EWT type #1

Name: EWT with Tattoo of Augmentation (ToA).

Strengths: Low AC or low HP opponents

Weakness: High-level mages, heavy wall teams, Magic Missile (MM) based teams, Shocking Grasp based teams

Equipment: See Armor by Functionality on the Armor page for appropriate armor sets for each type of minion.

Theory: The Enchanter should train Dispel Magic (DM) or Antimagic Field (AMF), and the tank needs an appropriately leveled ToA. The wall should have high AC gear and train entirely HP, and the tank should train primarily HP and some DX, as well as Bloodlust (BL) and Vampiric Aura (VA) later.

Application: Grow two minions and a ToA together as a wall-tank pair until about 75-100K MPR, then hire a third for the enchanter. Train only AMF or DM on that minion.

Variation 1: Train the tank with ST and DX, and use a Tattoo of Endurance (ToE) instead. This well help the wall out a lot.

Variation 2: Add Enchant defense spells (ED) to the enchanter, Guardian Angel (GA) or VA would be useful.

Variation 3: To protect from Magic Missile You may put the Tank in the front of the team with an Amulet of Invisibility.

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