Rune of Solitude

  1. Basic Information and Statistics
  2. In-depth explanation of a Rune of Solitude's effects
  3. Forging Information
  4. Strategy and Comments

Basic Information and Statistics

  • Abbreviation: RoS
  • Grants to its wearer a bonus to its Enchant Defense Spells(ED) of about 1/2 rune level.(e.g. if i have a RoS at a level 300,000 and Ablative Shield of 150,000 it will give me a bonus to my ED spell of about 150,000 so my Ablative Shield would be 300,000/150,000)
  • Offers resistance vs. your enemy's Dispel Magic(DM) to the whole team. The resistance is about 40% of the level of the tattoo. It does not cancel out DM completely.
  • Offers same level of resistance vs. your own Dispel Magic on any other EO you cast (currently Ethereal Chains or AntiMagic Field).
  • Average past auction price paid for regular tattoo: [1]
  • Average past auction price paid for lesser version: [2]

In-depth explanation of a Rune of Solitude's effects

The RoS gives its wearer a bonus to Enchant Defense spells, and protects any enchantments cast by your minions from enemy DM at the given rate. It also protects your other Enchant Offense spells from your DM, if any.

In a nutshell:

It protects your own EO (e.g. AMF/EC) from your own DM.

It also protects your own ED (e.g. GA/VA/AS/SS/GS/Haste) from your opponent's DM.

It does not protect your opponent's EO (e.g. AMF/EC) from their DM.

It does not affect your opponent's ED.

(In the above statements, "EO" does not include DM; DM does not dispel itself, only other enchantments.)

Forging Information

  • Not upgradeable.


Strategy and Comments

  • Wear the RoS in combination with a Cornuthaum or an Amulet of Focus to amplify the ED bonus even more (CAUTIONARY NOTE : unknown whether a bug or feature at the time being, but apparently the Corn does NOT amplify the RoS-granted ED levels, it only amplifies naturally trained ED).
  • Usually people put the RoS on a minion with only Ablative Shield(AS) trained, as it can have huge benefits on 4 minion teams.
  • Usually works best on a 4 minion character due to the AS/GA damage ability. Where AS is maximized with 4 minions.

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