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A 5-Minion team is a team with four ordinary minions and a Familiar equipped. Usually the familiar is used as the main damage dealer, an the other minions are only used to enhance or protect the familiar.

Basic 5-Minion Strategies

Strategies and Comments

  • 5-Minion teams have the advantage that a maximum tattoo level familiar will most likely have far more "trained experience" than any of the four minions (assuming that all four minions were bought at or around the same time), and thus is likely to suffer less from the effects of AMF (in regards to the IF, SF, FF, EF) or EC (in regards to the HF or JKF) than a minion who trained similar statistics.
  • 5-Minion Teams have the disadvantage that much less equipment can be used to enhance the statistics of the familiar (through the use of Junction) than could be equipped on an ordinary minion, and that the statistics trained are un-editable and may be lacking (for example, not enough HP and no evasion).
  • These teams are useful for players with low net worth as they can be effective with just a MTL familiar and no other equipment (although a junctioned pair of DB's and an AoI are recommended), but balancing what is trained on the four minions can be difficult and fraught with danger. It goes without saying that such a team usually requires either a lot of AS or a hefty PL battery in order to keep the familiar alive long enough for it to be effective in combat.

NOTE: The Comment "(although a junctioned pair of DB's and an AoI are recommended)" is not possible. You cannot use the AoJ to junction DB's and wear an AoI since you are using the AoJ just to junction the DB's.

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