Some armor-related changes (in Changelog)

AdminJonathan December 18 2008 11:56 PM EST

Gloves of Mercy effectiveness doubled.

Armor Proficiency halves the Shocking Grasp extra damage to 0.5% per AC point.

Steel Skin is going to be moved to a ED spell, tomorrow. The skill version will be untrained for free then.

DoS December 18 2008 11:56 PM EST

Yay for GoM!!! :D and AP going against SG

BootyGod December 18 2008 11:57 PM EST

I SO called this!

BootyGod December 18 2008 11:59 PM EST


Will SS have to be trained to 1/8th the level of your highest HP minion to get the full effect on all your minions?

Rawr December 19 2008 12:03 AM EST

SS as an ED eh? I guess my SS versus Armor Proficiency decision has been solved!

Yay for changes, I'm anxious to see more!

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] December 19 2008 12:04 AM EST

thanks jon, that helps! now if we can just get some uc/jkf changes my xmas will be complete. ; )

Sickone December 19 2008 12:06 AM EST

Interesting change with SS.

I can only assume that yes, it will have to be trained to some percentage of highest HP count to be fully effective on all minions... although I can only assume it will create a bit of display weirdness (you don't see the actual AC before combat anymore since it's now an ED so only takes effect during combat and visible only on post-battle stats).

Also, not sure if the 1/8 will still apply... there could be some increase to 1/6 or even 1/5 needed (since you now apply it to multiple minions - yet it is DM-able so it might be balanced anyway) ; or even weirder, keep it at 1/8 but also take into account AS granted HP into the calculations ?

TheHatchetman December 19 2008 12:06 AM EST


Rawr December 19 2008 12:09 AM EST

Poor hatchy :(

Daz December 19 2008 12:19 AM EST

Wait? Armour Proficiency?
/me checks Wiki.

Oh. Okay. Fun. I might use that now!

Brakke Bres [Ow man] December 19 2008 1:49 AM EST

Ouch, AC got a nerf there.

If SS is an ED, it can be easily dispelled by DM making the RoS more and more valuable.

Any protection given by armor in this case?

BluBBen December 19 2008 2:08 AM EST

How come Hatch _always_ is being nerfed?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 19 2008 3:13 AM EST

The AP change is nice, not sure how the SS change will work out.

But I'm still sure no one will use the GoM. The largest in the game would only give +24 PTH to one handed edged weapons. This, or a Pair of Tulks for extra STR...

Now that Evasion has been, reduced, and hits taken down to a minimum of base chance to hit, the GoM is still lack luster. :(

KittehShinobu December 19 2008 5:22 AM EST

Maybe if the GoM effect was Tripled or Quadrupled... then people would be running to their nearest marekt and dropping a LOT of money down for 1 handed swords/ GoM's. ^_^

MonkeyMandate [Wasting Time] December 19 2008 8:04 AM EST

maybe if the GoM was changed to work with all 1-handed weapons as well then it would be useful.

QBJohnnywas December 19 2008 8:14 AM EST

Make the GoMs work with all melee weapons please. Thanks. That would be a nice Christmas present!


Sickone December 19 2008 10:07 AM EST

Oh and I hope the ToE will be changed so it provides a SS aura :)

{EQ}Viperboy December 19 2008 1:14 PM EST

Toe either needs to have constant level not increase or have a really low PR weight.

Newlin [SeeD] December 19 2008 3:04 PM EST

"Armor Proficiency halves the Shocking Grasp extra damage to 0.5% per AC point."

Is this the the AC of the minion using SG or the one defending?

Sickone December 19 2008 3:09 PM EST

"Is this the the AC of the minion using SG or the one defending? "

The targeted minion, obviously.
To put it another way, AP *halves* the SG damage bonus granted by enemy AC.

Windwalker December 19 2008 3:56 PM EST

Is the free retrain on? I got the pop for 98% return?

AdminTal Destra December 19 2008 3:57 PM EST

only SS free untrain tomorrow not today

Windwalker December 19 2008 3:59 PM EST

missed that. Thanks :)

three4thsforsaken December 19 2008 7:01 PM EST

love the changes! Just wondering how ToE works with this? Does it now cast the ED form of SS or does it only apply to equiped minion?

Wizard'sFirstRule December 19 2008 9:25 PM EST

/me hugs Jon and refuse to let go until end of changemonth. :P

TheHatchetman December 19 2008 9:40 PM EST

i assumed it would be a system untrain seeing as it'll no longer be a skill :P

Wizard'sFirstRule December 19 2008 9:41 PM EST

wouldn't AP be a little too good for 100 or so XP?

why isn't AP a word in the spellcheck?

Rawr January 10 2009 12:33 PM EST

I know this is old but I just have a quick question about the change to AP.

Since it now lowers the bonus of SG to .5% bonus dmg per base AC, does it still "asymptotically approach 56% bonus damage", according to the wiki? Does the change make it down to 28%, or does it just mean the enemy would need double the base AC as needed before to get to the max 56% bonus?

Wasp January 10 2009 12:46 PM EST

The latter I expect

Sickone January 17 2009 2:25 AM EST

Apparently, we have a possible bug.
For most people, it looks like "Inate armor" usually only displays as either 0 or 1, not more.
So far only two people confirmed seeing an inate armor higher than "1", namely me on my T35 character (when I did have SS trained) and Solare on his regular character (with a ToE equipped).

Sickone January 17 2009 2:26 AM EST

Whoops sorry wrong thread... going to repost in proper thread :(
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