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In Remembrance Of

Dolphin Dolphin

"Lots of people leave this game. Lives change. I think about the people that I know have left in the last year and it makes me think about all the people I don't remember. I think there should be a spot on the wiki where, as people are walking out the proverbial door, they can leave a little piece of advice and sign off." --Undertow, November 28, 2005

"Just a thought, but those of us that do remember some that aren't here anymore, couldn't we post something about them or even just their name so it'll be there?" --iloveOddBird(Cute)ELF, November 30, 2005

"Sorry for the lack of word, but I've been thinking hard about the pros and cons of bringing CB1 back up. To make a long story short, the cons won. RIP, CB1." --Jonathan, December 27 2005 5:30 PM EST

Parting Words

"It's not so much that we're afraid of change or so in love with the old ways, but it's that place in between that we fear. It's like being between trapezes. It's like Linus when his blanket is in the dryer. There's nothing to hold on to." --Barron, December 2,2005

"You should give the money to Myrth, for he will spend it more wisely than you! Or you could find a handful of bums, and buy each one a bible and a ham sandwich. Then force them to eat the bible and demand that they read the ham sandwich. It won't actually help anything, and will probably get you killed/arrested, but at least the act of telling you to do so made me giggle a bit." --Rommel, quoting H N Fiddlebottoms VIII

"May the road rise to meet you, May the wind be always at your back, May the sun shine warm upon your face, The rains fall soft upon your fields and, Until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand." --BCMoto, January 2, 2006

A Poem to CB --{Blarg}, September 16 2006

"Don't forget that life is worth living." --Undertow, September 26, 2006

"How much of a good thing is too much of a good thing." --Coolwater, February 22, 2007

List of Players Lost but not Forgotten

listed by name:

Abitjaded One of CB's greatest ever campers, who had amazing skill, and monopolized the camping game for a long time.

Asgarginia Former Valiniorian and a good friend, now not playing CB anymore due to RL needs.

Ashatay Ashwyn Hi, this is Ash. No, the other one. Banned, but not before becoming a classic example of why CB2 has a one user per account policy.

BadAsh (QB) The first person to offer a bank/loan service. Original maintainer of the economy report (aka LER). Banned for using a fight Bot.

Baalthus Very talented CB'er, and one of the premiere female Cb'ers. Lovely lady who one day disappeared never to be seen again, except for her clone, Trillian. /me still wonders why admins changed her name

BarzooMonkey (QB) A valued community member, possessed a level head and made many an enjoyable contest for the community. He will not ever be forgotten by the community.

Bast (QB) Owner of Hidden Agenda and a Dixie Cousin. Bast was swept away during the great server shutdown of 2015 and may be hiding in a bar somewhere downing shots with Bruce Campbell, M.C. Gainey, and Neal Stephenson.

BooB_Ear Remember BooB, because she will always remember you all. <3 you guys. :)

Beren Creator of many a fine Tournament in CB1 and the nemesis of MrsDi.

BCMoto BC is the finest example of what a human should be. He was always humble, generous, and honorable. He competed at the top levels, loved the game, and more importantly loved the people. We love and miss you, BC.

Brian RotuLous An acclaimed multi-hunter in CB1, drifted away from CB2.

Carnage Blender1 A great game that died a horrible death on Dec 27th 2005. Merry Christmas . . .

CoolWater A member since 1st January 2005. A Camper, a Forger and a Fighter. A bit of everything to truly enjoy every aspects of the game.

CrackMonkey Infamous for being the moron. The moron to which all other morons aspire to be like, CM has been the butt of many a joke over the life of CB. Also was banned for pretty much every offense under the sun in CB.

Dark Gift Occasionally still seen around. A great player and helped me alot when I started. One of the eldest CB'ers in terms of when he started playing.

Davis Didn't play for long, and still owes me 9 million CB2, but a good friend...

DAWG A dominant top five CB2 player who was banned for using a clickbot. Jonathan auctioned off DAWG's equipment, some of the best in the game, in order to improve or replace the server.

db Probably still the #2 in name change count. Currently stands in the late Top 10 for all time forging. Solo forged A Dagger x1600+200. Began his CB career in 2004

Dolphin Dolphin

drudge Hear that? That was the sound of drudge wailing on his guitar in chat. A good friend always there to give advice or to ghost a few(which was sometimes the advice given). Also maintained the Frodbot until both the wiki and new chat took away most of it's practical use. Can be seen on drudgecam [1]

DSL_Fighter He was a good friend of mine, and spent a LOT of time on CB. Now he's gone. Illustrated the beginnings of a battle between Elen and SNK3R.

Elen Kept DSL_Fighter employed as a bodyguard over on CB1. Participant in a battle with SNK3R that was illustrated by DSL_Fighter.

Evie A good friend, hasn't been seen in years.

Fark Another former Valinor member, was just talking about old days with Corath when I remembered Fark in the old days - Shade

Fitty CB player who reacted to the Jan 1, 2003 changes by selling his items, creating a character called JonScrewedUs, predicting CB would quickly die, and quitting soon after. Players who overreact and quit before Jon can tweak changes are throwing a Fitty.

Frod Wrote Frodbot after Lumpbot's demise; later passed ownership on to drudge. Occasionally came back to see if drudge ever fixed the crashing bug in Frodbot (triggered by PMing Frodbot a message ending in a space); he never did. ;-)

Fuhgawz CB1 player who has recently returned.

Gaza CB player who's only reason for logging on recently has been to change his name. Not an original player, but one of the longest serving members of the community, he quit playing in September 05, but occasionally pops back on.

GenderBender CB1 player who dominated the early PR and score stats with Bozo1.

Godly Winner of 5 CB tournaments in 2002 but could have used spellcheck. (accidentally named his last tourney character Master of Puppers)

InSaNiE InS is a wonderful Seth Ifrican, former member of Valinor and good friend. Well known and respected member of CB before real life interfered.

Iluvatar Also known as IluvatarNK, one of the oldest players of CB1, and the creator of the CoBF Mage strategy

Jayuu A dominant top tier player for most of his days in CB1 and CB2. He was as a genuinely nice person, although rather quiet for the most part, especially during his departure.

Jibfest One of the known campers in CB1 and CB2. He'll pop on occasionally to reimburse our forums in various ways.

Josh A member of Carnage Blender since January 24, 2002. One of the first 200 users. Started playing in the days of protestboy and darkmage battling for the top spot. Was the guy that bought the $1,000,000 Lochaber Axe from Zannhart. Spent time at or around the top with GenderBender's Bozo1.

Klinik Many CB2'ers don't know him but I still do, didn't play CB2 too much but he was quite active on CB. Also invented the Trivia game that is so popular these days..

kNIGits Oi! Oi! Oi! Target, victim, or participant in a great CB1 photo contest.

Koala A great person that really used to give some life to dead chat rooms and was a great friend and CB fellow. Just disappeared one day. Rumor has it she went to help the hurricane victims in Louisiana.

Lord Brand A former admin. The original designer of the QuarterBlender. He made us laugh, he made us cry, he updated his own profile so he's probably biased. His smile was unique. (;

LordVladimir A former admin, and role model for CB.

Lump Creator of the official LumpBot, left CB after CB2 was created. Alas . . . One of the first QB's

Majestik Moose One of the nicest guys you'd ever meet. Also one of the most under rated brilliant minds of CB history. Always was a pleasure to pick the brain of this particular moose.

Matt stoddard First player banned from CB for acting like a two-year-old one too many times.

Max Former sub-admin. Slightly nutty, but aren't we all? Always entertaining with his bizarre sense of humor, and always contributing something with his generosity a true benefit to the community.

Monty Accrued enormous debts in both CB1 and CB2. Banned for scamming.

Mr Bones Most famous for his Bones Loans. Also known for his generosity and honest opinions.

MrsDi A CB admin, who did many good things for the game. Left after her admin powers were removed for one too many controversial admin actions. [EG]TheSaint's wife in r/l.

Mushu Known for his pork, his polls, and his generosity. Another ex-Valinorian, he was great to hang around with. Is missed greatly. The poll option for "I don't know/care".

Myclofig One of CB1's earliest players (ID #434) and owner of TMII BoGo(r), a single tank, 2 million plus pr character that accumulated over 3 million hit points and fought without ranged weapons.

Mythology CB's most excellent strategist and creator of many 'What Am I?' contests. Forum banned for a year for creating a "most number of replies wins a prize" contest after his style of contests was banned due to n00bs ripping people off with the same type.

Nainsidhe CB regular and frequent tourney competitor in 2003 and 2004. She is currently one of 320 national 2005 undergraduate Goldwater scholars and is completing degrees in computer science, mathematics, and physics. One degree for each CB Helm of Intelligence that she owns.

Nerevas Amazing economist, strategist, and all-around good dude. I wish I could add more, but I didn't know him *that* well =/

Oishi Another one of the Valinorians back in the old old days of CB.

PegLegz Awesome friend to many. So glad I still talk to him. T'was a dark and cold night when he left CB....

PK a.k.a. PirateKing... an old CB'er(CB1 user id #662) that not many others will remember. Great player though. Noted mostly for talking in bizarre Piratelike phraseology in chat. Conducted the first weekly "Carnage Blender NFL Pool" in 2002. Apparently back now.

protestboy CB1 Beta player (#128) who 0wned early on...

Ranger Two time champ, all time great. Fierce competitor, and the perfect #1.

Randy CB1 Beta player (#126); had first character to gain Finger of Death; helped Jonathan with the 1st CB April Fool's Day joke. Trivia: Character names from the Care Bears, minion names from Buckaroo Bonzai. "Meet interesting people. Kill them."

Redbeard Skol!!!! Perhaps the only CB player who knows the true identity of VsCountStrum and how Strum makes the potato cannons.

RednelbEganrac Will RednelbEganrac Jr. ever show up on CB2?

Rizarjay A.K.A. Riz. LOL LOL LOL. Known for his theme creations, stint as a tourney admin, and occasional inability to keep focused while participating in yet another tourney. Oh, and LOL LOL LOL.

Roonie WOOF! What more can we say about the guy...ran tourneys when a great axe might wind up as the third place prize.

Roya Great person which was good at killing owls (the ones from the graveyard of dead chatrooms) with explosives, who disappeared one day.

[EG]TheSaint An admin and long time player of CB who is rarely, if ever, seen these days. One of the best CB admins for his patience, even hand and common sense application of his admin powers. One of the true assets to CB.

Shoob A great friend who drifted away from CB because of RL, seen him twice on MSN since.

SNK3R Donated over $1000 USD to CB by buying supportership and naming items for free for other CB members. Creator of several chat bots which hosted many contests that gave away free stuff. Beta tester for CB2. Co-created SNK3R theme. Chat's greatest ally. A CB member from August 10, 2003 - October 11, 2008, and Admin from 2003-2008.

Snugglebunny Somehow everyone forgot about him, I just remembered when getting a bot check Snug and missed him...

Srainc CB's first problem store farmer in 2002. Srainc's actions prompted Jonathan's creation of prototypes for the recent store transactions and recent transfers logs.

Stoner14 A friend of mine, and another great camper, dunno what happened to him. One of CB's top campers.

Strum A.k.a. VsCountStrum. Had a wonderful battle with Spid before eventually succumbing to the beast in the battle for the top spot in CB (Strum succumbed in that he sold El Cid for over $1,500 USD to Todd and Stump while still on top).

[EG]Stump An ex-CB admin, long time CB player, and founder of the postcard quest. Stump was also an ex-Valinorian and maintained cbstuff.com. [2]

Synge A CB player who only started in the summer of '04, but in a couple months, he opened the CB^2 bank, which was an excellent and well run institution. RL changes at the beginning of '05 prevented him from continuing with CB, or transferring to CB2.

TehCheeze / TheCheeze Always able to push rule interpretation to the max, able to power level just about any strategy, was generous, and another of the Valinorians.

Tequito Great mentor and a good friend. Hope he will be back some day.

Todd (admin) Longtime player and part owner of the original Spid. Spid was the #1 score and PR leader of CB. His CB1 character Extreme Newbie also ranked 1st for a while...

TrashCan Yet another Valinorian, came to CB2 but haven't seen him in ages alas...

Truc A well-respected fellow gamer of olde, found CB1 as a respite from BattleFaeries, as did I, he is missed... ( http://www.carnageblender.com/user-search.tcl )

tscm A real friend, definitely a wonderful player. Quite popular and weird, but he eventually felt that there was nothing left in the game for him. Sorry to see him gone, and certainly wish he was back.

Twisty Almost had forgotten about her, but she's not forgotten yet. Played CB also and was another good friend of mine.

Undert0w Yah, I'm done.

Valgasu Another CB1 admin, forced to quit due to RL issues. Famous for helping out new players with contests for middle-level items.

Velo Raar! A true CB legend. Another Valinorian from CB, great guy, and unfortunately faded out from CB2 in late summer of '05 . . .

Victim One of CB1's earliest players (ID #266) and participant in close to 70 or 75 of the first 100 tournies. Victim taught Percy the Pacifist to hit you back.

XingU Hates Mian Who was XingU? Why did XingU (formerly known as MingU) hate Mian? Perhaps Miandrital knows (Miandrital reported in chat one day that this was the result of a failed merger).

Zamboniland Completed a brief stint as the tourney administrator.

Zannhart One of the first, if not the first, major campers. Trivia: First person to sell a Lochaber Axe (CB2: Blacksword of Nan Elmoth) for over $1,000,000, an unheard of amount in those days.

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