sebidachs Advent Calendar (in Contests)

sebidach [The Forgehood] November 30 2010 10:28 AM EST

Each day I will sent a present to a randomly picked person, that posted something Christmassy in this thread.

I love christmas and hope that all of you are having a nice time!

AdminTal Destra [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] November 30 2010 10:35 AM EST


Me: Bah humbug...

Catdog November 30 2010 10:39 AM EST

Merry Christmas CB

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 30 2010 10:39 AM EST

I hate Christmas send something to me and I will sell it for profit. Unless its a BoE.

horseguy001 November 30 2010 10:45 AM EST

Merry Christmas sebidach

Well I may not be a fan of Christmas, I hope yours is everything you hope for!

QBOddBird November 30 2010 10:50 AM EST

Merry Christmas :)

I tire quickly of the media hype that Christmas gets for the entirety of December, but I do look forward to spending Christmas day with my family.

Kingkiller November 30 2010 10:56 AM EST

Merry Christmas!!

Hope everyone is wrapping up on all of thier shopping and not waiting until the last second to be one of the mad rushers on Christmas Eve.

Newlin [SeeD] November 30 2010 10:57 AM EST

I like the pretty lights...

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] November 30 2010 11:03 AM EST

There has been only one Christmas, the rest are anniversaries.
Santa Claus has the right idea. Visit people once a year.

Soxjr November 30 2010 11:04 AM EST

As an unemployed American I just hope to keep a roof over my head and food on the table for christmas. Presents can wait.

AdminShade November 30 2010 11:45 AM EST

If I were to pick a number, it would be 14 =)

lostling November 30 2010 12:04 PM EST

lol the season of free stuff whoot! =x

MissingNo November 30 2010 12:10 PM EST

Santa Claus is my homeboy.

BadFish November 30 2010 1:23 PM EST

Christmastime means presents... for me!

Ankou November 30 2010 1:29 PM EST

Gotta agree with OB on this one, xmas is a nice time to spend with family, but the media hype and social expectation to buy gifts for everyone is kind of a downer for me.

AdminNightStrike November 30 2010 1:32 PM EST

Christmas is an absolutely wonderful holiday. I love most aspects of it, especially how much nicer people are overall.

To that end, if I wind up winning the random present, and it has monetary value, please send it to the Charity account in the spirit of the season.

Demigod November 30 2010 1:59 PM EST

I love Christmas as well. Sure, it's overrun with commercialism, but it's a wonderful time to get together, put up goofy decorations, and play with new gadgets put others first.

It's also a time when I can post things like this:

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] November 30 2010 2:33 PM EST

Happy Holidays.. :)

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] November 30 2010 4:24 PM EST

Happy holidays! Gotta be politically correct ^_^

sebidach [The Forgehood] December 1 2010 1:49 AM EST

Door number one has been opened! The TRNG chose SoxJr.

sebidach (Advent Calendar) Soxjr (Sox Jr) A Rune of Solitude ($11037) -- Advent Calender 01 1:47 AM EST

Victimizer December 1 2010 9:52 AM EST

Merry Christmas sebidach!

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] December 1 2010 11:15 AM EST

Oh I love a good Advent Calendar! How delightful of you!

sebidach [The Forgehood] December 2 2010 2:44 AM EST

Door number 2 goes to Geargrave.

sebidach (Advent Calendar) Geargrave (Marvel Knights) $100000 2:30 AM EST

The 6. is a special day in Germany ( ) and only persons that posted Christmassy pictures can win. Pictures of shiny shoes are preferred. :)

DoS December 2 2010 2:47 AM EST

This is actually really cool :). Merry christmas CB!

Wasp December 2 2010 5:13 AM EST

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you all have a good holiday and spend some quality time with family and friends.

Messbrutal December 2 2010 7:11 AM EST

Feels a little early to wish anyone merry x-mas, but I sure hope everyone have great weeks to come and make sure not to wait too long if ya make gift because it's gonna be hell in those mall soon.

{cb1}dyno December 2 2010 7:17 AM EST

I didn't know you played saxophone Demi... ;)

On a sidenote, I've probably watched Elf on television 4 times in the last two weeks - that movie's gonna be my generation's "A Christmas Story"!

MentalKat [G6] December 2 2010 8:02 PM EST

I wish it were Christmas, I wish it were Christmas, I wish it were Christmas..

Those shoes shiney enough q=-P

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] December 2 2010 8:23 PM EST

I would like to wish everyone a merry christmas and happy new year :D

Demigod December 2 2010 8:25 PM EST

Phoenix [The Forgehood] December 2 2010 10:43 PM EST

D: What happened to SANTA?! MY PRESENTSssssssss!

sebidach [The Forgehood] December 3 2010 4:36 AM EST

The 3rd door is opened and the content went to DoS.

sebidach (Advent Calendar) DoS (4.9m-4) A Steel Familiar ($11030) 4:35 AM EST

DoS December 3 2010 5:01 PM EST

Ohhoh, just noticed. Thank you :)

sebidach [The Forgehood] December 4 2010 5:51 AM EST

4th door went to Horseguy001.

sebidach (Advent Calendar) horseguy001 (Black Mesa) $100000 5:50 AM EST

horseguy001 December 4 2010 9:02 AM EST

Thank you :)

Admiralkiller [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 4 2010 2:28 PM EST

More Bah humbug to this generosity and good will, and wonderful spirit. BAH I say BAH!

Demigod December 4 2010 2:49 PM EST

Instead of another pic, I'll post this link. The first video pushes the PG limit, but man is it funny.

sebidach [The Forgehood] December 5 2010 4:53 AM EST

The 5th day goes to NS.

sebidach (Advent Calendar) AdminNightStrike (The Iconics 3e) A Mithril Shield ($55018) 4:51 AM EST

sebidach [The Forgehood] December 6 2010 2:15 AM EST

The shiniest shoos get the heaviest crossbow. ;)

sebidach (Advent Calendar) Tootsie Pop (Blightning) A Heavy Crossbow ($515067) 2:13 AM EST
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