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A simple and effective counter-attack strategy used by players throughout the years, used mainly with an Ice Familiar (IF) or a Rune of Balrog Flame (RoBF).

Training Method

Gear needed

First three Enchanter minions:

Fourth Enchanter minion:

Minion wearing a Rune of Balrog Flame (RoBF)

Minion wearing an Electric Familiar (EF), Fire Familiar (FF), Ice Familiar (IF), or Steel Familiar (SF)

Minion wearing a Halidon Familiar (HF)

Minion wearing a Jigorokano Familiar (JKF) (Supporter Item)

How it works

Every time a character attacks your minions:

Guardian Angel (GA) will counter-attack both spell and weapon damage, except true damage from a Rune of Balrog Flame (RoBF).

Antimagic Field (AMF) will reduce all damage from magic spells and counter-attack with AMF backlash.

Ablative Shield (AS) trained on two minions gives extra fuel for your Guardian Angel (GA) and Antimagic Field (AMF) to outlast your opponent's attacks, as well as give plenty of hit points (HP) to your Familiars.

With a Rune of Balrog Flame (RoBF) equipped you will always hit your target once every melee round, and your opponent's Guardian Angel (GA), Antimagic Field (AMF), and Ethereal Chains (EC) will not react to RoBF's true damage.

Pro's and Cons


  • A simple and easy strategy for beginners as there is only one enchantment to be trained for each of the four minions.
  • Even without any equipment this strategy is very effective.
  • Will earn the player plenty of Carnage Blender dollars (CBD/CB2) as there is little need to upgrade equipment.
  • All magic Familiars require Ablative Shield (AS) to be trained to survive from Antimagic Field (AMF) backlash, as well as Guardian Angel (GA) retaliation for the Halidon Familiar (HF) and Jigorokano Familiar (JFK)
  • Training the maximum four minions will spread the damage received from Fireball (FB) and Cone of Cold (CoC), as well as providing protection for your Familiar or Rune of Balrog Flame (RoBF) minion through the use of additional minion barriers (Kill Slots).
  • The disadvantage of using an Amulet of Focus (AoF), is that it increases your opponent's Antimagic Field (AMF) and Ethereal Chains (EC) to the minion wearing the AoF, is ineffective as none of your minions are using spells or weapons. AoF will not affect your Familiar or RoBF as it only affects the minion wearing the AoF.


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