Known Issues

  1. Suggestions for Successful Bug Reporting
  2. High Priority Issues
  3. Low Priority Issues
  4. Very Low Priority or Too Much Time For Too Little Gain
  5. Fixed: Can Be Removed Once Tested
  6. Non-buggy to-do list
  7. Issues Awaiting Classification

Suggestions for Successful Bug Reporting

  • Each bug report listed here must link to a forum thread describing the issue. The forum post should give enough data for the developers to find and fix the bug without any other help when at all possible.
  • If the issue can be replicated, state the steps used to do so.
  • If the issue cannot be replicated, state the character that the issue occurred on as well as any other data that might help the developers find the issue.
  • Add the date that the original wiki entry was made.
  • Hard data is better than anecdotal evidence any day.
  • Test each issue as much as possible and post results in the forum thread.
  • This is not the correct place for suggestions, but rather for issues that do not behave the way they were stated in a changelog or the wiki itself.
  • New issues should be placed in the section "Issues Awaiting Prioritization."

High Priority Issues

Low Priority Issues

  • A newly created character that has nothing trained an no weapons equipped shows up as 0 PR instead of 1 or the same as it's MPR. The number of minions for this does not matter. I am not sure if this is a problem for after any battles have been fought yet either. It for sure happens when no battles have been fought.
  • Fixed most of AOJ. Left: Archery is weird, and Bloodlust still isn't working for JKF.
  • edyit's bug (Special Items in IE has issues) [1] (added 2/7/2009)
  • Rizz's PR bug as reported here. [2] & [3] (added 2/7/2009)
  • Spawned AoJ & AOI are not the correct levels. [4] (added 5/12/2009)
  • Please add time stamps for battles older than today. [5] (added 6/29/2010)
  • If a tournament character is your largest character, ba cost are determined by it. [6] (added 12/12/2009)
  • On some phones, forum threads are truncated to the height of the sidebar. [7] (added 7/22/2010)

Very Low Priority or Too Much Time For Too Little Gain

  • Bug with using ampersand in the naming of a training set. [8] (added 6/23/2009)
  • {Facebook}For some people (e.g., blackshadowshade, Daz, perhaps all those with a link to Facebook), there is no way to change the email address in Settings > Basic Information
  • {Facebook}For some people there is no way to add a homepage under settings>update personal information. [9] (added 4/25/2009)
  • {Facebook}For some people there is no log out option. [10] (added 6/15/2009) (workaround is
  • Double Taps showing up backwards in fightlog [11] (added 4/9/2009)

Fixed: Can Be Removed Once Tested

  • If a tournament character is your largest character, ba regen is determined by it. [12] (added 12/12/2009)
  • Mininum bid not updating correctly in some cases. [13] & [14] (added 7/9/2009)
  • Forging an Elven item which was previously not Elven results in a server error on Forge page. (salvaging needs to reset forging progress) [15] (added 5/19/2010)

Non-buggy to-do list

  • Add rankings to stats / attributes pages. [16] (added 5/30/2010)
  • Link gods names to clan rituals page. V or L [17] (added 6/29/2011)

Issues Awaiting Classification

  • 1 MPR characters (see character ID 131890) with 0 PR are unable to join clans.
  • If the wikipage is called without the last forward-slash, then broken links are generated on the resulting page. [18] (added 07/21/2010)

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