Alternate CoC Mage Armor

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Basic Information and statistics

Strategy and Comments

This is the Alternate Cone of Cold (CoC) Mage Armor set. This set allows for a base AC of [82], [79] with a Cornuthaum. Single Mages should not be using CoC, but if they must, they may want to use a Cornuthaum instead of a Cabasset in order to cast Antimagic Field (AMF) or Dispel Magic (DM) more effectively.



  • Negative 12% to DX and Skills when used with a one-handed melee or ranged weapon or no weapon at all.
  • Negative 24% to DX and Skills when used with a two-handed melee weapon.
  • Negative 25 to Unarmed Combat (UC) used by the wearer with either piece of headgear.
  • Negative 19% to Direct Damage Spells.
  • With Cornuthaum: Negative 10% to DX and Skills is added.


At first glance, this set seems silly. However, with the bonuses to Direct Damage Spells received from the Cloak of the Istari and Alatar's Gloves, the Direct Damage penalties are reduced to minimal levels. This allows the Cone of Cold mage to achieve a very high AC potential without ruining its damage potential. Since CoC is much more effective in longer battles than the other DD spells, high AC is sometimes desirable. The introduction of the Noldorin Spellcasters also gives single CoC mages increased longevity, since AMF damage used to be one of their major Achilles' Heels. With the coming of the Helm of Clearsight a new setup is available for the CoC mage: Single CoC Mage setup

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