The concerns about the new homepage layout (in General)

QBRanger November 3 2007 10:20 AM EDT

I get the feeling there are 2 major objections to the new look on the homepage.

First, The lack of a complete character view. That is all the minions at once. Such a view lets people see all their equipped items and be able to manipulate them as needed. Not having to click numerous times to find items and being able to see how they look on the team as a whole. I know on Koy, I need to be able to view the entire character when manipulating items due to the amount of items I have. Now, I have to click, view, save changes, click, view, save changes, etc.. quite a few times in a row. It is quite tedious.

Second, The lack of viewing the effects of items on skills/spells. This is more important them the first objection. One has to be able to see the exact level of your skills/spells after items are equipped in order to be able to maximize your xp. Example: Protection. 57,608 gives level 20 protection which is a level a lot of people like to get to. There are many items including the corn which can raise/lower your spell level. Seeing the level you have lets one know how close/far away from any level. Knowing this can let you add xp to get the exactly level of the skill/spell you need. Otherwise you will have to add little amounts of xp, wasting a lot of time. I do not believe there would be a huge problem if this was on the train page to keep the homepage cleaner, however it needs to be available.

While people will need to get used to the layout on the homepage, it is not something that is an eyesore. However, these 2 "problems" with the homepage are quite serious in terms of gameplay and ease thereof.

Talion November 3 2007 11:02 AM EDT

Agreed 100%

48xVanished48 November 3 2007 12:07 PM EDT

^^What he said.

Mem November 3 2007 12:54 PM EDT

Those tabs look atrocious.

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] November 3 2007 12:56 PM EDT

Thats why I don't like the look of it at the moment. I'm sure Jon will make the changes. Keeping in mind that now there are tabs, more pages can be added. Perhaps even one showing bonus/negative effects on skills and stats on different minions. Another tab, of course, will show your whole team.

If these were added, then the new look would be much better : )

AdminShade November 3 2007 1:03 PM EDT

Imo a complete character summary would be nice to add then, make (max of) 5 tabs instead of 4.

AdminJonathan November 3 2007 1:19 PM EDT

> Now, I have to click, view, save changes, click, view, save changes, etc.. quite a few times in a row. It is quite tedious.

You don't have to save changes between tabs.

> The lack of viewing the effects of items on skills/spells.

Working on it.

QBOddBird November 3 2007 1:35 PM EDT

>> The lack of viewing the effects of items on skills/spells.

>Working on it.


Sir Leon [Soup Ream] November 3 2007 1:38 PM EDT

Also, something i just noticed.

How do you get to the "external transfer" screen when you don't have any weapons equipped on that character? It's hard to transfer money without that button...

AdminG Beee November 3 2007 3:33 PM EDT

Actually, a summary/overview tab as mentioned by Shade wouldn't be a bad idea.

I really like the changes so far though.

QBRanger November 3 2007 3:35 PM EDT


Use the Send To button on the persons character overview.

It is the only way I transfer things.

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] November 3 2007 3:45 PM EDT

@Ranger: That's the only way i transfer things to other players. However, When transfer things between my characters i simply click the "external transfe" link and select my character via Verifex's script add-on.

I suppose it's not a necessity but i wouldn't mind seeing the external transfer button back.

TheHatchetman November 3 2007 3:52 PM EDT

"I suppose it's not a necessity but i wouldn't mind seeing the external transfer button back."


</Jon impression>

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] November 3 2007 4:00 PM EDT

lol, thanks Hatchet, i was just going to buy base daggers or whips but that works too! :-)

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] November 5 2007 4:58 PM EST

Thanks for adding the link permanently! :-)

QBOddBird November 5 2007 5:05 PM EST

Well, looks like there should be no more major objections to the new look, then - both have been solved. I absolutely love it, myself.

QBJohnnywas November 5 2007 5:27 PM EST

OB, you took the words right out of my .....typing hands. Love the new look! ;)

Maelstrom November 5 2007 5:33 PM EST

I love the new look, too. Since I have just a single minion, I've never had an issue with viewing/training multiple minion info. However, I'm not sure that I like the tabs for unequipped items. Maybe it would help if you have lots of extra items, but with just a few, I would almost prefer to have them all show together.

An option to Show All unequipped items together would be nice. Then break them into categories, similar to how different minions are separated now.

And I assume that once the new theme is settled, Jon will implement code to remember the currently active tabs, and to remember whether tabs are shown by default, or whether all minions are shown by default.

But all in all, great changes!

Brakke Bres [Ow man] November 5 2007 8:05 PM EST

not that I'm complaining or anything, but could we please please pretty please have the option to always view our minions un-tabbed?
Now every time i click on a different page and return to home my minions are back in the tabbed "mode" again.

SNK3R November 5 2007 8:09 PM EST

Just be glad you have a "show all minions" link... :)

Brakke Bres [Ow man] November 5 2007 8:20 PM EST

/me bows in gratitude.
/me bows even deeper in a humble position, being grateful

I'm grateful!
But pretty please? Just a small setting under settings?

QBBarzooMonkey November 5 2007 11:43 PM EST

Thank you for the "Show all minions"! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Aargh [Closer to the Stars] November 6 2007 3:08 AM EST

Is it just me or did everything change back to the old version? =/

MonkeyMandate [Wasting Time] November 6 2007 3:09 AM EST

mines the old version as well

j'bob November 6 2007 3:11 AM EST

The Creator is fixing stuff.
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