Total of 246 votes

Yes 55.7
No 44.3



Being able to boost your tattoo would give whoever has money, and all the higher players a nice advantage.. Ranger would get another 1mil levels or more from it.

-- 48Zach


Yes, but only if the fee is a reasonably high amount.

-- [RX3]Cotillion


Even if the price was a higher amount, They could still afford it. While the lower players really couldnt. Maybe if there was a limit per month or something.

-- 48DangerZone


By "reasonably high", I hope you mean "infinity".

-- QBsutekh137

1st vote...

Wow, finally first...

Must be because people logged in don't refresh ;)

Anyway, I voted yes. Why? Mainly because people's maximum Tattoo allowance grows faster than their tattoo level, even when using a named tattoo / familiar from the beginning.

The downside, as ever with money, is that people with lots of money can increase their tattoos with more ease than people who don't.

Having said this, I think that this will provide us players with another layer of choices to upgrade.

The cost of these upgrades should be high enough in the higher regions to discourage people from investing in it too much to be all mighty ;)

-- AdminShade


This would give all the more power to USD users :/

-- [Nkki]WildEagle

This would be a terrible idea.

-- Miandrital

Certainly no

Tattoos should grow with a character. Making it possible to buy levels will give an advantage to USD users.

-- QBRanger

Perhaps then make tattoos grow a bit faster by default instead?

-- AdminShade

The "fee" should be EXP and not $

Yes you should be able to grow your Tat to the Max Tattoo level but you should have to pour some minion XP into it to increase level rather than CB$'s or USD.

-- AdminG Beee

A pretty balanced spread

Especially considering all the comments thus far have said no, im suprised to see a 43.3%/56.7% split...

-- TheHatchetman

I chose no...

However I think GBeee's idea of making the "fee" to be minion's XP is interesting. But that might also benefit dudes with loads of cash, coz they can buy char and untrain then pour everything into the tattoo :P Probably cheaper hehe

-- Lumpy Koala

Heck no.

G Beee's got it right. Spend "Time", to buy "Time". XP is the only thing you can't buy with USD, and as such should be the only currency usable in tattoo upgrading. Come on, you've got to at least work a little to get your team to perform...So get clicking, and then you can make your tattoo big.

-- Eurynome Bartleby

I agree with Gbeeeeeeee

The "Fee" should be exp 4 us lower end players fair advantage for bigger and smaller playerz

-- Jaredseal

Why not go the other way? Make it cheap enough that everyone can conceivably upgrade their tattoos? Don't forget, you can't use the tattoo beyond your max. allowance, so making it cheap will basically allow everyone to use their tattoo at it's maximum potential. You can't get a more even playing field (in regard to tattoos) than that.

-- Shidoshi


ugh, definitely no.... unless the fee is like for 1000 level you have to pay 1 million....

-- TrueDevil


Well, if you want to make it cheap for everyone...might as well make tattoos grow faster...Kind of defeats the idea of a tattoo's growth in fact :( Edit: Which is not cool.

-- Eurynome Bartleby

Other Options

I like the idea of making your tat grow faster but giving the big USD spenders that luxury doesn't seem too fair.

All the big USD spenders already have the best equipment and all the non USD spenders can never catch them. Of course most of them have fought a bunch and continue to to stay at the top but still kind of unfair.

I think giving the ability to train your exp towards your tat instead of your minion would be cool, because you have to make a sacrifice either way.

Another idea would be to just allow only certain amounts montly or yearly to be added towards a tat.

Or giving some sort of way to BOST growth of tat, like paying to get a bonus for a certain time period that your tat will grow faster than others. And basing your growth bonus on tat level and $$ invested and or MPR. So lower tats and/or lower MPR can have higher growth bonus.

I know this is really jumbled and sorry for the long comment, but I am sure some of you understand what I am trying to say.

-- PeterGriffin

A Resounding NO!

Considering that a tattoo is effectively adding MPR - either by giving you an extra minion with damage, or adding to your stats then this would be giving you the ability to add MPR where it counts through cash.

Yes, I know you can do that now by buying minions - but how much effective MPR are you actually getting for your money in those cases? Whoopee you got yourself a

Now on the other hand if that ToA tank could buy himself some more strength and dex - and lets not forget PTH for his weapon.....Do you see why I think this is a NO?!?!?


-- QBJohnnywas

I think yes

But only if there is a limit per month (Maybe a percentage of the tattoo) and if the cost scales up. On the other hand, I sell CBD, so I want anything that can potentially raise the value of it...

-- Daz


Maybe put a new businesses option called training ground, This would work a bit like the forge, that means making you able to increase your tattoo lvl faster by using BA.

I don't know how exactly it could work, but it could have different trainning ground depending on wich tattoo you want to grow.

-- Drama


"Yes you should be able to grow your Tat to the Max Tattoo level but you should have to pour some minion XP into it to increase level rather than CB$'s or USD."

I see abuse there... Make a NCB and after 4 month put the EXP into a tat and sell it (to the store).

-- Shadowsparkle

Good Ideas From Everyone So Far!

In the manner or the monies, one good way to solve the issue is do a percentage scale (I guess is what you would call it) where the lower the level, the less it costs, and the higher, the more it costs. Like Shidoshi said, you can't make the tatoo higher than the max allowance, but it would be a bit more fair this way IF it does pass.

-- Mesoshort


Perhaps I changed my mind, I would like to see TOA tanks with their tats all at their MTL firing their ELB using their HOC and BGs.

Forget about EC then, every tank worth their while should have a tattoo at their MTL.

-- QBRanger


If you are able to raise your tat level with money, then wouldn't it work the same way as the BS in the fact that you would have to pay for 100% of the NW? Considering most only pay 25-35% of the tattoo NW, this could be a viable idea.

There is no way for tat levels to keep up with character levels, and it is increasingly getting out of hand. Something needs to be done.. if not this, then a faster growth rate or a Max Tat vs. Tat level growth rate.

-- DreadedTiger [4x20] (-x)


My tattoo is 4.489M and its NW is 100,700,000. Perhaps if the upgrading was like increasing items via the BS, 100% of NW, then it may work.

-- QBRanger


If XP can be used to upgrade tattoos, then people will leech the XP out of abandoned characters like a vampire would.

-- bartjan


I like the idea, and though I see the logic of using xp instead of/along with money, I would invite this change either way.

-- Lord Bob

While I originally chose no, I would be ok with it if the cost was 100% of NW.

-- Nerevas

Max Tat Lvl

I voted yes, but after reading all the comments, I'm actually starting to doubt it.
Yes, it would be nice to have a tat at MTL. And yes, it would be nice to have a way to actually be able to achieve that.
In fact, I'm sure there are ways to actually make it easier for the smaller players. Or bigger players for that matter.
The question to ask yourself is though, how far is Jon willing to take it. Is he willing to implement code that would guarantee some kind of balance, which I'm sure would be a very extensive code which is hard to implement. Or doesn't he have the luxury to implement such extensive coding and will we have to do with some flumsy code to eventually come to the decision that it wasn't worth it and go back to zero?
There are plenty of ideas, but how far are the people on the top willing to take it, to make it fair for the majority of the (active?) players.

-- {cb1}Linguala

Yes... BUT

There needs to be a way to stop USD from pouring insane amounts of money into it. That would ruin it.

-- Wasp

money sinks are good

so ya, do it. but maybe put a noob warning on it that it could sink too much cash for beginners who happen to get tats.

-- drudge

No but maybe yes

I voted no because the $US spenders already have a huge advantage, but if it HAS to be implemented and the price should be high but this kind of increase should be limited to 1/2 of MTL or some rate like that.
That way horribly undersized tats could be brought up somewhat.
Then there is the issue of people sending their tats to Ranger along with their paycheck. This of course would be worse if there was no limit.

-- Yukk

NOT MONEY: % Growth boost as per level instead

I'd happily go for faster growth rate instead of paying for it. I did not think of that when I raised the subject. Put the growth rate on a variable scale according to it's users max. allowance.

How about comparable % for %? Tattoo is 25% of max. allowance, tattoo growth is boosted by 75%. 50% of max. = 50% boost, etc. This should allow the tattoo to catch the max. allowance, without the need for $ (be they CB or USD) at all.

-- Shidoshi

I voted yes - but

everyone would expect me to vote yes - so I did :).
However - if you are gonna make the decision based on this poll then there has got to be a good majority of Yes like 75% + otherwise you are going to lose people. Also make it so that it is not too easy for people - so a concious decision has to be made.

-- Phrede

Exp => Tattoo level

In respect to G_Beee and bartjan:

Perhaps make it so that you can only upgrade your tattoo from your own experience AND make it so that you can only do that when your tattoo's level is smaller than your own Max tattoo level. This prevents leeching farms...

-- AdminShade

I voted yes at first but after a second thought I say no. This idea would give even more power to the USD spenders wich I would not like to see happen.

-- BluBBen

The Tat Artist should ALSO

Be allowed to lower a tattoo lvl for a fee.

-- AdminQBVerifex

is the fee CBD or USD?

Does anyone one know? if its CBD do you think this feature would honestly give USD spenders a bigger advantage? sure the people selling the CBD for money would raise their rates if it was in higher demand.

besides, dont worry bout people spending money on cbd. usd is obivously not needed to be in the top 40.

-- drudge

USD does help...lots.

And Top 40 is hardly to be considered...competitive :P

-- Eurynome Bartleby

How about vampiric tattoo types?

You can have tattoos that suck stats, spells, and skills out of their owners to increase their levels.

-- Victim

What if there was a cap on how far the leveling could go? Or have a timed wait for the artist to work, emulating the blacksmith, where the higher the level, the more time it would take to get a tat "artwork" completed... with the time penalty you could discourage abuse, and regulate reasonable increases in leveling.

-- sooka

sure :)

as long theres a cap to the amount per month and the cost is suitably high, it would make for a huge cash sink which is always good

-- lostling


weakest Idea ever made

-- TuffBunny101

No to cash, undecided about xp...

Cash cost is a def no no. Tattoo's are designed explicitly to work diferently to items. If you can upgrade them with cash, they just become weapons/armour.

The XP option is a nice idea, but Bart's quote is lovely. Besides, it would just become a cash cost anyway. Buy a new minion, use thier XP, fire them. Buy a new minion again...

-- AdminQBGentlemanLoser

No Tats

I got an idea, how about take tats away. They are way too strong, and unless you have been here since the beginning or you have TONS of cash to buy one from one of the big guys then you don't have one big enough to do anything with.

-- PeterGriffin


this would give an advantage to the players who are older, more financialy secure, and can put real american dollars into this game, they are the ones normally with the good characters,and the amazing stuff, we should keep at least this one item where fighting is the only way to make it very strong. Because we all know ranger would have a much higher tattoo if fighting wasn't the only way to level it up.

-- minicrackerjaxck

and yes you could put limits so on and so forth, but if your going to put limits, why dont you just keep it so you have to fight? already has a limit, 160 BA!

-- minicrackerjaxck


No, This would give an unfair advantage to USD spenders.

-- JaKobi1Kenobi


If this go's though I hope it gets tested in the tourneys at first .I really hope not though.

-- Slashundhack

Good idea

Paying money to up your tatts lvl is'nt that bad of an idea. I think the bigger you want the tattoo the more it should cost. We all have a max tattoo size. right? what good would it do any one to make a tattoo bigger then that?


i voted yes, but...

My opinion is to limit it down a bit to let's say only 1/3 your max tattoo level or something, or like 1/3 max level on top of whatever it already has, but not past like 3/4 or like 3/5 to become tricky =P just my 2 cents, but if not without limitations then no, i don't think it would be a good change.
(additional thoughts after reading comments)I also like the exp fee idea too because that seems like it would keep it checked up on pretty good also and maybe to keep it all fair create a new stat that adds onto the tattoo's level the more you train it so that you don't put exp from a bought minion into it and then use it on your main minion and get rid of the newly made minion. Have the stat add around 60-75% of the trained level to the tattoo's level and have it show the number with the stat and the regular tattoo level, like on str with str enhancing gear equipped. That might balance it out a bit, but i doubt Jonathan would go to such great extents just to tweak the tattoos. So, im guessing if it is implemented it will be equal on some other level that Jonathan determines, or it will have to be scrapped because it is distorting the equillibrium of CB.

I am just bored and making a stat about admins/qb opinions:
sutekh(qb)-bart informed me he's pretty sure it's a no
ranger(qb)-no, staying at no while using sarcasm
g beee(admin)-i think thats a yes
bartjan(admin)-clarified as a no =)
verifex(qb)-yes, and lowering
gentlemanloser(qb)-no to cash, maybe exp

so that's 9 qb/admin voted(on comments) and the stats are as follows:
haha, im really bored right now and can't sleep, and hi everybody out there. =)

the no's just keep stacking up among the pedestalled users of cb. But who is to know what jon will take heed from more, the mass public or just the admins. and if he will even read the debates, which hopefully he does and come to a fair solution.
=D i love cb
(instead of the saying, "I like to hear my voice." I think it's more, "I like to hear myself type."

-- stoner14

My vote?


-- bartjan

my vote

A very solid NO.

-- QBRanger


There are plenty of high level tats out there as is... and if you want a higher tat than you got either insta or start an ncb and start using your tat when your max gets high enough

-- DrAcO5676

That's what your 'fight' button is for

I'm back...

The people saying/voting yes to this do realise there is a way of increasing your tattoo lvl for a fee already that works perfectly well? It's called buying BA. Or, if you're a NUB, 'using BA'.

-- QBJohnnywas

Check out mark II of this theory in general forums

Hopefully I've got it right this time. (cuts out the use of $ of any kind).

-- Shidoshi

As much as being agreeable rankles ...


-- QBBast


I can't believe more people are voting yes than no...

-- Fanta

Yess to a biggur Tatoo!1

I think some people just go: "OMG Yeah, I wanna biggur Tattoo!!!1." Because yes, it's a very sexy idea, but it needs serious tweaking. If something permits everyone to boost their tats, it HAS to be in a very different way than weapons/armor. Tattoos are that ONE special kind of equipment, and they gotta stay as that.

-- Eurynome Bartleby

we're doomed





-- Talion

Couple more thoughts...

Where this is a definite NO is for anyone in the bonus exemption range (6/10 BA refresh rate). Those folks can pump in money without PR reprisal, because rewards won't care. For a huge character, tattoo increases are one of the few areas for big growth left, as AC upgrades get more and more costly, etc.

However, for small players, if someone wants to increase a tattoo with cash, I actually have a hard time maing an argument against it. I suppose one reason would be that a new player probably is already enhancing experience vis NUB or NCB, so why bother.

Someone mentioned tourneys above -- I think letting tournament characters enhance tattoos with money would be SENSATIONAL. Players would have to tweak their strategies, deciding the best place to put cash. Also, tournament characters are small, so clearly are not in the 6/10 range -- they would have to be careful not to increase PR so much as to ruin rewards. Put another way, tournament characters would have to be more careful about making sure the choice was giving them bang-for-buck. Larger characters would not need to make that distinction as much.

So, my refined answers: For tournament characters and "small" characters: YES, as long as levels could not be purchased beyond max. tattoo level. For everyone else, NO at all times.

-- QBsutekh137

free pr?


-- Brakke Bres


Players that have been around for a long time most likely will continue to be around for a long time. In order to raise a tattoo from level 20 to level 4.489 million like ranger's tattoo is all but impossible now. Even for veteran players that take breaks and start making NCB character's, it is impossible.

The main reason I think this should be done is because your tattoo if leveled from level 20 will _never_ be at or above your MTL. It will always be less, so in order to get a larger one, you have to pay for it anyway, why not make that a game feature rather than another way for players to get exploited by tattoo hoarders?

-- Relic


i was thinking that it maybe fair if the fee would be that you had to "sacrifice" a minion (from an old char that you were gonna retire anyways as an example...) and the tattoo would get a certain % of that minions total xp after a moderate "ceremony" $$$ was fee included.

-- zeaderan

I vote no.

This idea blows, but the concept is right on. We need to find a way to get more 'upper echelon' tattoos.

That way, though, is to fix the N*B. Think we could concentrate on that instead? It's a little more important anyways.

-- QBOddBird


Make it to where the tattoo artist can't take your tat lvl above 3/4 of what your max tat is. So if you have a max tat of 100, it takes it no higher than 75, etc. Also, I think the exp thing is good. I'd like to make the tat like another minion, where you train exp into the set stats it can get (so you train it like a normal minion, but only into what it would already normally train as it is).

-- Harry Potter

With all the stuff that already needs to be fixed, we're sitting here debating this ridiculous idea? I'd rather Jon spend some time fixing what's already here.

-- Tezmac

thank you tezmac

-- minicrackerjaxck

I guess this idea would be good for deflation...

-- Fanta

Interesting poll....

I don't recall the last time so many people voted on a poll in such a short space of time. And going by the votes the 'ayes' have it. And yet reading the comments so many people are saying 'no' very loudly...including most of the people who normally disagree with each other for the sake of it....I'm confused: is CB for this idea or against it?

-- QBJohnnywas

I'm also a bit confused.

The active people seem to dislike the idea...while all the others like it :/ Very strange poll indeed.

-- Eurynome Bartleby

Results are quite predictable

It seems to me that most of the older players are against it, while the new players (those that used the ROE and therefore did not level a tattoo the normal way) are for it.

There are some that buck this trend but this is how it seems to me.

The solution is to have new players not be forced to use the ROE. But then again, it is their choice not to level a tattoo and use the ROE instead.

Increasing the N*B as some suggest will not change this trend as people will still use the ROE in the early stages and mid level tattoo will still be rare as nobody is leveling them.

One solution is just to get rid of the ROE and raise the N*B to compensate for the xp loss players will get early on.
But please do not make it possible to pay to level a tattoo. This is a cop out of the major sort for those who made their choices.

-- QBRanger

Yes. Why not?

Sure why not. Besides, USD users already have an advantage. Unless i'm mistaken.

-- Marlfox


If tattoos will be able to be lvled from CB$, it should be very very high as to make it a major turn off to people who even have a lot of cash. I just think there should be the option...

-- [RX3]Cotillion

I Voted yes, but I still think it should be limited- I like the idea's here, and the most appealing is have somewhere like the bs w/ 100%NW cost. Although More rich characters would get Advantage; 100%NW is a fair price to pay.

I also think you could twist this idea- Upgrades Cost more for higher NW's, less for Lower NW's.

-- SnapDragon

i also voted yes, i am a very active player, but i think it should be limited somehow. Numerous ways have already been mentioned. One other way is that maybe you can only up it to a percent of your max tatto say 50% or 75%.

-- fatty the loner

I think for the reasons "why not" and "I want to see change" people are voting yes more than no.

-- Fanta

certainly they are voting yes

People want to be able to "buy xp" instead of playing for a while to earn it. Through dedication etc..

Also, there are plenty of players who used the ROE expecting to be able to buy a higher level tattoo later and are finding that is not happening due to the fact everyone has that same expectation. So they want a "cheap" way out. Not cheap as in CB2 but cheap as in quick.

I think a much better thing would be to allow us to buy xp on our minons. Same principle buying PR. What do people think of that?

-- QBRanger

oh yes

title says all

-- BURning [DarK]ness