MilkWolf's Strategy

Well, the most common 2-minion strategy is an EM (Enchanter Mage) strat. It's a real nice way to make money, and some wins. First, have your Enchanter learn Ablative Shield (AS) and train all your experience into that no matter what (unless you want to beef up your strat with other things). Later on you might want to add Dispel Magic (DM) because half the time your enemies will be using Antimagic Field (AMF) and AS its a good idea to add DM because your Fireball (FB) mage does more damage if there are less enemies and will do less damage when there are more enemies. So taking away AS from teams with 3 or 4 minions gives you a better chance of winning.

For your Mage, train HP and FB equally. Then, later on when you are more experienced you can start buying items that will boost your character's spells (something like a Cornuthaum (Corn) or Cloak of the Istari (CoI)), or you can just buy something like a Tattoo of Endurance (ToE) or a Fire Familiar (FF) which will help your team out efficiently.

Well, thats all, thanks for reading. :]

Flamey edit: For the tattoo choice, the best option would be to actually get a tattoo and not just gear. Using a Familiar, either a Steel Familiar (SF) or a FF would be beneficial as it basically adds another Mage to your team. The Familiar can be placed on the Enchanter so you can still wear Body Armor and a Cloak on the Mage.

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