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Encumbrance (ENC) is used to calculate the NW allowance for armor and for weapons on each minion individually.


The total of NW allowance is calculated using these factors:

  • HP
  • ST
  • Skills, except Unarmed Combat (this factor is calculated for 25%)
  • Unarmed Combat (this factor is calculated for 50%)
  • Enchant Defense Spells and Enchant Offense Spells (this factor is calculated for 25%)
  • Direct Damage Spells (this factor is calculated for 25%)
  • Final levels (after modification from items) are used to calculate ENC load.
  • ST and HP give 30 ENC for every level, UC 15, all other skills/spells 7.5. Dex gives 0 to ENC.
  • All minions start with 100,000 ENC, with the boosts from skills/spells/stats adding to this.

These factors relate to a number of NW that a specific minion can carry without having penalties.


If the NW of your minion is over the specific Encumbrance level for that minion, that minion takes a linear penalty on Evasion, DX, ST, AC and DD damage.

Example, if your encumbrance is nonzero, all the stats mentioned earlier are penalized by that amount. So if you have 1000 ST and 20% encumbrance your effective ST is 800. Evasion is the only Skill effected by encumbrance. Decay will not function on an Encumbered minion. The exact NW amount will be shown on your Equip page, but it can fluctuate in battle based on GS or EC enchantments. (AS does not count as HP and does not affect it.) The overall effect of encumbrance is shown post-battle.

Strategy comments

  • Careful planning of NW is a must.
  • Encumbrance does not change mid fight, so using an Enforcer's crossbow or another stat-draining weapon won't decrease encumbrance of your opponent. Ethereal chains is calculated pre-battle and thus affects encumbrance.
  • If a factor is increased by item or tattoo bonus, your encumbrance limit is increased, too. Same is true for negative effects.
  • Encumbrance does not affect ED/EO levels. This means a pure enchanter has usually nothing to worry about slapping on too much NW.
  • Familiars are not affected by encumbrance either. So you don't have to worry about too much NW junctioned to a familiar by means of an Amulet of Junction.

Fun facts

  • Encumbrance was introduced to decrease the influence of USD-trades on gameplay.

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