Edged Weapons

  1. Short Edged Weapons
  2. Long Edged Weapons

The game already distinguished between 2-handed and 1-handed weapons, but through the introduction of the Menelvegorian Cape and the Gloves of Mercy, the game also distinguishes between Non-edged and Edged weapons. In the category of edged weapons it distinguishes between short and long.

Basically all one-handed and two-handed swords and knives, like the Vorpal Blade, Elven Long Sword, Executioner's Sword, the Dagger, and the Katana are edged.

The following Melee Weapons are confirmed to be Short Edged Weapons and all of them are 1-Handed. As such, both the Gloves of Mercy as well as the Menelvegorian Cape provide their bonuses to PTH.

Short Edged Weapons

The following Melee Weapons are confirmed to be Long Edged Weapons. A Menelvegorian Cape provides a bonus to PTH for all of these weapons. In addition, the Gloves of Mercy only give a bonus to PTH for the (1-Handed) Elven Long Sword and the Blade of Thuringwethil.

Long Edged Weapons



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