Reward Mechanics

  1. Battle Outcomes
  2. Fight Rewards

In order to maximize the growth of your Character, you want to maximize your Fight Rewards, this page will teach you the mechanics of how Rewards are calculated.

Battle Outcomes

A win will result in an increase in your Score as well as a high reward. A draw will be treated as a win (your score will increase), but with a penalized reward. A loss will result in a decrease in your score, as well as a consolation reward. A stalemate will be treated as a loss (your score will decrease), and zero rewards.

Fight Rewards

Experience and Money bestowed on the winner (both parties in the case of a draw) of a battle.

Determined by Virtual Power (VPR) and Score of involved players. (Fighting someone with significantly less VPR will result in reduced Fight Rewards)

Base fight reward is based on VPR, modified by the challenge bonus, clan bonus, New-User/Character bonus and wacky time bonus.

There are four six-hour periods per week during which fighting rewards are different. For historical reasons, these are sometimes called "wacky times." These Bonus Times are explained here.


The following is from (Joel) on the CB2 Discord

''I've discovered the link between your characters PR and Fight Rewards! I've cracked the code!!!

Its relatively simple: keep your characters PR as HIGH as possible while farming the highest PR (and Score of course) enemies that you can find! The higher your own PR, the better, with my experimentation finding the bonus to be as high as 75%, and this 75% bonus is applied the same way the Challenge Bonus and Big Exp. Time bonuses are applied, Its a HUGE bonus, very noticeable!!!

A much smaller, secondary bonus is applied based on how high the enemy PR is, and a penalty is applied according to how much higher your PR is above your opponents PR (AKA the known fighting down mechanic).

So, in short, fight high PR opponents with as much PR as you can possibly put on your character, and make sure you avoid characters that have significantly lower PR than yourself; this will maximize your Fight Rewards.

As an example of these mechanics in action, take my former character Anime Protagonist: he can be beaten by a fresh, new NUB character due to me retraining it before I left it for my new NUB. However, you wont notice a great increase in Fight Rewards when defeating him unless you stack on millions of PR on your own character (this can easily be done by wearing Ranged and Melee weapons with a high + count). If you fight "Anime Protagonist" while wearing low PR then you'll only be receiving the comparatively much smaller bonus to Fight Rewards for fighting a high PR character. So, don't sap that characters Score if you cant put several million PR on your own character, first.

Big thanks to @Arthebold for inspiring me to do the testing required to find out this juicy info!!!''


From Discord:

"I've confirmed that you get a penalty to Fight Rewards if your PR is higher than your opponent's team. I'll state here all the relevant mechanics to present a full picture.

#1 The higher the PR on your team, the higher your Fight Rewards

#2 You receive a reduction in Fight Rewards if your opponent has less PR than your team. (edited)

That's the basics!

Today, I received the same rewards at 9 million PR and 100% Challenge Bonus as I did with 12 million PR and 85% Challenge Bonus. So, it's about a 15% bonus to Rewards per 3 million PR on your own team.

So, it's very important to have high PR opponents coupled with high personal PR.

So, to get the highest possible rewards you need to have: #1 High PR for your own team (that does not exceed your opponent's PR). #2 High PR for your opponent's team. #3 An opponent team with a high Score. #4 An opponent within a Clan."

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