Changemonth Wishlist? (in General)

three4thsforsaken March 17 2009 11:27 PM EDT

1. Exbow nerf - cause draining tanks in one shot is no fun
2. Jiggy fixes - No SoC effects, not quite sure if BL junctions

buffs and whatnot

3. UC buff please - cause it's fun. And it'll definitely keep the community busy for a few months

4. forging buff - cause more player to player forging deals and economics would help the game immensely

5. Facebook invitation method - Invite your facebook friends to CB! New players! More fun!

6. ToE buff - Probably don't really need it. Just want some sort of tattoo to put on a wall. /selfish

7. New tattoo? New skills? - More options!


AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] March 17 2009 11:36 PM EDT

GA/PL nerf, with the seems like yesterday to me damage nerf, GA/PL work for very little investment compared with their predecessors. Maybe Jon is wanting the game to move to EDs, I hope not though.

three4thsforsaken March 17 2009 11:36 PM EDT

^ I definitely agree with that. I can't believe I forgot.

lostling March 17 2009 11:44 PM EDT

i still dont understand whats the big hoo ha about GA and PL -.-" GA = DM food lol

Zenai [Ministry of Pain] March 17 2009 11:48 PM EDT

Make Forging have a better incentive.

1) Higher Money Rewards, or
2) Lower or No Forging Fees, or
3) Higher Success Rates (Faster Forging), or
4) Add EXP to Forging Cycles

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] March 17 2009 11:49 PM EDT

Well 1M GA for almost 60% return against any of the top-two thirds of CBs tank, seems like a tiny investment to me. I do around 500k damage with a x7500 SoD and 8M ST and almost get full return to that 500k. Also, with the spread damage from the SoD is almost impossible to break that barrier. Same thing with FB. Magic Missle hits rather weak, so it too has that problem, although not quite as bad. So, just to rap it up, GA = really really cheap investment.

QBRanger March 17 2009 11:54 PM EDT

DM works very well vs GA.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] March 17 2009 11:55 PM EDT

i would really like for my soc to work with my jiggy as it should!

AdminTitan [The Sky Forge] March 17 2009 11:57 PM EDT

Yeah dudemus, I guess I'd have to say my "wishlist" would just have to be for Jon to fix most of the bugs on the "known bugs" wiki page.

QBOddBird March 18 2009 12:01 AM EDT

8. BoE fix

three4thsforsaken March 18 2009 12:32 AM EDT

The reason I don't like GA is that it requires DM to break it. There is no possible other way to get around it, other than a sheer brute force approach (which even I can't do).

Nothing in CB should REQUIRE something else to beat it. For example, how would you feel it you REQUIRED amf to beat mages. It cuts down on strat options and overall isn't balanced. How would you feel if you REQUIRED evasion to beat tanks. As in you could not beat tanks without fitting evasion in your strat. Not balanced right?

GA has one and only one even cost efficient way to beat it. That is because GA has not been rescaled to the damage nerf so the cap isn't practical to break.

And to add insult to injury, DM is a very limiting EO. If you train DM you can't (unless you have an RoS) train AMF or EC. For a strat like mine, I need AMF to stop decay. For a strat like yours, you might want the option of training AMF, I dunno, I'm sure you like options.

To prove my point, prior to the junction nerf, I had 15 MILLION hp on my IF. And it still fried itself from GA. I changed to SG (I have an 8.5 million tattoo + big AoF) GA still fried me. I know every strat has a weakness, but should every non DM strat be super weak to GA? Cause if I can't break it, you probably can't. Should a large DM investment become a necessity?

lostling March 18 2009 12:45 AM EDT

for a tank it is simple... add more X... for mages just add more DD

i did the calculations before... vs DD

GA requires HP and GA to work... hence

say for a 100k output of damage from a DD for say COC which is 0.686 damage per lvl vs 1 target... and since it is a DD lets say 0.5

100k damage output would require say... 200k lvl of COC

2.5x damage = 250k lvls of GA
100k HP with which to take the damage

350k total lvls to deal what? 60% of the damage back at the enemy?

vs 200k lvls of COC to deal a full 100% damage

tell me again how GA is overpowered

Ryuzaki March 18 2009 12:55 AM EDT

the overpowered part is how is your hypothetical mage going to survive that retaliation damage? Ga gets free targeting it doesn't have to go through anything else it just hits the opposing person's main damage dealer.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- March 18 2009 12:59 AM EDT

RoBF strats > GA

In fact it makes GA completely useless. So there is more ways to handle GA then just DM.

chaosal March 18 2009 1:05 AM EDT

robf n ga ftw :)

reflects dd, negates ga and amf....

but that dm sure hurts.

Sickone March 18 2009 1:14 AM EDT

1. Total revamp of the rewards/score system
2. Rolling bonus for everybody all the time (even if it's much smaller than the N*B, even at its highest possible value)
3. Make forging a viable alternative to fighting

DoS March 18 2009 1:15 AM EDT

chaosal, your strat is one big bait for DM

Rawr March 18 2009 1:28 AM EDT

Seconding sickone, I really wanna try forging but... why when I can get nearly as much money AND level my tattoo.

chaosal March 18 2009 1:31 AM EDT

indeed it is. but hey it's nice knowing where my main weakness is, i suppose :P

three4thsforsaken March 18 2009 1:33 AM EDT

Lost. Edyit has over 30 million points of HP (or was it 35 mil?). Without DM you are forced for your damage dealer to take 60% of that. Good luck.

Calculate how much hp your damage dealer needs for that please.

BootyGod March 18 2009 1:33 AM EDT

There are two counts to GA, actually.


Having what some of us refer to as "HP". Awesome stat. Try it out.

BootyGod March 18 2009 1:34 AM EDT



And add BVs to the list! :P

Lord Bob March 18 2009 1:34 AM EDT

"1. Exbow nerf - cause draining tanks in one shot is no fun "

As an Ax and Ex-bow user, even I can agree with this. I made a suggestion on this issue not long ago. I'd like to see that implemented.

"4. forging buff - cause more player to player forging deals and economics would help the game immensely"

Also agreed, even as one who never forges. Of course, the way to do this right is to literally boost forging and not remove choice (like a previous awful suggestion to remove the blacksmith, for example).

Also on my wishlist:
A GA nerf. Just a small one will do.

That weapon upgrade suggestion that I spam the boards with every three months.

Abolish the N*B and use wider BA regen rate differences instead. I also posted this rant several times, and will spare you guys the agony of reading it again this month.

lostling March 18 2009 2:09 AM EDT

"Lost. Edyit has over 30 million points of HP (or was it 35 mil?). Without DM you are forced for your damage dealer to take 60% of that. Good luck.

Calculate how much hp your damage dealer needs for that please."

this is exactly why a single minion training AS isnt the best thing in the world... every point of AS you train only gives 50% to your familiar... while he is training like what? 75% of his total exp into AS which gives him a cool 168.75% bonus to his 75% resulting in 126.5625% compared to your measily 50% granted your familiar has its own hp approximately 12.5% of your total exp that brings your total effect up to grand total of 62.5% as compared to his 126.5625%

lets see if you want to take out all his HP you would need
0.6 x 30,000,000 = 18,000,000 HP on your familiar at least provided he has no damage source that hits your familiar

of course this is all only applicable to your strat only

not to mention i dont see how AMF is a must.... DM is way better to use

three4thsforsaken March 18 2009 2:13 AM EDT

Lost, are you saying there is another strat that would more likely to have 18 million HP? So are you saying that, perhaps I don't have enough HP? Maybe I should train more? Note that I trained 17 million AS and had 15 million effect. I forgot to add my familiars base HP. That's 17.5 mil HP.

I love how you singled me out. But if you want to, sure.

lostling March 18 2009 2:17 AM EDT

*shrug* im just saying that since you are the one complaining...

continue this in the new thread you made

blackshadowshade March 18 2009 5:26 AM EDT

I'd like a display of the level of skill that the tattoo has.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] March 18 2009 7:29 AM EDT

I'd like his tattoo. For testing purposes, of course.

IndependenZ March 18 2009 11:07 AM EDT

I'd like some inexhaustible arrows so my ammo never runs out. Wait... eh? *hides under a rock being all confuzzled*

winner winner March 18 2009 4:53 PM EDT

more room for items

Rawr March 18 2009 7:50 PM EDT

free retrain?

QBRanger March 18 2009 8:10 PM EDT

1. I have been asking for this for years now. The mere fact that there are weapon in existence that can drain 10M strength with 1 hit for 1 damage is too outrageous even to consider.

The strength leech should be directly proportionate to the damage done. And there should be a cap on the % drain per hit.

2. This certainly needs to be done as a bugfix. Something that can be done in non changemonths.

3. Disagree. UC is plenty tough for the NW used.

4. Yes, but how to do it without making it too powerful? Cheaper xfers to and from forgers is one way. Much cheaper than the current econ clan. Make it free between econ clan members to power forge items faster. Have the forging fee reduced to 10% from 15% for econ clanners. Have bonus times give bonuses to forgers.

5. I got nothing as I do not use Facebook, but it sounds good to me.

6. The ToE in its current incantation is worthless. Its magic counter, the RBF, gets a special type of damage. The ToE gets nothing like that. How to buff it is the problem. Before it was too powerful, now too weak.

I say it gets the following: HP equal to its level divided among all the minions. IE a 10M tattoo on a 2 minion team will give 5M HP to each minion. Non-dispelled HP. Start with that and titrate as needed.

7. I would love a new tattoo. New skills? I would like mage skills, analogous to my post a few days ago. Something to give mages a choice and some ways to customize their characters.
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