Tickle me Ulmo... (in Contests)

AdminNightStrike January 21 2011 1:28 PM EST

So I just got this CM:

From: system Sent: 12:21 PM EST
Ulmo is pleased with your victory and grants you a An Elven Long Bow [6x10] (+10). Use it well!

Not bad. For those who are wondering why that's unique, the system only generates up to 10 for each bonus. So x10 +10 is the best you can get. And, an ELB is (arguably) the best weapon in the game.

I thought it a little interesting that this came to me of all people, and so I figured in the spirit of CB, it's now up for grabs.

So what's the contest? Easy... Tell me what you like best about CB. novice's favorite answer will win the bow. Valid entries are those that Bast considers at least at the level of a 7th grader.

(True to me, they have no idea this just happened. Thanks for volunteering :)

Demigod January 21 2011 2:03 PM EST

What's great about CB? Right off the top, there's the community. Even if the game aspect were to disappear, we'd still have a few people popping in and creating threads. CB also has the allure of letting users play the game to their own style. If someone wants to be heavily competitive, he or she can log in far too much time studying the nuances of how well skills work together and which strategies have to be defended. If another player wants to play casually, that works as well.

But as for what's the absolute best aspect... hmm. That award goes to distractability. Any time I have a fear that I'm just being too darned productive at work, I can always rely on CB to slam productivity to an immediate halt. What if I have a client blabbering on in my office? Escape is just one tab away. Like right now, I have a voicemail from a client whom I don't like. Should I call her back? Yes. Will I? Nope. Instead, I'll type a couple of short paragraphs in CB. Thanks for the distraction, CB.

If for some odd reason I win this thing, just give the ELB to the next NUB who clears 2000 BA (and can actually use it).

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] January 21 2011 6:09 PM EST

Nov and I have discussed.

Result: he would rather I publicly lambaste the ineligibles right here in the thread than either a. let me dismiss potential winners until he finds one to which I'm resigned or b. have me provide a list of eligibles from which he might choose.

Tip: "You're" and "Your" are homophones not synonyms.

Fishead January 22 2011 12:00 AM EST

My newest favorite thing about CB is that when you put Bast in charge all the children run and hide.

AdminShade January 22 2011 6:37 AM EST

The thing I like best about CB is the way humour is appreciated throughout the ranks of silliness. While novice may always think lightly of many things, Bast usually is here to keep us on track of literary sanity ;)

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 22 2011 10:45 AM EST

So if someone is stupid or Handicapped (I forget the politically correct term now). Are they not allowed to win things now?

Nah I am just kidding I know it's meant for the people who are too lazy or don't care like me.

What I like best about this game that is has all the RPG elements I enjoy. Upgradeable weapons, stats and involving strategies competing against other people. All this plus it does not end in 1-50 hours of enjoyment.

Also the community is Top shelf in my books.

I probably made lots of errors, hopefully it's not enough to fail grade 7. If I win I will just give it to some NUB.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 22 2011 11:14 AM EST


Kingkiller January 22 2011 11:32 AM EST

What I like about Carnage Blender is how itís been around since at least 2001 (could be earlier) and yet you can start playing in 2011 and get immediate recognition due to its extremely friendly community who excels at not only helping you but also encourages you to be better than even the most veteran of players. The game is simple to start playing yet itís so very complex when you start looking into all the armor, weapons, training minions, magic spells, skills and tattoos that offer you literally endless ways to set up a single minion or a team of minions. The Role Playing elements give the game an unbelievable amount of longevity which has been proven by numerous players. The battle system is very simple to read and yet complex calculations are constantly being performed in the background all in a matter of a split second. One aspect that really makes this game stand out is that its player driven meaning the people that make changes to the game are players of the game. The randomness of the rewards still has me scratching my head as to how I pleased Ulmo, Mandos or whoever has rare items to hand out for somehow making him or her happy. I also thoroughly enjoy the fact how you can get farmed by an individual for weeks and in a matter of seconds turn the tide where the roles are reversed and now you are farming him/her. These are just a few things that I enjoy about the game since I feel I could go on and on...... Game on!

Coheed January 23 2011 7:40 PM EST

Well I've been in for about 2 weeks and the thing I like most about it so far is you can't be a complete idiot to play and be successful. It takes careful strategy, planning, and setting your alarms to wake you up in the middle of the night to burn that ba before it hits the cap :). Most browser games could be played by a 2 year old playing patty cake with a keyboard but definitely not this one. I also like the fact that I can make it to number one if I try really hard even though the game has no reset.

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] January 25 2011 3:12 PM EST

"You find a An Elven Long Sword [80x11] (+1). Use it well!"

I found a flaw in your post NS ;) maybe the system ignores the initial x1 and allows for modifiers up to x10 +10, making the highest possible x11 +10.

My favorite thing about CB is the community :) If it weren't for all these great people I wouldn't still be playing. I'm also entirely way to lazy to type out everything I actually enjoy about this game.

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] January 25 2011 4:30 PM EST

[15:21] <novice> Xeno: go make a real post in that contest

By Nov's wishes I will now make a real post in this thread even though I don't need the bow, I'm incredibly lazy, and I don't feel like typing.

Its hard to sum up exactly what I like best about CB, because in all honesty I like everything about CB. I've been around the block quite a few times when it comes to 'persistent browser based games', I've played more then I can actually remember throughout the past 11-12 years and only a handful of them I've ever made frequent returns to. My recent return to CB has by far been my favorite experience compared to every other game in this genre I've ever played.

Where do I possibly begin? Well first off I guess I will continue my thoughts from my former post about the community. Out of all the text based browser games I've played, this community seems closer and more tight-knit then any other I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I've yet to meet a single person who doesn't make you feel at home here, not a single person hasn't been helpful, not a single person who isn't laid back and likes to have a good time. From the moment I started peaking my head into chat and making my presence known here, I've felt like I'm at home. I've literally never felt like that in any other game I've played. Maybe its because our community is so small or maybe its because of the kind of people this game attracts. I don't quite know exactly what it is, but I know I like it, and I know it makes me want to stick around for a long time.

Secondly, the depth behind the game is rather staggering, especially when you first start to delve into it while you are still unfamiliar with the mechanics behind it. This game is not a simple click fest, you can't just log in hit the fight button a bunch of times till you burn all your BA, then logout for a few hours. No, this game actually requires you to learn the ins and outs of it in order for you to make any actual progress, and I for one absolutely love that. I spent the entire first week I was here ferociously studying the wiki, I was constantly asking questions on how this or that worked, and I was spending hours searching through targets from the top to the bottom looking at the kinds of strategies/setups people were using. This game pulled me and grabbed hold of my brain like no other has before it, and for that I can't possibly give it any more praise as it's rather hard to keep my attention for longer then a few weeks with most games.

Whats next.. ah the competition! I absolutely love the competition in this game, especially among the people currently running N*Bs. It gives me goals to strive for and a reason to keep playing and burning up my BA. I feel like with a solid amount of dedication and knowledge of the game, that I can outgrow and beat the majority of the people who are farming me. I've slowly been watching losses turn into draws, then those draws turning into wins, until before I know it I have completely outgrown and flipped the tables on a former farmer. This gives me a feeling of real accomplishment, and a sense that my character is actually getting somewhere further pushing me along my path. I look at the top 20 and I say to myself "I can do that, I can get there." and you know what? I know for a fact that someday I will. Maybe it wont be my current character, maybe it will take a few years, but no where in my mind do I think it's an impossible goal, and that only keeps me pushing harder and harder to reach for the top.

All-in-all what it comes down to is that everything about this game has kept me engaged and involved. Do I see issues with some things in the game? Of course, who doesn't. Would I like to see more suggestions and changes actually implemented? Absolutely, who wouldn't? Are any of those minor negatives going to keep me from playing my heart out? Not a chance. I eat sleep and breathe CB, and my dedication and adoration for this game will surely keep me coming back for more again and again.

TL;DR? - I love everything about this game, and I continually feel like this game was made for people like me. I've had more fun with this game than any other I've played. I only wish I had stuck with it when I had first discovered it many years ago, rather then decide 3 months ago to come back and give it another try, only to wind up getting completely hooked on it.

Still TL;DR? Blame novice for my wall of text. I love you CB.

AdminNightStrike January 25 2011 10:29 PM EST

Not too long, and I did read.

I've slowly been watching losses turn into draws, then those draws turning into wins, until before I know it I have completely outgrown and flipped the tables on a former farmer. This gives me a feeling of real accomplishment, and a sense that my character is actually getting somewhere further pushing me along my path. I look at the top 20 and I say to myself "I can do that, I can get there."

This needs to go somewhere on the site.

AdminShade January 26 2011 1:24 AM EST


Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] January 26 2011 3:43 PM EST

Wow, I'd feel honored if a quote of mine got somewhere onto the site :)

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] January 30 2011 3:08 PM EST

[15:06] <Marlfox> Ulmo is pleased with your victory and grants you a A Blade of Thuringwethil [73x11] (+10). Use it well!

Marl seemed to have proved my point :) x11 +10 is indeed the max you can get from drops.

Also using this post as a bump for the contest since it hasn't seemed to end yet as far as I can tell.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 30 2011 8:33 PM EST

I love CB because I can have the largest minion in game, equipment that shouldn't exist, less real long term opponents than I have fingers without scars, and almost all the equipment I could possibly use for my char without being bored. CB has held my interest longer than school, religion, the outdoors, coffee, smoking tobacco, and lying to kick it.
Exhilaration from a ten year old game is something special...

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] January 31 2011 12:43 AM EST

What can I say except through and through I am a "CB Zombie"! No matter what level of competition I have drawn the line for I find worthy opponents. Whether in forums or in chat I have found people both above and below my intellectual/strategical level and yet have learned none of it truly matters.

What makes CB a truly great game can be summed up in one word, "Acceptance". Here you have a fiercely competitive home where if you leave you are sorely missed and when you return you are helped to get back into the fray. Once you become a member of CB you are family and with that in mind you know at least one thing, there is always a place for you here regardless of your walk in life.

In the words of someone much wiser than myself, "Home is where the heart is." Well in CB that holds true but I have to change that a bit, "Home is where the community treats you like family and then blends you for the fun of it."

To every NUB and Returning player I say "Welcome Home.....and get to Blending!"

horseguy001 January 31 2011 5:57 PM EST

I like CB for a lot of reasons. What I like best is a tie between these two things.

One being you can be as involved and you want to be and the game is still fun. I thought not taking the game too seriously would be a drag, but it turns out it's just as much fun as shooting for number 1. The strategy element is breathtaking, and it's fun planning something out, watching it grow, making changes on the fly, and seeing how it might fare against the top players.

Two being the forums. Sometimes I don't post much, but I read everything that everyone has to say. I think the CB community has some of the most interesting, insightful, and thoughtful people out there.

j'bob January 31 2011 7:32 PM EST

What I like best about CB.

What I like best about CB is that I can easily navigate to nov's user picture and gaze upon the emblem of the San Jose Sharks, likely one of the greatest NHL teams playing the game right now and a great contender for winning the Stanley Cup this year.

That is what I like best about CB!


Hiya nov!!!

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 3 2011 1:45 AM EST

j'bob rules!

talking to AB last night I came up with a nice tagline for new ads...

deep as you want it and still mindless when you need it
More entries!

AdminNightStrike February 10 2011 8:35 PM EST

no winner yet?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 10 2011 9:13 PM EST

You picked the winner way back up there NS. Xenogard wins!

AdminQBnovice (shop keeper) Xenogard (| Xenogard |) An Elven Long Bow ($124203) 9:13 PM EST

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] February 10 2011 10:28 PM EST

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