Like free stuff?! (in Contests)

Miandrital [The Z-Fighters] January 21 2013 4:24 PM EST

Hey guys, haven't been around in a while. CB was my favorite game of all time, unfortunately I lost interest and it seems the community is much quieter nowadays. I would be interested if CB1 ever came back, but if I recall correctly that code is gone or something.

Not using my gear anymore, so if anyone wants something take your pick (priority to newer players and people who are in debt or poor):

An Amulet of Might [0] (+6) 140,152
A Mithril Chain Mail [28] (+41) 1,382,494
An Elven Hauberk [24] 23,780
An Elven Cloak [4] (+5) 56,020
A Menelvegorian Cape [0] (+2) 16,980
A Pair of Gloves of Mercy [0] (+1) 2,446
A Rune of Balrog Flame lvl 584,862 10,615,402
An Ice Familiar lvl 20 11,031
A Tattoo of Augmentation lvl 20 11,031
A Blade of Thuringwethil [73x1] (+0) 8,207
A Morgul-Hammer [84x1] (+0) 7,603
A Vorpal Blade [67x1] (+0) 6,833
An Assassin's Crossbow [4x100] (+24) 1,348,180
An Enforcer's Crossbow [4x78] (+24) 1,143,206
A Pair of Spellboosters [4] 5,610
A Helm of Clearsight [-5] 2,570
An Electric Familiar lvl 27 11,168
A 2010 CB T-shirt [1] 1,000
An Amulet of AC [0] (+10) 130,354
An Adamantite Cuirass [40] (+72) 4,985,437
A Shadow Cloak [11] (+23) 2,543,893
A Set of Chain Mail Leggings [18] (+37) 1,818,541
A Set of Tulkas' Gauntlets [6] (+16) 1,302,099
A Helm of Durin [9] (+20) 1,804,026
A Mithril Shield [22] (+43) 1,750,766
A 2009 CB T-shirt [1] 1,000
An Amulet of Invisibility [0] (+10) 1,495,095
A Pair of Displacement Boots [0] (+48) 2,488,566
A Cornuthaum [0] (+10) 6,107,385
A Shield of Capacity [0] (+17) 596,053
A Rune of Balrog Flame lvl 1,138,597 20,655,722
A 2008 CB T-shirt [1] 1,000
A Morgul-Hammer [84x1] (+0) 7,603

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 21 2013 4:39 PM EST

Well it is what it is bro. Hate to see it end like this but all good things do come to an end right? Good luck bro!

RoBF for DUP.....he's been looking for one.

Hivemind [The Hive] January 21 2013 4:39 PM EST

Could use the Cornuthau [0] (+10) 6,107,385 if your giving stuff away. Im not new but have less than 1/2 a mil to my name lol.

Xenogard [Chaotic Serenity] January 21 2013 4:47 PM EST

I'll totally take them 2008/2009 T-Shirts.. I'm missing a couple ;P

TheNatural January 21 2013 4:52 PM EST

I would love a Tshirt and/or the AC. Too bad to see a player go!

TheNatural January 21 2013 5:22 PM EST

Actually, a lot of that armour is better than mine! Haha, I'll gladly trade for lesser versions of:

An Adamantite Cuirass [40] (+72) 4,985,437 (Mine is +37)
A Shadow Cloak [11] (+23) 2,543,893 (Mine is +10)
A Set of Chain Mail Leggings [18] (+37) 1,818,541 (Mine is +22)
A Helm of Durin [9] (+20) 1,804,026 (Mine is +17)
A Mithril Shield [22] (+43) 1,750,766 (Mine is +26)
A Cornuthaum [0] (+10) 6,107,385 (Mine is +9)

And of course I'm interested in the T-shirts as well!

Bounty Hunter January 21 2013 5:32 PM EST

I could put the SoC +17 to good use thank Miandrital. Wish you would come back instead ;-/

Dathron [Dragon Court] January 21 2013 6:29 PM EST

Well, my account is from 2011, but I played for maybe two months then stopped, and just came back a week or two ago. I'm still trying to figure out what my strategy was, but I know the Tulkas' Gauntlets would upgrade me, I could definitely use the Elven Cloak, and I do remember I wanted a Morgul-Hammer so I could go hammer-class with my tank. Those Displacement Boots are super pretty but I can't remember if they fit with my strat or not. I'm still very newby, trying to figure out how all the weapons/armors/spells work together seems impossible, haha. And the Cornuthaum also upgrades me, but I see that was already requested. Anything you deem worthy to send me would be great. :)

IPoop January 21 2013 6:30 PM EST

I dont want anything, just thought id say thats very nice of you and maybe you should consider playing again if only casually.

either way i hope life works out well for you

Dudster4 January 21 2013 6:31 PM EST

I'm looking for a Helm of Clearsight!

dup January 21 2013 6:35 PM EST

i could use a nice robf and an aoi...starting again and i literally have nothing except a lvl 20 robf lol could use some WALL items as well..but no point in being greedy. Hopefully you dont make the same mistake i did and trash everything..then decide to come back down the road.

dup January 21 2013 6:36 PM EST

edit that one....hopefully you do decide to come back down the road!

Fishead January 21 2013 6:48 PM EST

I need underpants. Whenever I see someone giving stuff away for free these days I soil mine :)

DoS January 21 2013 6:56 PM EST

Hey buddy, thanks for helping me with my debt :). I don't need anything off the list, but I think it is awesome that you're trying to help people out. Keep doing your thing man, you're doing it right.

roy7 January 21 2013 7:39 PM EST

I'd love a Spellboosters, Clearsight, or Corn. :D

Achertontus [Sneezels] January 21 2013 7:49 PM EST

too bad mate. I lost interest as well, but returned about 2 months ago after been gone for nearly 6 years.

It'd be nice if that cornuthaum would find its way to my mage ;)


Atomicboy [The Knighthood] January 21 2013 9:34 PM EST

I think this thread deserves a tourney

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] January 21 2013 9:51 PM EST

i would ask for something but im not poor so i leave it for the rest
cya soon when you come back

alaskanpsyko January 21 2013 10:36 PM EST

I could use the Adamant Cuirass. I need gear to help protect against the rangers I bump into in my score range.

Gallatin [Thanoscopter And You] January 22 2013 12:12 AM EST

Can I take the HoC?

Hivemind [The Hive] January 22 2013 12:30 AM EST

Tourney is a great idea. Have him give everything to someone willing to to run a tourney. Prizes would be 1st place gets first pick and on down the line. If there are more prizes than players 1st place would get a 2nd pick and so on till they are all gone.

Ppl have been asking for a tourney for a while now. This is a perfect chance to run one.

Miandrital [The Z-Fighters] January 22 2013 1:21 PM EST

Decided to keep the CB tshirts for sentiments sake, but sent out some stuff:
Miandrital (White Tigah) Dathron (The Kiss of Death) A Morgul-Hammer ($7603) 1:15 PM EST
Miandrital (White Tigah) Dathron (The Kiss of Death) An Elven Cloak ($56020) 1:15 PM EST
Miandrital (White Tigah) Dathron (The Kiss of Death) A Set of Tulkas' Gauntlets ($1302099) 1:15 PM EST
Miandrital (White Tigah) Dudster4 (Dudster4) A Helm of Clearsight ($2570) 1:14 PM EST
Miandrital (White Tigah) dup (Tiesto) An Amulet of Invisibility ($1495095) 1:14 PM EST
Miandrital (White Tigah) dup (Tiesto) A Rune of Balrog Flame ($10615402) 1:14 PM EST
Miandrital (White Tigah) roy7 (Unstoppable Force) A Pair of Spellboosters ($5610) 1:12 PM EST
Miandrital (White Tigah) Escuro (Lust) An Amulet of Might ($140152) 1:12 PM EST
Miandrital (White Tigah) TheNatural (Army of Darkness) An Adamantite Cuirass ($4985437) 1:11 PM EST
Miandrital (White Tigah) TheNatural (Army of Darkness) A Shadow Cloak ($2543893) 1:11 PM EST
Miandrital (White Tigah) TheNatural (Army of Darkness) A Set of Chain Mail Leggings ($1818541) 1:11 PM EST
Miandrital (White Tigah) TheNatural (Army of Darkness) A Helm of Durin ($1804026) 1:11 PM EST
Miandrital (White Tigah) TheNatural (Army of Darkness) A Mithril Shield ($1750766) 1:11 PM EST

The corn seems to be quite popular, I would be down for running a tournament for it and whatevers left, but isnt the tourneyprizes account stocked with goodies? Why are no more tournaments being run?

Hivemind [The Hive] January 22 2013 2:19 PM EST

Dont think anyone is around that can log onto tourney prizes or something like that.

Hivemind [The Hive] January 22 2013 2:20 PM EST

Corn was popular because its one of the best items you had there along with the HoCS, AoI and the T-shirts.

Dudster4 January 22 2013 6:20 PM EST

Thanks! Much appreciated!

Dathron [Dragon Court] January 22 2013 6:26 PM EST

Thanks for the stuff, I really appreciate it! :)

dup January 23 2013 12:14 AM EST

thank you sir...i will look forward to returning the favor when you decide to come back =)

AdminNightStrike January 23 2013 10:30 PM EST

There are several tournament admins around, but none want to run one. Taking volunteers.....

Gallatin [Thanoscopter And You] January 23 2013 10:59 PM EST

I would, but I can't be trusted with anyone else's stuff. :P

Is this post going to become another Vote Xenogard thread soon?

Sickone January 24 2013 12:56 AM EST

I don't think you can donate the shirts even if you wanted to, they're account-bound if I remember well.

j'bob January 26 2013 12:44 AM EST

Dern sick... i was just going to say that...

I'd like a piece of cake. We won't call it good bye cake either...

just, see ya later cake :D

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 17 2013 11:37 PM EST

Wow accidentally ran into this thread again by accident. Not trying to complain just looking for a few answers here:

Question, if someone volunteers for something that a person has already volunteered for doesn't that technically give them first dibs? Don't get me wrong here but ppl voted for Xeno to be a Tournament Runner and he graciously accepted.

Why has this just seemingly died out?

AdminNightStrike February 18 2013 7:51 AM EST

Where did Xeno volunteer?

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 18 2013 2:27 PM EST

We Need A Tourney!

Zenai [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 19 2013 2:21 PM EST

Anything come from this as of yet NS?
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