Basic Armor Set

  1. Basic Information and statistics
  2. Strategy and Comments
  3. Bonuses
  4. Penalties
  5. Shield-Specific DX Penalties
  6. Strategies and Comments

Basic Information and statistics

Basic Armor Set

For a non-Unarmed Combat Tank, you may consider using the following in addition to the above:

Note Basic Unarmed Combat Set

Strategy and Comments

Other pieces of armor should be generally ignored because of their steep penalties. Unless you have a strategy specifically designed to incorporate Heavy AC (and thus heavy penalties) one should not deviate from this set.

The Basic Armor Set should be used for any and all minions who are not training Unarmed Combat. The set is ideal for teams who are just starting out, or do not have much money. The set offers zero reduction to dexterity, Direct Damage Spells and Enchantments, thus making it useful for any type of minion. Tanks should also not deviate from this set because of other item's large penalties to DX and Skills. DX is very important for tanks unless a strategy is designed in such a way so that the tank does not need DX. If tanks do not have DX, they will not land their attacks.

(Note that the Basic Unarmed Combat Set only includes a Cloak due to the Cloak being the only item which does not carry penalties to Unarmed Combat.)

However one may want to consider using the Kite Shield with (non-Unarmed Combat) tanks, because of the extra AC with very small penalties to DX and skills. (Especially when compared to the other shields available.)

If you are unsure as to what a Mage, Tank, Enchanter or Wall is, Click the Links!!


  • The Unarmed Combat Set offers zero reduction to Unarmed Combat

Basic Armor Set

  • No penalties to magic spells cast by the wearer.
  • No penalties to enchantment spells cast by the wearer.

(Again note that the Kite Shield does include penalties)


Basic Armor Set

Basic Unarmed Combat Set

  • Does not include any penalties.

Shield-Specific DX Penalties

The Basic Armor Set, and the Basic Unarmed Combat Set does not utilize a shield.

However a Tank using the Kite Shield will experience the following penalties:

  • Negative 2% to DX and Skills with 1-handed melee weapons.
  • Negative 14% to DX and Skills with 2-handed melee weapons.
  • Negative 4% to Direct Damage Spells, negative 3% to Enchant Offense Spells, negative 2.667% to Enchant Defense Spells
  • Negative 5 to Unarmed Combat

Strategies and Comments

  • This set is meant as a starter set.
  • When you have enough money, consider buying better items for your minions.

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