ATTN: 100 Paper Cuts (Reminder) (in General)

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 4 2011 5:47 PM EDT

Number Status Suggestion Comments
1 Approved Tutorial sticks on minion Hiring A lot of times in the tutorial it gets stuck on the hiring a minion part and they keep hiring until they give up. This is a bug which needs investigation.
2 Approved Switching chars does not actually switch. Often swapping characters doesn't actually swap them, so you still have the same character selected and have to select another character before you can actually select the character you want.
3 Approved Multiple Training Set Misalignment When creating a new Training Set when you already have existing ones, the new Training Set once saved, the 'Load' button appears to the right of the name text, out of synch with the others, who are on the left of the name text.
4 Approved Specifying a character forces next fight to be against it. If you specify a character no matter what you try to do on the side bar, then next fight you fight if you click the fight link will be against the specified character, not whichever character you may have selected. The only way to get around this is to fight a different character through the inspect or recent battles page.
5 Approved Specify higher opponents by score Sometimes if you want to go higher a long ways, you have to hit higher again and again and again. It'd be nice if we could just type in a score and it goes to the character with a score closest to that.
6 Approved Detailed Opponent Search Example seen at
7 Mobile Interface Tweaks The links are a tad too close for fat fingered Mobile play. ;)
8 Clan wall message deletion Clans should be able to delete clan wall messages.
9 Show forging nw for econ clans Clans>My Clan: Doesn't display the amount of networth forged by clan members, only their CBD revenue, which is a useless statistic to track.
10 Display econ clan based off of forged nw Clans>View Economic: Displays clan rankings based on revenue, which doesn't matter there either. Bonuses aren't based on Xfer'd CBD. (I wouldn't get a bonus if they were.) That page should display amount of networth forged instead.
11 Fix tattoo artist display time At the Tattoo Artist, once you change a tattoo you are given 7 days, for everyday except the last the hours are displayed, Once it reaches less than a day left for you to opt out and change it back there is no time frame
12 Black Market voting notifications Add a note when we can re vote for the BM by appearing the next time we log on to cb as like a CM or a highlighted text from a drop.
13 Hyperlink equipped items to the wiki Hyperlink equipped items to the wiki
14 Increase Precision of timestamp in logs Show the time in addition to the date for log entries for previous days (for example under Recent Battles and Transfers).
15 Done Change chatmail listing order Received chatmails appear to be sorted by the delivered date, not the sent date -- so if you have a bunch of CMs waiting for you when you log in, they end up in a wonky order. They should be ordered by sent date (or delivered date THEN sent date if there's a reason to order them by delivered date at all).
16 Include clan on 24 Hr battle summary. On the 24 Hour Battle Summary page, include the clan (if applicable) next to the character names like it's listed elsewhere (such as the normal Recent Battles).
17 Names and links on stalemated battles On the fight screen, when you win or lose, the opponent's name and clan are shown at the very top (e.g. "Beyond the Wheel defeated The Outlier (SeeD) after 3 rounds of combat"), and the name and clan are links. However, if you draw or stalemate, it doesn't show the character names and therefore links. Perhaps change the text in those circumstances so the name and clan is shown and linked (e.g. "Beyond the Wheel and The Outlier (Seed) battled to a draw" or something).
18 Approved Add commas to numbers Many places on the Fight screen, numbers greater than 999 aren't formatted with commas. In certain cases they are formatted correctly (DM casts, TSA regens, SoC flashes, the entire Post-battle stats section), but most places everything runs together with no separators (DD and weapon damage, PL absorption, AS casts... there's more but that's all I see in my fightlist (= ).
19 Clarify equip link Rename 'Equip' link. Something simple like 'View Team', 'Examine', 'Stats', 'Main', or 'View' would be more descriptive since that is the main screen you want to see when you want to examine your team. Make it big and bold to draw the new player eye to it. Maybe even put it up by the player name?
20 Merge Equipment Stores Merge Weapons and Armor stores into one equipment store. Is there any particular reason we keep them separate anymore?
21 Done Move Black Market to businesses Move Black Market to Businesses. It just feels out of place in Community
22 Filter expired teams from stats The "Current" winning streaks page is full of old retired teams.
23 Approved Display when chat is in idle mode When chat goes into "idle" mode, it briefly shows a message at the bottom beneath the input boxes, however unless you happen to be staring at it, you'd never know there was even an idle mode or how to reset it. If this sent you a PM or a status line in the PM window, that'd be much better.
24 Approved Disable jump to bottom of chat when new msg while scrolling up Disable the jumping to the bottom of the chat window when a new message is shown while scrolling back.
25 Approved Open profile from chat How about the ability to right click on a user's name in the chat user list and be able to open their user profile in a new window?
26 change sidebar formatting for name Remove those ugly tags from around your username in the left pane and replace it with CSS top and bottom borders or some other styling.
27 CM icon with number in sidebar An easier way to get to chatmail in the left frame would be nice. It sounds like we'll have an icon that would indicate if we had new messages, if it was also present but grayed out (but still clickable) when there weren't that'd be nice.
28 Close threads based on activity Make forum threads auto-close based on activity instead of just 1 month from closing. Perhaps 2 weeks after the last post?
29 Fix equip page tab selected This may be an Opera thing and is extremely minor, but if you go to the Equip screen and you don't have any unequipped weapons, the Armor tab is not "selected" until you click on it.
30 Show time on chat start Since chat now shows timestamps based on your local computer time, I think it'd be nice to have a message shown during chat initialization with the server time. I'd also suggest a couple wording tweaks. Like [17:25:44] The server time is: 20:26:08
31 Approved Alphabetize chat user list The sorting of users in the chat user list seems kind of random... perhaps alphabetize this list or sort by log in time (longest logged in at the top)?
32 Spell conflicts warning popups Warnings when someone trains a spell or equips a weapon that conflicts with the other explaining how the interaction works.
33 Done more fightfeed words I want the following verbs added to the Fight Feed: terminated (only if they have a killer robot on their team) lanced pulverized assimilated (possibly reserved for borg only teams) kidney-punched assassinated squashed decimated keel hauled
34 Approved Supporter items/prices display Would it be possible to see in the special store if I've already bought an existing Supporter item or not? As if I haven't I can get one for 6USD instead of 11.
35 Maybe Quotes include linebreaks Anyway we can get quotes to include line breaks?
36 Approved Stacking spell tweak Multiple casts of the same ED on the fight screen are confusing if you don't know how they stack. If you have two minions casting DM for example, the second minion shows the total combined value of the DM cast, not their individual cast value. If this could be updated to show their individual value with the total next to it in parenthesis, that'd be a lot more clear. Currently: Minion 1 cast Dispel Magic on all enemy Minions (843,151) Minion 2 cast Dispel Magic on all enemy Minions (5,357,110) Suggested: Minion 1 cast Dispel Magic on all enemy Minions (843,151) Minion 2 cast Dispel Magic on all enemy Minions (4,513,959) (Total effect of 5,357,110)
37 Current/better forging stats Economic clans don't see what they and they're clan mates are currently forging for the past 24 hrs (or week) without manually having to look through the stats. It would be nice to see that implemented so it's the same as fighting clans.
38 Approved Make sidebar menus better Make the sidebar popout menus cooler looking
39 Icons with links on equip page Regarding linking items to their wiki pages from various places, one way to do this would be to make tiny icons for each type of equipment (body armor, amulet, shield, melee weapon, ranged weapon etc... not specific to each item itself) and that icon would be a link to the wiki page. This prevents the equip etc. pages from being a wall of links, and doesn't break named item javascript links. I think this would also make identifying items at a glance a little easier, especially for newbies (what's a cabasset again? armet? cesti?). A side benefit of this would be the ability to remove the weapon and armor type header rows from certain areas on the site, like what you're renting on the Manage screen. This could also go with Slayer's suggestion of item mouseover popups (like Diablo 2, Borderlands etc). As with any potential "graphical" enhancement, I think we would need to make sure these are not cartoony, fit the "feel" of the site and are subtle.
40 Enchant level cast Show the level that ? Enchantments cast at. Your team only is fine, if you want to keep the opponents hidden.
41 Done Retired users/view all tweak When looking at a user's profile, the Retired Characters section has a "View All" link which implies that the list shown is only partial, but from what I can tell it shows them all in both places.
42 Train by raw effect In training skills, there's already Train by XP and Train by Level which are great, but for some (Evasion and Archery come to mind) where it would be nice to Train by (Raw) Effect as well. (Maybe for Archery just "Train to 1.0 Effect".)
43 Done Make black market consistent Black market is under businesses, but only if you click businesses
44 Clan history Clan History: I think that Clans should have a History of Previous Members and Stats. IE X Member was here from Blank to Blank, highest CPs attained was blank. Highest Clan Score was blank.
45 Drop text show currently followed god Change the item drop text to use the god that you're following
46 Regen rates display different in stats In the character standings page, use different colors for the regen rates. For example, 6/20 would display green, 7/20 would display blue, etc. It would let new players see how close they were to that next increase.
47 rented/loaned items have visual cue Distinguish between rented items and items you own. This can be a simple (R) tag before the item's name. Point? When forging/at the blacksmith you can be sure it isn't someone else's item you're upgrading.
48 remove old links Remove old/outdated links. The community page, for example, points to sites that are quite archaic.
49 Arrange forums differently arrange the forums under the forum list. Right now they seem a bit random, and I think a better order would be "changelog, general, new players, FS/WTB, services, contests, off-topic, links, debates" and maybe have some separator between game related and non-game related content.
50 Use news more frequently In the home page, where it says "News", should it possibly list recently created threads in the changelog forum?
51 Arrange fightlog more neatly or with icons For the sake of neatness, in recent battles I feel the (F)'s should align. Be it to the left or right side, but it would look a little tidier if they did
52 Diff text colors per rarity Give items different text colors based on rarity
53 Scroll bar for left window Scroll Bar for the left window too. If this was mentioned already sorry. I have a netbook and can not see the drop down menus entirely in the left window and there is no way to scroll without a mouse
54 Popup when hovering on item or icon w/ info and wiki link Have popups when hovering over an item (or it's icon...) a la Diablo 2 or Borderlands with some basic item information and a link to the wiki (and/or the icon itself would be the link).
55 Clan co-leaders/officers add coleader/cofounder to clans with control to various parts of the clan such as rituals, and accepting new members
56 Purchase additional ritual increments I still like the idea of being able to purchase at least one more ritual increment while the current one is running.
57 Clan character switching Being able to select to swap to another character without having to retire. Obviously, it would have ot be smaller than your current character.
58 Clan Alliances Clan Alliance Feature: A setting by Click of button/link by the Clan Leader to start an alliance. This would be on both sides of the Allying Parties. While in an Alliance Clan Members are reminded/alerted when they fight another member of that alliance.
59 Simplified MPR cap for clans Simplify the MPR cap for clans.
60 Train by XP issue alert Train by XP and Train by Level allows you to put in a higher amount than you have; it'd be nice if it alerted you that you didn't have enough XP. (The way it works now isn't terrible, it just ends up doing the same thing as selecting Max, but I think it'd be nice if I'm trying to train to the next level of evasion or whatever but I don't have the XP to cover the full amount, it alerted me.)
61 Total trained XP It also added a total trained xp and other nifty goodies at the bottom of the train page. I think for transparency purposes this is a nice thing to have, given that PR weight is based on trained EXP
62 Better tracking of actions in forge I also think it has some form of auto-forging, and I guess it wouldn't be bad if the forge kept track of how many times you have performed a certain action for a given cycle in case you lose track of them in your mind.
63 Sorting 24hr fight log by column How about the ability to sort the 24 hour battle summary screen by the column headers?
64 CP displays I think this is already under way, but the "real" clan points for your clan (which include subtracted CPs from rituals) is only shown correctly on the individual clan page; the CPs shown on the clan standings page are incorrect.
65 Approved Spoiler tags Spoiler tags for the forums would be nice.
66 Done Store purchase checkbox In the store when you don't have enough money for an equip the box disappears and the text is no longer lined up. Maybe just put a grayed out box instead? I think it would look a lot neater that way.
67 Approved Active Character List When you retire/unretire a character, the active characters list doesn't update. You need to reload the frame to get it updated.
68 User Search Searches Aliases Have searching for users also search through aliases too, maybe put the matching alias in parenthesis after the users current name.
69 Done Get More visual cue Along with some of the other visual cue requests, having the (Get More) link be one color when you have BA to purchase, and another when you do not would be nice.
70 Won't Fix User/Character portrait from phone I'm not sure if this would be difficult or not but the ability to upload a user or character picture from your phone would be nice.
71 Salvage Yard Named Items If we use a named item in the salvage yard can we get the remaining time and the name changed to the main weapon we are changing?
72 Approved Lost BA forging I got another one. Not sure if anyone else gets this but when I first start forging on my phone in the morning it just refreshes the page BUT it costs me a BA. So although it's still cool to touch, I only have 159 BA.. Strange :)
73 Train Page bonus/malus Somewhere, either on the Equip or Train page, there could be a summary of the total bonuses/maluses that come with your current equipped gear. (On each minion, not the team as a whole.)
74 Make Shire tutorial only. For usability, it confuses new players by giving them the false impression that no one else is playing. Make Shire for the Tutorial only. Afterall in the story it was only a starting point right?
75 Remember play by play setting. Make the "Play-by-play" setting on the battle page stick instead of having to re-set it once or twice a day.
76 Approved Show player auctions. If you go to a user's profile and click Auctions and there aren't any, a blank screen is shown. Display "No auctions found" or something other than a blank screen.
77 Approved Additional Transfer time filters. Add 3 Days, 1 Week and 1 Month to the "Restrict to interval:" dropdown on the transfer log and store purchases pages
78 Approved Show note, loan period (where applicable) and move assign column on item transfers. On the confirmation screen, display the "Optional note" that was entered on the previous screen On the confirmation screen, when loaning items, display the loan period Move the "Assign?" column to the first column next to the item name -- it's difficult to tell what you're selecting with a wide browser window
79 Get all ba button (get more / all) if you click on the all option it just buys all of your ba
80 Done Fix group retire/unretire Say I retired more then one character in a day, and it comes to the timeframe where I can unretire them, it only allows me to unretire all on the list at once
81 Approved Show an items true owner On the Items Overview pages, each row says "owned by" a user, however it is really "held by".
82 Done Show character ba regen rate. Besides manually calculating MPR percentages, there's no way to know what BA regen rate you're at unless you get to the Out of BA page
83 Approved Clan loan vault. Have a special clan-only rental area for each clan.
84 T chars fightlist show t-score instead of regular score. On the side bar when using a tourney character it your challenge bonus is based off of t-score but your opponents show just score. Can we get the side bar to track t-score instead of score when a tourney character is the active character?
85 Approved SoD battle cry fix When splash damage from a Sling of Death kills a minion, the battle cry for the SoD's wielder does not get displayed.
86 Loaned/Owned item indicator. Loaned and rented items can't be distinguished from owned items with the same stats.
87 Add Character rentals. Allow characters to be loaned/rented
88 Defer (Confer with jon about HoF origins) Hall of Fame Shows players who have accomplished milestones.
89 Defer (reqs info made public) A random drop log. A random drop log.
90 Done Youtube forum tag. Let you post embedded inline YouTube videos in forums, no longer just links!
91 Done Remove the no number popup window when canceling train by amount. For example, if you train by xp then hit cancel, a pop up window says no number.
92 Approved Remember blacksmith upgrade tab selection After you upgrade an armor at the blacksmith, it cuts back to the weapon tab automatically. One can easily end up accidentally smithing a weapon instead of an armor in this manner.
93 Show leadership effect in post battle stats. Show leadership effect in post battle stats, the effects are invisible atm, even if the leadership minion survives.
94 Approved BA counter disappears after network connectivity interruption This is a jQuery issue: If you lose your network connectivity, the next time the BA counter tries to update, the value disappears instead of staying at the last known value.
95 Done Broken botcheck trainer link. Bartjans Botcheck trainer link is broken from the failed botcheck page.It works fine from the community link however.

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 4 2011 5:49 PM EDT

Refer to this:

Admins can number these on their own, it was a straight C & P from the last update posted by Slayer

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 4 2011 6:56 PM EDT

possible microtransactions for cb
Suggestion: Naming Feature Reservation
Suggestion: Pre set minion orders
idea inspired by zen's ncb effect post

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] September 4 2011 8:38 PM EDT

Another idea would be to modify the /mail command to allow messages to be sent to lists of users. Useful for tourneys etc.

for example
/mail Name1, Name2, Name3 message

AdminLamuness September 6 2011 1:05 PM EDT

Thanks for the reminder Z!

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 10 2011 5:25 PM EDT

A bit of convo in chat that I had reminded me of something asked for a long time ago of NS.....A Clan Renaming Feature. Now I remember last time I asked about this the answer was a flat out "No!" because it was quite a complicated procedure.

I would like to know if there has been anything new come up that would change the idea from a no to a maybe? Stuff happens all the time so maybe in the time since I have asked (long before 100 Papercuts) and now there may have been a few new development codingwise. Worth a shot I

Gohan [Ka-Tet of the Serene] September 11 2011 12:47 AM EDT

Interesting thing I re-found, as its posted back in 2006, using an AoF with AS doesn't give you a true casting of AS. It only shows the AS casted on the last minion. So it's rather deceiving and confusing when using multiple AoF's as I do because my "AS casted" is 700k lower on 2/4 minions then what it says it is.

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 24 2011 10:19 AM EDT

I know there are a lot more ideas that I just didn't have the time to look up and post in this thread. If anyone remembers or finds ones that are not a part of the 100 Papercuts or in the threads posted please add them here. The idea is to consolidate as many Ideas as possible here for future reference.

Thanks for you help folks!

AdminNightStrike September 24 2011 5:51 PM EDT

11 is OBE now that you can't undo a change.
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