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  • Meaning : Chance To Hit
  • Alternative names used : Dexterity-based chance to hit


  • The DX-based CTH is one of the several factors used in the physical damage dealing calculations (see : To-Hit) and is an additive to-hit chance modifier expressed in percents.
  • It has two sub-factors : base weapon chance to hit (differs from weapon to weapon) and up to an additional maximum of 100[%], based on the ratio of Dexterity between attacker and defender (if defender has the higher DX, the CTH actually drops below base instead of increasing, down to a minimum of 0[%], meaning never hit).
  • While sometimes the [%] sign is excluded, CTH is expressed in percents (i.e. 140 CTH actually means 140% chance to hit, or in other words, a guaranteed hit and a 40% chance of a second hit).

Base weapon CTH

As of June 2008, the various weapon base CTH values are as follows:

  • 40% for two-handed melee weapons
  • 50% for the Unarmed Combat virtual weapon
  • 60% for one-handed melee weapons, crossbows and slings
  • 90% for most bows (with 1.0 Archery)
  • 100% for ELB (with 1.0 Archery)

As of September 2008, Evasion and/or Displacement Boots can no longer reduce a weapon's final To-Hit chance below the base weapon chance to hit. The Amulet of Invisibility however is exempt from this, and can reduce it down to 20% below base, if the base was already reached through reduction from Evasion/DBs.

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