Single CoC Mage

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Basic Information and statistics

Strategy and Comments

This is the Single Mage Cone of Cold (CoC) Armor set. This set allows the Mage to inflict heavy damage in longer battles. To make sure the battles last longer this set uses, instead of the high AC set of the Alternate CoC Mage Armor, the TSA to gain more rounds. The DB's will prevent tanks of hitting the mage in the first rounds of ranged combat. With the bonuses to Direct Damage Spells received from the Cloak of the Istari and Alatar's Gloves, the penalties are reduced to minimal levels. This set utilizes the Helm of Clearsight, which allows CoC to fire in the last round of ranged. The AoI is to boost the evasion provided by the DB's.

Alternatively the new Noldorin Spellcasters can be used to reduce the backlash of Antimagic Field.


Because this set is based around the TSA and HoC, the focus is on HP and on CoC. With a big enough HP the TSA can regenerate more per round. The AG's and CoI boost the CoC so more EXP can be used for HP training. The Noldorin Spellcasters could be useful against AMF. The Single CoC Mage should also train Armor Proficiency as it neutralizes some of the negative penalties.


With Alatar's Gloves

With Noldorin Spellcasters


With Armor Proficiency

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