Massive Armor and Bonus Rescale (in Changelog)

AdminNightStrike April 1 2010 8:43 AM EDT

In preparing for the great changes that are to come this month, I've gone and created all new sets of armor, and rescaled their values. I've also applied my tweaks to the challenge bonus system. You should see the values applied immediately. This will provide an early test of what we are going to call CB2.1.

IndependenZ April 1 2010 8:46 AM EDT

I... am... amazed. Sounds very intriguing!

{DF}malS 'lo emaS [Demon Forging] April 1 2010 8:55 AM EDT

yeap ... confused ... my ac went down and i don't know what anything is now ...

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 1 2010 8:56 AM EDT

All New Sets!!!!!


BRING THE PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IndependenZ April 1 2010 8:59 AM EDT

I'm getting a -43% challenge bonus for beating Yanki with 6.5mil score, whilst my PR is at 5.5mil. He's the biggest character I can beat at the moment. Seriously, not funny.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 1 2010 9:09 AM EDT

Disappearing post? Is this a joke or not? Deleting my entire fightlist is not particularly amusing.

sebidach [The Forgehood] April 1 2010 9:11 AM EDT

Hehe, funny! :D

AdminTal Destra April 1 2010 9:13 AM EDT

april fools right?

AdminNightStrike April 1 2010 9:22 AM EDT

Inde, your bonus is negative? It shouldn't be that low. Can you try finding an average of where it's at, compared to the rest of your fightlist? That data would really help.

Gandalf April 1 2010 9:29 AM EDT

I can only beat one person now from my previous fight list lol.

TrueDevil [AAA] April 1 2010 9:33 AM EDT

My halidon familiar doesn't appear in the battle ? is this april fool's joke.. because it's not THAT funny. It's a little bit funny though. ;)

MonkeyMandate [Wasting Time] April 1 2010 9:34 AM EDT

Post-battle stats
Inept Apprentice Homicidal Maid
Encumbrance 0.07
Experience 128,544 128,549
Hit Points -2,784,441 -268,524
Strength 13,100 195
Dexterity 23 158
Armor Class 163 138
Unarmed Combat 4,480
Melee Base to-Hit 50
Melee Bonus to-Hit 268
Direct Damage 455
Total Evasion 123
Damage Inflicted 0 0 / 182,603

my tAt is equipped along with an AoJ. why is it not showing up?

TrueDevil [AAA] April 1 2010 9:36 AM EDT

hmm... check out the name of the tattoos when you inspect people... random names.

Demigod April 1 2010 9:38 AM EDT

April Fools...

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 1 2010 9:43 AM EDT

i am getting negative cb show up in post as well, but i am not sure it is applying as my total xp isn't that different. i am in 6/20 so i guess it could be display error.

what is odd is that it really shouldn't be negative and is bouncing around. against dark horizons, it was -86% one fight, -99% the next and then -8% the very next fight against him.

{DF}malS 'lo emaS [Demon Forging] April 1 2010 9:43 AM EDT

join Chat fools NS is addressing the problem ...

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 1 2010 9:43 AM EDT

Whoa the score/system rocks!

No more farming like the old days you have to hit ppl after they fight or a -cb% woot! I just had a -34% CB agaiinst Dagobah!

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 1 2010 9:52 AM EDT

Aw, you deleted my post NS.

ScY April 1 2010 9:53 AM EDT

Ha. Ha.


AdminNightStrike April 1 2010 10:06 AM EDT

It's a new adaptive algorithm that should weigh your bonus against how CB thinks you should be performing. It should vary between fights, but certainly not to that extent! If you can't figure out how to get it to stabilize, post here.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 1 2010 10:07 AM EDT

so 6/20 is no longer immune to negative cb?

Demigod April 1 2010 10:07 AM EDT

So it's an accidental prank. Still counts!

MonkeyMandate [Wasting Time] April 1 2010 10:11 AM EDT

well since i can fight now, its weird. i can get a 91% bonus against The Immortals, for example, and then for the next 2 get -40%, and then positive again. Similiar stuff also happens with all opponents

ScY April 1 2010 10:12 AM EDT

Well all it looks like really is the -(my challengebonus from before).

I went from 70% cb to -(65 to 80%) cb. So, maybe cb has unrealistic idea of how well I should be doing?

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 1 2010 10:12 AM EDT

It's totally awesome is what it is :-D

AdminNightStrike April 1 2010 10:13 AM EDT

Scy - well, remember that CB is wagering you against all the rest of the fight ladder. There's something like 16000 active parties. Maybe you're doing better than you thought?

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 1 2010 10:15 AM EDT

i just fought dark horizons 8 battles in a row, results below are cb,xp:

89 ,119
-3 ,113
83 ,145
61 ,162
85 ,93
49 ,112

Revs April 1 2010 10:17 AM EDT

Same results. My bonuses are all over the place. Nemesis vs Zang's Test shows up -82% and then the next time +33%. Why is it so inconsistent?

AdminNightStrike April 1 2010 10:18 AM EDT

Revs - it's not inconsistent for everyone, just a few people... I fixed a few outliers already. Most of the people in Chat have had their bonuses fixed.

Demigod April 1 2010 10:26 AM EDT

I fought Zandagarth twice.

Fight #1 = 1%
Fight #2 = -43%

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 1 2010 10:31 AM EDT

when we are buggy, is it the attacker or the defender? in effect do we need to let you know that we are getting quite random cb on many opponents or do we need to name the opponents it happens on?

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 1 2010 10:36 AM EDT

Figured it out already earlier dudemus. If you want a steady bonus let your opponent fight first then hit them. In essence it makes you more proactive in the Farming process.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 1 2010 10:38 AM EDT

zen, going by what ns stated here:
It should vary between fights, but certainly not to that extent!

i shouldn't be seeing the variance i am, also if nothing is broken why is he fixing people in chat?

AdminNightStrike April 1 2010 10:38 AM EDT

Interesting, Zenai... I'm not sure if that's an exploit, or if I should leave that in. I'm leaning towards the latter, since it's hard to do.

AdminNightStrike April 1 2010 10:39 AM EDT

Does Z's solution work for you, Dudemus?

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 1 2010 10:40 AM EDT

i asked above if 6/20 is no longer immune or if that is buggy, could i get a response please!

AdminNightStrike April 1 2010 10:41 AM EDT

6/20 can still be immune under certain circumstances. Below 6/20 cannot be under any.

{DF}malS 'lo emaS [Demon Forging] April 1 2010 10:42 AM EDT

NS have you told them about the CB t-shirt thing ... or if its possibly the single minion problem ?

Unappreciated Misnomer April 1 2010 10:45 AM EDT

8/20 here and its all over the place bonus wise. One character went through the roof to 99% bonus while many more when down to -50% bonus or more.

{DF}malS 'lo emaS [Demon Forging] April 1 2010 10:46 AM EDT

And maybe NS only fixed the chat goers problems because they are just that ... chat goers ... be a full part of the game guys !!! and gals ;)

TrueDevil [AAA] April 1 2010 10:53 AM EDT

I wonder if it's only a Bonus challenge display problem ? Because with -10 or -80 % challenge bonus, I'm still getting around the same like when I get 90 % bonus challenge.

Unappreciated Misnomer April 1 2010 10:54 AM EDT

My bonus % seems to mean nothing, even though i get -70% i still get a decent bonus, like as if it were 70%. Is this NSs idea of april fools?

DoS April 1 2010 10:57 AM EDT

Cash (total) $872
XP (per minion) 705

Challenge bonus -91% (why is this negative?)
Clan bonus 13.1%
NCB (xp only) 445%

so with rewards that high, why would I worry about CB at all?

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 1 2010 11:08 AM EDT

Been talking around and it seems that each Regen is affected slightly different and requires a bit more work. The main back and forth is stability of CB%. After a bit of testing I have found these few things to be true you all may test this for yourselves.

Stable an separate fights to achieve optimal CB

9/20= 5-6

If this is an exploit then woot 6/20 Rocks baby! All the more reason for ppl to work for that stable CB! Excellent work NS!

IndependenZ April 1 2010 11:46 AM EDT

Inde, your bonus is negative? It shouldn't be that low. Can you try finding an average of where it's at, compared to the rest of your fightlist? That data would really help.

I ran off earlier, but still got the randomness in challenge bonuses. Here's me fighting 10 times against...

Legion of Darkness
(CB, XP)
-26%, 379
-86%, 549
55%, 402
-25%, 602
2%, 543
-96%, 493
25%, 387
-88%, 429
-11%, 429
-22%, 379

(CB, XP)
-73%, 669
-74%, 624
87%, 388
0%, 666
71%, 573
-98%, 666
17%, 602
-90%, 363
24%, 560
39%, 511

Every character in my fightlist gives me the same weird results.


IndependenZ April 1 2010 11:51 AM EDT

Averages out on -27,2% for CM Burns against Legion of Darkness, and 4,9% against Zandagarth. Sorry for the double post.

Still pretty funny stuff.

AdminTal Destra April 1 2010 11:51 AM EDT

he fixed the bonuses for me guys... join chat if you need help

AdminShade April 1 2010 11:54 AM EDT

I have randomness as well, and can't access chat until in 4+ hours. :(

AdminShade April 1 2010 11:57 AM EDT

and going from 89% to -80% challenge bonus is not really realistic now is it?

Lord Bob April 1 2010 12:09 PM EDT

My bonuses are totally random, though my rewards seem normal. You mean this is a bug, and is not an April fools prank? Really???

kevlar April 1 2010 12:13 PM EDT


AdminTal Destra April 1 2010 12:27 PM EDT

welcome to hell....

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 1 2010 12:34 PM EDT

I have noticed it resets every 7-8 fights if you are Farmed yourself. Ingenious to say the least! Mad props NS!

QBsutekh137 April 1 2010 12:36 PM EDT

Looks like random changes of item descriptions, total AC, and reward bonus (display only).

If you are still gaining EXP at a similar rate, and training raises levels the same amount, that would prove this is just an April Fools' joke.

However, for someone with an unstable fight list (or looking for new targets), this day is pretty much a waste of an NUB/NCB, because there is no way to really tell what a good bonus looks like.

ScY April 1 2010 3:08 PM EDT

No this is totally not an april fools joke, its much too serious for that.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 1 2010 3:13 PM EDT

I got fooled. :/

miteke [Superheros] April 1 2010 7:25 PM EDT

It looks to me like we are getting the same rewards as always, its just the % that is being reported off-scale. Don;t pay too much attention to it (unless it is still around tomorrow).

Mikel April 1 2010 11:47 PM EDT

Bonuses all over the place on the same teams. one time it's negative next time it's positive.


TheHatchetman April 1 2010 11:51 PM EDT

Bonuses all over the place on the same teams. one time it's negative next time it's positive.

Keep an eye on everything *but* the Challenge Bonus part ~_^

Mikel April 1 2010 11:53 PM EDT

Yes I know, I already do keep an eye on those things, and I just now noticed the challenge bonus lol ;)

AdminNightStrike April 2 2010 12:16 AM EDT

Everyone's bonus should be fixed now.

Flamey April 2 2010 7:56 AM EDT

You 1st of April is over?

Flamey April 2 2010 7:57 AM EDT

You mean*

{WW]Nayab [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 2 2010 8:22 AM EDT

Well Done NS

AdminShade April 2 2010 8:32 AM EDT

Which armors were created / added / changed?

Pwned April 13 2010 3:05 AM EDT

Was any of is true? Are we getting new items?

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] April 13 2010 3:06 AM EDT

No, it was just April 1 pranks.

Sickone April 13 2010 3:07 AM EDT

Was any of is true?


Pwned April 13 2010 3:09 AM EDT

Was any of is true?

Was any of this true?

is what I meant


Sad sad day :(

Salketer [big bucks] April 13 2010 3:10 AM EDT

You mean there is no CB2.1 coming? :(

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 13 2010 6:15 AM EDT

Well there might be but if it is well it will be a long time in the coming.

Demigod April 13 2010 7:28 AM EDT

I think the date of arrival is somewhere around 4-1-2011.

hzarb April 14 2010 6:00 AM EDT

NS is taking it easy, hoping 2012 hits us first :)

QBOddBird April 14 2010 8:42 AM EDT

Wait, so I just got back and read this. Was it all an April Fools' joke, or was it a failed improvement? Confusing

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] April 14 2010 8:44 AM EDT

April fools joke.
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