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Overview: Armor

Armor can take many forms. From an actual armor item, to spells, tattoos, and associated side effects, "Armor" encompasses all the many ways there are to defend yourself. There are nine armor slots per minion (amulet, body armor, cloak, footwear, gloves, headgear, shield, tunic, and tattoo), though some are mutually exclusive. For instance, you can't wear a tattoo with body armor or cloaks. Most pieces of armor that fill a slot will reduce Dexterity, Skills, and/or Magic Spells when worn. The armor-oriented Skills do not take up such a slot and are instead trained innately. Refer to the Item Meta-Stats page [1] for a summary of the effects of each item.

Armor Class (AC) is an important aspect of Armor -- so much so that it has its own page to describe things like: the damage reduction calculation from AC, naming conventions, methods to increase AC, and the effect that AC has on PR. For purposes of this page, however, just note that armor can be enchanted to increase overall AC, provide some bonus proportional to the enchantment level, or both.

Tattoos provide a wide array of enhancements to your character, and have their own leveling system built in. They can, depending on the type, create another minion, directly affect your stats or rewards, reduce damage types, etc. They come, however, at a sacrifice of the aforementioned slots for whichever minion is wearing your character's tattoo. Further, there is a very large increase in PR based on the size of the tattoo. Tattoos will gain experience with every fight proportional to the rewards listed after the fight. This is additional experience that is not taken away from the listed rewards. This experience will be trained when you train your other minions, when you unequip the tattoo, and at cache flush.

Since the change [2] to the Tattoo of Endurance in September 2008, all non-percentage damage reduction has been removed. Therefore, the order in which damage reduction is applied is no longer relevant.

Example: A Fireball fires at a heavily protected minion for 1,000,000 damage. His MgS (+40) removes 30% of the attack, reducing it to 700,000. Then, an Elven Hauberk (+10) cuts it down to 630,000. The total magical AC of the minion (including the AC provided by the Elven Hauberk) results in, say, a 20.6% reduction to bring the damage done to a nice round 500,000. So, the damage will be displayed in the fight log as being 500,000 instead of 1,000,000.

List: Body Armor

Body Armor cannot be used on a minion that has a tattoo equipped.

List: Cloaks

Cloaks cannot be used on a minion that has a tattoo equipped.

List: Footwear

List: Gloves

List: Headgear

List: Shields

When used with a 2-handed weapon, an additional -12% DX penalty is incurred on top of any other DX penalties.

A June 2008 changelog [3] changed all power shields into "normal" shields meaning all shields could be used with tattoos.

List: Amulets

List: Tunics

Armor by Functionality

Basic Armor Set

Some common sets used by a Mage.

A common set used by an Enchanter.

Equipment suggestions for minions that train Unarmed Combat (also known as a Monk).

Some common sets used by a Tank.

A Common set used by a Wall.

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