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Carnage Blender gives new users a bonus to all rewards (money and experience from fighting). This bonus is calculated to let them catch up to players who have been around since the beginning, and lasts for 180 days (about 6 months). Yasz has said that the main reason for picking this form of NUB over other candidates is that it is highly visible: the new player can easily see the effects of the bonus and take encouragement from that, instead of being intimidated by how far ahead of him the veterans are.

The NUB was one of the first differences from CB1.

How it works

The bonus is based upon the top Minion Power (MPR) in the game at the time of a new account is created. The goal was to calibrate the bonus such that a character under bonus can achieve 95% of the XP earned by a veteran, given equivalent effort, by the time the NUB is over. The NUB is seen as a percentage (i.e. 150%) that indicate a multiplier (in this case, a multiplier of 2.5) applied to the rewards of a normal character of the same Power. Both experience and cash rewards receive the bonus.

If a new user has an older, non-NUB character transferred to his account, the older character will *NOT* have the New User Bonuses. BA costs, however, will be at a NUB level for this older character. Other characters still on the account will retain their New User Bonus. Similarly, if a NUB character is transferred to an older account, its NUB bonuses will not be retained.

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