1. Heavy Tank Basic Information
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  3. Strategies for Heavy Tanks
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The basic premise for a tank minion is a minion with simply Strength (ST), Dexterity (DX) and Hit points (HP) (sometimes Bloodlust) focused so as to cause as much damage as possible during melee, and sometimes during ranged as well. There are two common Tank variations, the Heavy Tank and the Light Tank.

Heavy Tank Basic Information

The Heavy Tank is a variant of the typical Tank. Instead of worrying about the penalties associated with items, the Heavy Tank selects Armor based on the higher Armor Class (AC) of the item, and the cost of upgrades. It also commonly chooses high damage ranged & melee Weapons that are also relatively inexpensive to upgrade.

Items for Heavy Tanks

Typical items used by a Heavy Tank are :

Strategies for Heavy Tanks

A Heavy Tank is a powerful opponent by himself, and when augmented by a team of Enchanters, the Heavy Tank can become almost unstoppable. The Single Minion Heavy Tank, while not unheard of, is uncommon for several reasons.

  1. To combat spells effectively the tank must now train Antimagic Field. This leads to Experience (exp) dilution.
  2. To increase damage output to maximum levels, the tank should train Bloodlust or Archery. This, yet again, leads to exp dilution.

The Multi-Minion Heavy Tank is a more common strategy. The heavy tank is augmented by either one or more Enchanters. These valuable Minions reduce the exp dilution on the Tank itself, while causing more total dilution. However this is usually offset by the fact that the team now has more exp coming in. As well, this allows the team to train more total Enchantment spells. Typically, if the Tank is training Enchantments, the ones that are chosen for the Tank are ones that have fixed variable levels.

Light Tank Basic Information

A Light Tank tries to get as much bonuses from its items as possible and avoid the penalties which are usually associated with Heavy Tank Armor parts. This Minion is designed to do lots of damage by striking multiple strong hits and avoid being hit with a boosted amount of DX.

Items for Light Tanks

Typical items used by a Light Tank are :

Strategies for Light Tanks

  • Since you want to deal as much damage as you can and not get hit, ideal strategies include but are not limited to EWT, WMTE, EWTE and ETME.

Famous Tanks

The most famous CB1 tank was, Spid (formerly owned by spydah). Spid was a 4 Minion EEET team. The armor on Spid was high enough to reduce all but the most powerful melee attacks to nothing.

The recent CB1 famous tanks were: Kronos and Maltese Cross . Both had reached the mythical 477 Armor Class, which reduces just about every single melee attack to nothing. However, in CB2 this is be near impossible due to upgrade curves.

However, in CB2 Freed once had a 465 Armor Class, but soon thereafter, Encumbrance was introduced forcing dis-enchanting of his mega-armors. After that change, Slayer333 reached an AC of 482, which, with Steel Skin, allowed him to be hit for 0 weapon damage and only about 20% of Direct Damage spells'damage.

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