Week 17 Football Pool (in Contests)

PeterGriffin December 23 2008 4:57 PM EST

100k entry fee.

0 of the total pool will go towards the Fantasy Football league.

Send entry fee to FootballWeeklyPool


1st place (75%), 2nd place (25%)
Last weeks winner got over 1.2 mil.

New Football Pool Site

Invitation code: carnage

If anybody who has an account can't see their past results just let me know and I will go in there and update it. You can click results and click any week you want to see the past weeks. Any questions or help just let me know I can put in picks for anybody and change picks if needed but of course no changes after first kick-off.

Also it asks for an email but it doesn't matter you don't have to enter a valid email address I don't use it I just haven't take the time to remove that, but you do have to put in something (example asdf@dfsd.com).

Check HELP for questions, or just CM me.

Reference these contests for questions

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Also if everybody who plays could just post a little message on her saying that you put your picks in, nothing major just "did picks" or something, it is easier when I am doing the prizes to reference this thread instead of hunting for guys. THANKS!!!

There is not a game on Thursday, so take your time but get your picks in.

DAS bro December 23 2008 6:33 PM EST

DAS bro (big bam) PeterGriffin (FootballWeeklyPool) $100000 6:31 PM EST

im in is this the last week....u should do a super bowl and playoffs one....but come on guys lets get this week going and make it good!!!!

fatty the loner December 23 2008 8:27 PM EST

fatevilDASmember (storagefatty) PeterGriffin (FootballWeeklyPool) $100000 8:27 PM EST

PeterGriffin December 23 2008 11:51 PM EST

If I have the time I may try to do squares for the playoffs, don't know if I will make the first week but I will try for the NFC championship, AFC championship and SB... I still need to get the prize money and announce the winners of the fantasy football league...

Dudster4 December 24 2008 12:40 AM EST

{cb1}lover (xStudmuffin) PeterGriffin (FootballWeeklyPool) $100000 12:39 AM EST

Last Gasp December 24 2008 1:02 AM EST

Last Gasp (Jingleheimer Schmidt) PeterGriffin (FootballWeeklyPool) $100000 -- Week 16 1:01 AM EST

Last Gasp December 27 2008 1:37 AM EST

Bump... we need more!

DoS December 27 2008 1:42 AM EST

DoS (Demon) PeterGriffin (FootballWeeklyPool) $100000 1:41 AM EST

Last Gasp December 27 2008 4:07 PM EST

Bump bump!

DoS December 27 2008 6:08 PM EST


PeterGriffin December 28 2008 2:15 AM EST

ok guys we have 6 entries... lets get some more... come on guys pot is at 800k right now... the more means the bigger the pot, these 6 guys or gals are getting an easy contest..

DoS December 28 2008 9:38 AM EST

more entrants !

Last Gasp December 30 2008 3:26 PM EST

Bump... season is over... :-(

Let the PLAYOFFS commence! :-)

Go Dolphins!!!!!

DAS bro December 30 2008 8:38 PM EST

carolina is going to go all the way along with the titans
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