Timestamp Petition! (in General)

QBOddBird May 5 2008 4:46 PM EDT

Timestamps are a wonderful part of CB, but sadly, they have been missing for quite some time now. This is far less convenient and occasionally even problematic for most, for many reasons. I shall here post a shortlist of those reasons:

1) They make things more convenient.

2) For record-keeping: "Interest on this loan will be compounded at 5AM" and the person repaying the loan sends the money any time that day (and the loaner logs on the next day to check)

3) Contests in which posting within a certain amount of time of another poster is required or earns something.

4) Sellers trying to find which time they actually posted a FS/WTB thread, so they can bump the thread before it closes.

5) Contests setting a cut-off time: "The first person to post after 5PM will win" and the person running the contest logs on the next day and realizes he can't find which one wins (I think G_Beee had a few of these contests.)

...and if anyone else thinks of a reason off-hand, feel free to post it.

Therefore, I am formally requesting/petitioning for the return of timestamps, specifically on the forum posts. Please, if you are interested in seeing Jonathan return the timestamps to the forums, reply to this petition with your name.

Please, Jon? *puppydog eyes*

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] May 5 2008 4:51 PM EDT


{cb1}Linguala May 5 2008 4:54 PM EDT

w00t, permanent timestamps *drool*

TheHatchetman May 5 2008 4:58 PM EDT

The Hatchetman

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] May 5 2008 5:04 PM EDT

Didn't we already do this? Twice?

Your name.

QBsutekh137 May 5 2008 5:23 PM EDT

Sutekh T. Destroyer.

j'bob May 5 2008 5:38 PM EDT

Bob. j'Bob.

iBananco [Blue Army] May 5 2008 5:38 PM EDT


A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] May 5 2008 5:40 PM EDT

Shaneekwah Hurbert Buckley.

AdminNightStrike May 5 2008 5:41 PM EDT


Bast - that's what I thought. But apparently my other petition (which I have yet to look up) was only for chatmail timestamps.

I move that this petition be edited to include timestamps everywhere, including the Recent Battles list.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] May 5 2008 5:43 PM EDT

democracy in action...or was that inaction. timestamps for all!

BootyGod May 5 2008 5:51 PM EDT


Flamey May 5 2008 6:15 PM EDT


Paddy Boy May 5 2008 6:33 PM EDT

Paddy Boy

SundariZelia [The Knighthood] May 5 2008 6:49 PM EDT

timestamps everywhere FTW! ~SundariZelia

[P]Mitt May 5 2008 6:50 PM EDT


[RX3]Cotillion May 5 2008 9:05 PM EDT


RedWolf May 5 2008 9:47 PM EDT


Xenko May 5 2008 9:54 PM EDT


Unappreciated Misnomer May 5 2008 9:56 PM EDT


bartjan May 5 2008 10:33 PM EDT

Would help hunt multies as well...

TheHatchetman May 5 2008 10:40 PM EDT

What you guy's don't know is that Redwolf actually signed his monitor with a Sharpie, and now he's trying to get it off his screen... ^_^

j'bob May 5 2008 11:22 PM EDT

Can't he just use white-out?
Simple, duh!

ActionAction May 5 2008 11:26 PM EDT

A!A! :P

Last Gasp May 5 2008 11:30 PM EDT

What y'all don't seem to get is that this is no Democracy... You live in a sometimes benevolent Dictatorship. Deal with it.

j'bob May 5 2008 11:32 PM EDT

I will not deal with it. (Mostly because you're not the boss of me!!!)
I thumb my nose at you... (tho i don't really know what that means)
And further more I sign my name again!
vote early, vote often!!


Colonel Custard May 5 2008 11:39 PM EDT

I bite my thumb at thee, too, LG.

Colonel Custard

QBOddBird May 5 2008 11:54 PM EDT

Last Gasp, this is a request/petition, not a demand.

Are you for the idea, or against it? That is all that is asked of you in responses to this thread....that, and if you have more reasoning why it should be implemented.

So there's no reason to go all "this is a benevolent dictatorship" on us. We KNOW.

QBOddBird May 6 2008 12:11 AM EDT

AdminJonathan, Oct 17 2007
added time of day back to old chatmails.

QBBast, Oct 17 2007
Thank you.

[P]Mitt, Oct 17 2007
Hrm, is it just me, or has the time been erased from previous days' posts?
If it's not just me, I'm requesting that they be put back up.

AdminJonathan, Oct 17 2007
> has the time been erased from previous days' posts


if you want it back you will have to explain how leaving it out affects usability.

Just answering this request - it affects usability at least in the 5 ways mentioned in the original post, plus what bartjan said, plus probably multiple as of yet unposted difficulties.

8DEOTWP May 6 2008 3:54 AM EDT

Since bartjan says it would help hunt multys,

Does knowing what time of day they posted affect anything?

BluBBen May 6 2008 4:09 AM EDT


AdminNightStrike May 6 2008 4:43 AM EDT

OB - link?

QBJohnnywas May 6 2008 5:07 AM EDT

Napoleon Solo

QBJohnnywas May 6 2008 5:09 AM EDT

I'd like to know why the timestamps went in the first place. Does CB run better or take up less server space without them for instance.

But I love timestamps!

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] May 6 2008 6:15 AM EDT


Bartman May 6 2008 8:04 AM EDT


QBRanger May 6 2008 8:14 AM EDT

Yet again,


RVT May 6 2008 8:29 AM EDT


Relic May 6 2008 9:12 AM EDT

I will throw my lot in even though I don't think it matters all that much personally.

{CB1}-Mokaba May 6 2008 12:16 PM EDT


QBOddBird May 6 2008 12:49 PM EDT

Nightstrike: here.

AdminNightStrike May 6 2008 2:48 PM EDT

Ok, so I went and got my original petition:


This was back in April of last year, and involved the replacement of time stamps *everywhere*. It seems that Jon then went and decided to try again with removing time stamps to see if anyone would notice. The original petition covered all cases.

QBOddBird May 7 2008 2:10 AM EDT


three4thsforsaken May 7 2008 2:19 AM EDT


QBOddBird May 27 2008 12:06 AM EDT

OK so I still see no timestamps and it is really annoying me, I haven't a clue when my FS/WTB thread will end, and I saw another thread that reminded me of this one - a contest where the creator needed to log on before midnight because people were only allowed 1 entry per hour and there are no TIMESTAMPS to check the next day!

Come on Jon. Everyone HATES not having them. It's like torture. -.-

Unappreciated Misnomer May 27 2008 12:09 AM EDT

this again? must be on the to do list.

Draugluin May 27 2008 12:10 AM EDT


TheHatchetman May 27 2008 12:33 AM EDT

This thread had 27 replies in the first 15 minutes. If that's not reason enough to bring them back, then how about the fact that non-admins have no idea whether or not I'm making that up :P

AdminG Beee May 27 2008 3:47 AM EDT

Hatch, neither do admins without record keeping and a very tedious trawl through a very long string of data...

BootyGod May 27 2008 5:57 AM EDT


Andy May 27 2008 3:17 PM EDT


QBOddBird May 28 2008 7:02 PM EDT


QBOddBird May 29 2008 11:17 AM EDT


Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] May 29 2008 12:17 PM EDT

Signed again. Obviously falling on deaf ears again : /

Brakke Bres [Ow man] May 29 2008 12:33 PM EDT

is this approved yet?

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] May 29 2008 12:40 PM EDT


QBOddBird May 29 2008 10:09 PM EDT

This thread shall not remain unbumped until we get our

QBOddBird May 30 2008 9:28 AM EDT

Stimetamp bump before work

Xenko May 30 2008 10:09 AM EDT

Please time stamp?

QBOddBird May 30 2008 10:27 PM EDT


{cb1}Linguala May 30 2008 10:29 PM EDT

w00t, go OB, keep the heat on.

8DEOTWP May 30 2008 10:31 PM EDT

/doodles on the petition

j'bob May 30 2008 10:32 PM EDT

/me furiously erases JahRoor's doodles.

QBOddBird June 1 2008 10:02 AM EDT

bumper cars

Usul [CHOAM] June 1 2008 10:10 AM EDT

well I have never seen time stamped posts as described since I join. Not sure how great/useful it was, but to see so many requests for it, I would gladly join in the petition.

QBOddBird June 3 2008 7:07 AM EDT

Bah, can't see my timestamp for when I started my latest contest. Bumped.

AdminJonathan June 3 2008 7:25 AM EDT


smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] June 3 2008 7:36 AM EDT

lol, yay!

Colonel Custard June 3 2008 7:42 AM EDT


j'bob June 3 2008 7:48 AM EDT

oh thank you jon, thank you thank you thank you...
because now this thread will DIE!!!
i mean, um, good job ob.

RedWolf June 3 2008 8:20 AM EDT


{cb2}ShadeSlayer June 3 2008 8:46 AM EDT

It's a Bird, no it's a Plane, no it's a Time Stamp!


QBsutekh137 June 3 2008 8:51 AM EDT

Excellent! Thanks, Jonathan!

QBOddBird June 3 2008 9:22 AM EDT

Dreams do come true!!! <3

Thanks Jonathan!

[RX3]Cotillion June 3 2008 2:18 PM EDT

Thanks Jon. Highly appreciated.

{cb1}Linguala June 3 2008 2:28 PM EDT

perceferance(however written) pays off finally.
This is w00tness for ever and ever.
Well done OB, well done indeed.
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