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Notice: This strategy is intended for supporters (Supportership) using a character that is from 10-100k Minion Power Rating (MPR). If you are not a supporter or cannot afford a RBF, please see the "New Players" section in this documents. Please, if you use this strategy, send me results. Your Power Rating (PR) and the PR of the opponents you are winning at. Any suggestions are welcomed via chatmail. If you are really interested, I would like to see the effect if you change Magic Missile (MM) to Anti-Magic Field (AMF) instead, so for the daring, try it out and send your results.

How It Works

Its simple, the rise of solo-fireball mages has gave birth to a new extremely effective Strategy for new characters. From your characters birth until 10k MPR, use Grant's Strategy. Your aim is to buy a Rune of Balrog Flame (RBF). The RBF as many of you probably know protects against fire. After that, untrain all of your EXP and train 1/3 HP and 2/3 Magic Missile (MM). Why MM? MM does more damage than FB when directed at a solo minion. The next step is finding solo-fireball mage opponents. It is pretty essential that you wear the largest RBF you can find when you are just starting this strategy.

Finding Opponents

Inspecting opponents is the tool you will use to find your targets. The first thing you want to do is sort players by PR in the settings. The benefit of going through the trouble to use this strategy is you can win against opponents with a PR and score significantly higher than yours - reaping in great rewards for your fights. The first thing you want to do is start clicking higher in your standard opponent list. You want to fight opponents with a PR roughly 1/3 to twice as high as yours, and with a score as high as possible. The way your rewards are calculated are is Your PR vs. Their Score. The most influential decision in whether you can beat an opponent in our strategy will be PR. If you are losing battles at a PR, go lower. Otherwise go higher, find your sweet spot and harvest EXP from mages at that range. Once you have 10 great opponents added to your favorites list, start fighting them. Do not train any EXP, wait until you have about 50k-100k EXP saved up then train - then repeat finding new opponents unless your still reaping high rewards from the same ones. Note: If an opponent has a 1 million level ToE, your going to obviously die, so it may be wise not to fight an opponent with a PR a lot higher than his MPR.


Other than your Rune of Balrog Flame, getting Alatar's Gloves would be helpful, especially if you plan on reverting back to a Fireball Mage when your MPR is higher. A Cornuthaum, and a pair of Displacement Boots are your next target rares but its unlikely you will be able to get all of them before you revert back to a mage.

New Players

The reason you need Supportership for this strategy is so you can add players to your saved opponents list, without it you will have a very difficult time finding the same fireball-mages again and again. If you are a new player and cannot afford Supportership/RBF then I have a solution. Make a thread in FS/WTB called "Supportership" and ask for someone to give you supportership if you give them 350k and the item that comes with Supportership. If you cannot afford a RBF by 10k MPR, I recommend you try to get a loan for it, otherwise you are going to have to stick with Grant's Strategy until you can.

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