A team consisting of 4 minions in this order : Enchanter, Tank, Mage, Enchanter.

This team's principle is having the two Enchanters act as meat shields while the two damage dealers are in the middle where they must deal as much damage as possible. Usually the first Enchanter trains Ablative Shield (AS) while the second trains Antimagic Field (AMF) or Dispel Magic (DM).

The reason for having an Enchanter in the back is because Magic Missile (MM) now hits the back minion first. then the third and so on.

The Tank usually is a Light Tank so it can deal high amounts of damage.

The Mage should avoid using Fireball (FB) because it will harm the Tank and the meat shields in the melee rounds, so it should choose between Cone of Cold (CoC) and Magic Missile (MM) or Shocking Grasp (SG).

Tattoo: The most common tattoo used with this strategy is the Rune of Solitude (RoS), which is placed on the AS enchanter, to give a boost to AS of course. A Tattoo of Endurance (ToE) is also a viable choice for this strategy.

see the Armor page for a list of armor suitable for each minion.

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