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Zenai May 1 2011 4:41 PM EDT

Just last night I learned an extremely important lesson. This lesson made me understand that I was highly mistaken in my belief on what is the most important appendage. For us men we usually say the most important appendage is....well you know our wieners. However this is beyond a doubt wrong, it is the second most important right behind......the "Pinky Toe".

Last night I was very tired after work and fell asleep on the couch while watching a movie. Well the wife took offense and rudely woke me up which of course pissed me off. Well I stomped my half awake self to the bedroom determined to get some much needed sleep. Unfortunately on my way my left pinky toe met the door frame and went pop. At first my whole foot went numb, I thought oh I just stubbed it a bit It'll be fine just a little sore for a while.

Ahh but what a fallacy I knew this to be within seconds as the most gut wrenching, searing pain I have ever had stuck me from this teeny tiny, all but useless, taken for granted appendage. Yes I knew in that instant it was broken since I, yelped like 6 yr old school girl that had seen a ghost, failed in my attempt to take a normal step. To the ground I went and cradled my foot as if it were a newborn treating the pinky with extra extra care.

You know what the worst part is there is? With all of the super advanced medical practices and procedures presently utilized there is only one thing doctors can do for a broken pinky toe.......tape it to the next toe. Damn you medieval medical practices!

QBRanger May 1 2011 4:58 PM EDT

We can cut it off.

Eliteofdelete [Battle Royale] May 1 2011 5:04 PM EDT

Have you ever performed that procedure for a broken pinky toe? :P

QBRanger May 1 2011 5:09 PM EDT

Not for a simple break, but I have been involved in a few severe crush injuries.

Where there is not enough tissue to save.

Zenai May 1 2011 5:26 PM EDT

I love my wife.....I love my wife.....I love my wife!

Not but a few moments after I posted this my wife decided to come to me to tell me that she was sorry for yesterdays events. In her enthusiasm to do so she stepped squarely on my damaged toe! Why is it that when something is hurt it seems to become a target the size of a freaking barn?!?

Zenai May 1 2011 5:29 PM EDT

We can cut it off.

I said do for not do away with, however, at this point I'm just shy of considering it

Demigod May 1 2011 5:49 PM EDT

there is only one thing doctors can do for a broken pinky toe.......tape it to the next toe.

Yep. Sorry you went to the hospital to learn that lesson. A couple of years ago, I broke a finger playing football. As much as breaks suck, I only spent $3 on a finger splint and went about my day. The only real concern is an issue of the tendon being "looser" when it heals, but that's not an issue for a pinky toe.

AdminG Beee May 1 2011 6:10 PM EDT

I think you'd reconsider priorities if it had been your "wiener" in the doorframe rather than your pinky toe.

AdminShade May 1 2011 6:16 PM EDT

My godfather does not have one of his pinky toes...

Lord Bob May 1 2011 9:11 PM EDT

Why is it that when something is hurt it seems to become a target the size of a freaking barn?!?

My left middle toe has been sprained for a few weeks, thanks to my cat.

My sister and her boyfriend have a pit bull that loves me. This is a very big, heavy dog that never seems to want to leave my side when I'm around. Guess which foot he always has to stand on.

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] May 1 2011 9:42 PM EDT

"My left middle toe has been sprained for a few weeks, thanks to my cat."

Please elucidate, this sounds like a good story too.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] May 1 2011 9:42 PM EDT

i have broken a few toes in my time, me and furniture do not seem to get along. ; (

Lord Bob May 1 2011 10:04 PM EDT

Please elucidate
We were playing around on the floor and I whacked my foot like all Hades on a chair. Much pain and unpleasant cursing followed.

On the issue of pinky toes, I used to stub them all the time in my younger days. One day I was running around the corner from the kitchen to the living room, and stubbed it on a half wall so hard I thought I left the digit in the kitchen. It took my about a minute or two to work up the courage to look down and realize it was still attached. From that day on I have never turned a corner in any house without first curling my toes inward and making sure I'm in the dead center of the walking space.

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] May 1 2011 10:57 PM EDT

It's always so much worse when your feet are cold too.

iBananco [Blue Army] May 2 2011 3:47 AM EDT

I'm sure you also reconsider your priorities if the only option was to "cut it off."

Quyen May 2 2011 4:52 AM EDT

... im glad i never broke something in my life :D

Lochnivar May 2 2011 11:13 AM EDT

I've broken a few bones...

... just none of my own.

Demigod May 2 2011 12:03 PM EDT

Turkey wishbones tremble at the sight of Loch.
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