Amulet of Invisibility

  1. Basic Information and Statistics
  2. Forging Information
  3. Strategy and Comments
  4. Fun Facts
  5. Net Worth

Basic Information and Statistics

  • Abbreviation: AoI

  • Base AC: 0
  • Invisible characters are targeted last by most physical attacks (see strategy and comments section).
  • Does not directly stack with Evasion nor Displacement Boots, it's applied after them and not shown in the post-combat evasion stat.
  • It is the only evasion-like effect item that can (potentially) reduce the chance to hit below the "base chance to hit" of a weapon.
  • Reduces the enemy Points-to-hit a further (flat, not multiplicative) 20 after all other calculations have resolved. (Meaning if Evasion and Displacement Boots canceled out all the PTH of a Tank or Archer, or any minion holding a weapon, then the -20 PTH cuts into the CTH of that weapon.)
  • Power weight: 0.2 (due to it being non-upgradeable, that means +2% PR on minion wearing it)

  • Average auction price paid for this item: [1]
  • The (+10) does not give AC, it instead confers evasion similar to how the (+) on Displacement Boots confers evasion.

Forging Information

  • N/A - (not upgradeable)

Strategy and Comments

  • Does not confer AC
  • Cannot be upgraded, has fixed stats. Get a 4% bonus to the "DB" effect when named.
  • The evasion from an AoI will not confer defensive DX, as will training the stat normally.
  • Direct Damage Spells ignore the effects of the AoI.
  • The following physical weapons override invisibility when targeting applicable minion types (e.g. Assassin's Crossbows will always target the highest DX minion, even if it is invisible): Assassin's Crossbow, Enforcer's Crossbow, Mageseeker, and Sling of Death splash damage. This attribute makes using stat-draining crossbows once again viable.
  • The AoI can be used to solve the common Magic Missile problem where a MM mage nicks off your damaging minion early off in the round. This is accomplished by placing damage dealer wearing AoI up front so that MM still has to kill your other minions before hitting your damaging one, while leaving them invisible to tanks.
  • Sometimes, an AoI is used on a single minion character, or on the last minion, purely for the secondary evasion effect.

Fun Facts

  • Supporter item from 25 June 2006 to 23 September 2006.
  • The changes to the axbow/exbow and seekers were via the Sept 06 changelog.[2] (This change has since been nullified)
  • It seems to be similar to the One Ring, as both the AoI and said ring can render the owner invisible when worn.

Net Worth

  • +10 = $1,495,095 (cannot be upgraded)

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