Zhegao (in Contests)

Django March 17 2012 2:30 AM EDT

First, congrats to Zhegao for hitting 5M MPR.

He has exactly 2 months left on his NUB. All you have to do is guess what his final MPR will be.

1. Each user gets 1 guess
2. Your guess must be 10K from anyone else's current guess (if someone has a guess of 6,000,000.... You can not guess 6,000,001. Atleast guess 6,010,000 or 5,990,000.
3. Whoever is the closest, whether your over or under his final MPR, will win 1M CBD
4. Zhegao, sorry you can not guess :)
5. Your guess must be in by March 20th.

Thanks and Enjoy!

DoS March 17 2012 2:32 AM EDT

6mil MPR; good luck Zhegao!

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] March 17 2012 2:47 AM EDT

6.35mil mpr. I believe in you Zhegao!

stabilo [Lonesome fighter] March 17 2012 3:02 AM EDT

6,600,000 MPR

Josh [Cult of the Valaraukar] March 17 2012 3:18 AM EDT


Unappreciated Misnomer March 17 2012 8:39 AM EDT

mpr of 6.9 million

Gandalf March 17 2012 8:52 AM EDT

6.3million. Good luck :)

TH3 C0113CT0R March 17 2012 10:43 AM EDT


Gohan [Ka-Tet of the Serene] March 17 2012 11:36 AM EDT


Quyen March 17 2012 12:27 PM EDT


Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] March 17 2012 1:34 PM EDT


You better stop there on the money or I'll be mad.

Unappreciated Misnomer March 20 2012 5:49 AM EDT


I wish more trolls, troll feeders, troll lovers, troll haters, troll enthusiasts and troll watchers would participate in non trolling activities in the game...


Fishead March 20 2012 6:20 AM EDT

6.25 mil. Good job!

Phoenix [The Forgehood] March 20 2012 9:16 AM EDT

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