Explosive Shot

  1. Basic Information and Statistics
  2. Net Worth
  3. Fun Facts

Basic Information and Statistics

  • Base Damage : 11
  • Gives Splash damage; after the original target is hit damage is given to the other minions. Like Fireball or Cone of Cold
  • Splash damage is exactly 40% of original damage when damage reduction is not a factor.
  • Most effective against multi-minion teams. The more, the better.
  • Splash damage can be reduced by a Rune of Balrog Flame
  • Used as ammo for the Sling, Staff Sling and the Sling of Death.
  • Highest Damage Ammo for Slings, Staff Slings, and Slings of Death.
  • Considered Common Ammo.
  • Spawns directly into the Weapon Store.
  • Can only be upgraded at the Blacksmith.
  • One can farm ammo, that is buy iron shots and spawn explosive shots (this is legal as per Jon)

Net Worth

  • ~$7 per X eg. 1000 Explosive Shots will cost ~$7,000 to upgrade 1 X.

Fun Facts

  • As per the 20th of June 2008 all ammo had been removed from the game [1]

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