1. Combat Rounds
  2. Attack priorities
  3. After the battle
  4. Battle Rewards
  5. Different rewards
  6. Bot checks

Combat Rounds

Fights are turn based and last a maximum of 50 rounds. If by the end of the 50th round both combatants still have Minions alive, the fight ends in a Stalemate. If both combatants kill each others' last Minions in the same round, the result is a Draw.

  • The 50 rounds are split into Ranged and Melee combat.
  • Ranged rounds only exist if at least one Minion has a Ranged attack, from Ranged Weapons or certain Direct Damage Spells (DD). If none of the former are present, the 50 rounds of combat are all Melee. If there is a Ranged attack, this will consist of 5 rounds (or 6 if a Helm of Clearsight is equipped). Note: Melee-only Direct Damage Spells get to fire in the last round of Ranged combat if you have a Helm of Clearsight equipped on that minion. If no Ranged combat would have existed without it, ranged only lasts one round, and melee lasts 49 rounds.
  • Physical damage (weapons) follows the To-hit rules, weapons can hit multiple times per round, but all hits from any particular weapon are applied to the same target minion (with the exception of the splash damage from the Sling of Death which automatically hits all other enemy minions)
  • Magical damage (spells) always hits, but only once per round. Spells can target one minion (ex: Magic Missile), all enemy minions (ex: Fireball in ranged rounds or Cone of Cold in melee rounds), or even all minions except the caster (just Fireball, and only in the melee rounds)

An opponent that has been defeated will remain comatose for a while (30 seconds), unless that opponent is also currently fighting, in which case the opponent re-animates as soon as they challenge another battle (even if they challenge an unconscious opponent or reach a bot check.) NOTE : when attacking, your minions may receive damage. You need a certain amount of CB$ to heal your party completely before attacking a different target (killed minions are much more expensive to revive than minions with just 1 HP left). Just make sure you ALWAYS have some spare cash in your wallet, otherwise you might not be able to fight at all for a while, until you get the needed amount. This thread shows a discussion of the healing costs: [1]


  • Minions using Bows during Melee combat will suffer a penalty of 60% to DX and PTH
  • Minions using Crossbows during Melee Combat will suffer a penalty of 40% to DX and PTH
  • Minions using Slings during Melee Combat will suffer a penalty of 80% to DX and PTH
  • Minions using a Bow or a Crossbow will shoot every other round in melee starting at round one, but slings shoot every round.

Attack priorities

  • Melee fighters target your first minion.
  • Bows/Crossbows/Slings target your first minion, unless you use Mageseeker bow.
  • Magic Missile targets your last minion.
  • Enforcer's Crossbow targets your highest str minion. (After all spells take effect.)
  • Assassin's Crossbow targets your highest Dex minion. (After all spells take effect.)
  • If you have a Spell/Weapon/Range Weapon, the spell takes priority if or when it is to be cast. I.E. If you have COC/MH/ELB all on a minion, until the COC is able to be cast (Melee Round 1) you will use any equipped items. The first round you can cast your DD spell, it takes priority.
  • If you have a minion with the skill Phantom Link trained, an amount of damage based on PL's effect that would ordinarily be done to another minion is shifted to the minion with Phantom Link trained. This can override the effects of the Assassin's crossbow and the Enforcer's crossbow.

After the battle

  • The defender is autohealed of damage he sustained in this battle; the attacker has to pay for his own healing. This is to prevent abuse of less experienced players.
  • Your Minion(s) get experience both when defending and when attacking. The winner gets more experience than the loser; losing defenders get nothing. Stalemated battles, where neither combatant is defeated, result in no experience for either character. Drawn battles, where attacker and defender kill each others' last Minions in the same round, grant a smaller amount of experience than a win.
  • The attacker's Minion(s), if he is victorious, get an experience bonus beyond what they usually would. So while it is your Minions will gain exp while you are away from Carnage Blender, active players will tend to advance faster.
  • You receive a bonus (money and exp) for beating opponents with a higher score. The bigger the score difference, the bigger the bonus.

Battle Rewards

Battle Rewards are determined by several factors.

 Factors under your direct or indirect control :
  • the most important factor you can control in Battle Rewards is your Power (PR) versus their Score. The exact bonus that you receive for fighting a particular opponent is called the Challenge Bonus (displayed in the post-battle stats), and maxes out at +100% when you fight opponents with a score double or higher compared to your PR
  • if you are a member in one of the Standard Clans, you can also gain a Clan Bonus (displayed in post-battle stats). The maximum value is +15% for the best scoring clan and decreases the lower in score your clan is. Only the top 25% clans with positive clan points receive bonuses
  • fighting opponents with a higher Power (PR), as it also yields increased rewards. The exact amount/formula for the bonus is unknown, since this bonus is not displayed anywhere
  • there is a bonus for fighting opponents that are members of a standard clan when you are a member of a standard clan yourself. The bonus is also hidden, but we know it's +5%
 Factors outside your control or unavoidable :
  • two separate random factors are also applied to both CB$ and XP rewards each battle, to further mask the exact rewards
  • new users and new characters receive a huge bonus during their first 6 months (new characters only receive an XP bonus, no CB$ bonus). The bonus value is determined at character creation and always displayed in the post-battle stats. The amount of that bonus is calculated from the highest Minion Power in the game at that time
  • rewards are also increasing the higher in Virtual Power your team is. This exact bonus value is also hidden, but you can determine roughly how high it is by looking at your Battle Allocation purchase price, as it is proportional to that (the NUB/NCB is also included in BA purchase price, so you have to adjust for that too if present)

Different rewards

There are four six-hour periods per week during which fighting rewards are different. For historical reasons, these are sometimes called "whacky times" or Bonus Times.

(Also during these time periods, random non-bonus-earning clans are chosen for a 7% bonus to both exp and cash.)

Money Times: (more money is awarded and less experience)

  • Saturday Midnight to Saturday 6:00 A.M.
  • Tuesday 6:00 P.M. to Tuesday Midnight

Experience Times: (more experience is awarded and less money)

  • Saturday Noon to Saturday 6:00 P.M.
  • Tuesday 6:00 A.M. to Tuesday Noon

Bot checks

After a "grace period" for new players, you will encounter Bot Checks to prevent automated (hence, robot or "bot") cheating during fighting.

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