Reward Mechanics

  1. Battle Outcomes
  2. Fight Rewards

In order to maximize the growth of your Character, you want to maximize your Fight Rewards, this page will teach you the mechanics of how Rewards are calculated.

Battle Outcomes

A win will result in an increase in your Score as well as a high reward. A draw will be treated as a win (your score will increase), but with a penalized reward. A loss will result in a decrease in your score, as well as a consolation reward. A stalemate will be treated as a loss (your score will decrease), and zero rewards.

Fight Rewards

Experience and Money bestowed on the winner (both parties in the case of a draw) of a battle.

Determined by Virtual Power (VPR) and Score of involved players. (Fighting someone with significantly less VPR will result in reduced Fight Rewards)

Base fight reward is based on VPR, modified by the challenge bonus, clan bonus, New-User/Character bonus and wacky time bonus.

There are four six-hour periods per week during which fighting rewards are different. For historical reasons, these are sometimes called "wacky times." These Bonus Times are explained here.

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