EST

after this year i vote for thongs! ; )

AdminTal Destra January 18 2011 4:12 PM EST


Unappreciated Misnomer January 18 2011 4:35 PM EST

And for the ladies, the bra. Comes in silk or cotton!

AdminShade January 18 2011 4:48 PM EST

why silk or cotton? I want a jeans bra! :p

AdminTal Destra January 18 2011 4:49 PM EST

shade is a lady?

horseguy001 January 18 2011 6:40 PM EST

Since when do you have to be a lady to wear bras? Or dresses? Or animal print panties?

Fishead January 18 2011 6:42 PM EST

I like them in leather.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] February 3 2011 8:43 AM EST

; (

Coheed February 3 2011 9:26 AM EST

Shades a lady...oh whoa whoa shades a lady and the lady is mine

Kingkiller February 3 2011 9:41 AM EST

I was actually looking forward to a T-shirt....sigh

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] February 4 2011 2:29 PM EST

i too was looking forward to a complete set.

Admiralkiller February 4 2011 2:32 PM EST

/me crys.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] February 4 2011 3:36 PM EST

Dear Nightstrike,

While I would not use one, I feel that there is a good deal of our Populace that would like to have a new T-Shirt.

*Covers himself in soot and puts on ratty cloths before holding up his hands.* Please sir, may I have some more?


Demigod February 4 2011 3:56 PM EST

I'm sure they won't be forgotten... hopefully.

Zenai February 4 2011 4:03 PM EST

I don't mind the T's I think they are as close to a Badge of Honor as you can get in CB. Having the option to combine/merge them would be awesome! Plus it would cut down on space consumption. Have a store for T's only during "X" time period is it open and if you qualify get your new T. You can walk away with your new T or take your old one and merge/combine it with the new one at the T store. All you should get is a multiple year T, eg A '08,'09, & '10 CB-T AC [1]. Just a thought so that convienience would be on all sides in the end.

j'bob February 4 2011 7:00 PM EST


Someone mentioned PANTS and it wasn't ME!!!!!
Wooo hoo!!!

Cake for everyone!!!!

NooneKnows February 4 2011 7:13 PM EST

I love cake!! :)

expanding on Zen: every year adds 1 AC to the T. e.g., each player would have one of the following:
(1) A 2007-2010 CB T-shirt [4]
(2) A 2008-2010 CB T-shirt [3]
(3) A 2009-2010 CB T-shirt [2]
(4) A 2010 CB T-shirt [1]
as opposed to as many as four consumed armor storage slots?

compounding reward for longevity - ought to satisfy more than 80% of current player base, right? ;)

NooneKnows February 4 2011 7:14 PM EST

clarifying: each player may have only one of those items listed.

QBOddBird February 4 2011 7:15 PM EST

Not this 20%, I disagree with free, NWless, PR-less AC simply for logging in moar.

Zenai February 4 2011 7:26 PM EST

I am in agreement with OB. The CB T is nothing more,in my eyes, than a souvenir or Badge of Honor. Although a good idea I just see no need to add in anything extra.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] February 4 2011 10:24 PM EST

i think another t-shirt this year would be fine, then we can start in with the pants! ; 0

Fuhgawz February 5 2011 12:33 AM EST

what about cb underpants!!!!

NooneKnows February 5 2011 8:07 AM EST

pants >> "free, NWless, PR-less AC simply for logging in moar"

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] February 5 2011 12:01 PM EST

I want my first cb t-shirt :(

Admiralkiller February 13 2011 11:28 AM EST


Demigod February 14 2011 4:10 PM EST

Daily bump. And AK, how do you not have a shirt from last year? Did you take a hiatus and not qualify?

Admiralkiller February 14 2011 7:33 PM EST

I have a shirt but I want another.

AdminTal Destra February 15 2011 10:07 PM EST

To the top.

Demigod February 15 2011 11:13 PM EST

For Tal's pic:

Admiralkiller February 16 2011 3:04 PM EST


Fishead February 16 2011 3:05 PM EST

How about CB pirate hats? They could give a bonus to people who use a cutlass.

Guardian February 16 2011 4:28 PM EST

i need my tshirt, i dont wanna get cold, flu, malaria, whatever

Admiralkiller February 18 2011 12:26 PM EST

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