The EE:F Strategy can be simple, yet powerful, and cost effective.

Start with two Minions.

On Minion 1 train nothing but Ablative Shield (AS).

On Minion 2 train Hit Points (HP), Guardian Angel (GA), and your choice of Antimagic Field (AMF) or Dispel Magic (DM). Train at a ratio of 1:2:2 until your HP's are at ~100,000. Then, train your two Enchantments equally until more HP are needed (you'll know when the time comes).

Get yourself a Familiar of any type (an Ice Familiar may be the best choice with AMF, or a Steel Familiar with DM) and equip it on the second Minion. Armor will be unnecessary until much later, so use your cash to insta-up your Familiar. Try to keep its level close to your Max Tattoo without going over it.

Note: This strategy is very similar to the E:F, but you have a few more choices for enchantments, and AS is more efficient.

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