Tips for New Players

  1. Starting your CB life
  2. Words of wisdom about strategies
  3. Making the most of your NUB

Starting your CB life

  • Well, you are now reading one of the Wiki (Help!) pages right now, so you must have found it. Good for you ! Now, onwards to even more reading before deciding what to do. A good place to continue after this page here might be Game Strategies, for instance, but feel free to browse around absorbing knowledge - it is one of the most important things in CB (after activity level, of course)
  • Settle on a strategy (any strategy) as fast as possible, and then STICK with it until the end of your New User Bonus (NUB). Experimenting a couple of days or even a couple of weeks is ok, but doing it too often will be just a waste of your one and only period of time when you get a noticeable cash bonus
  • Try to join a normal clan (Fighting Clans) as soon as possible - it costs less when your character is still small, and NUB have other advantages that make them desirable in a fighting clan. The benefits you get from joining a clan are increased rewards. If you can't find any clan, you might as well create your own.
  • Becoming a supporter gives you a customizable fight list. This makes fighting and clan fighting much easier. You can often offer cb money (maybe also the supporter item you will get) for someone to pay your supporter fee for you if you do not have paypal. You can also use your recent battles link in the side pane to go back and fight only those teams you won against. Just make sure that when you start getting low challenge bonuses to use your opponents list to get new higher challenge opponents.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions ! While the mentoring program was discontinued, it was because most people around are genuinely helpful to just about everybody else. Like they say, the only stupid question is the question you didn't ask. Not knowing something, unlike some other games, doesn't get you treated like a second class citizen. We're all too keen to show off our knowledge of Carnage Blender!

Words of wisdom about strategies

  • Get a hold of a regular Tattoo (as opposed to a "lesser" one) as early as possible. Level doesn't really matter all that much, all it matters is the type (so it works well with your strategy). Any lesser Tattoos you might have used can be sold directly to the store without a second thought. Lesser tatoos gain levels at a slower rate than regular ones, thus having a regular tatoo is much more beneficial in the long run.
  • Getting a normal Tattoo to fit your strategy might be tricky enough early on that you should probably even consider changing your strategy to work with whatever Tattoo you can get your hands on. If you can't get ahold of a certain type right away, don't worry, keep in mind that you can always "re-ink" the one you are currently using to another type later by using the Tattoo Artist . In doing this, your Tattoo will continue to gain levels until you acquire the desired type and will retain those levels when "re-inked" to the new Tattoo. Another reason having a regular Tattoo is so important, as explained at the Tattoo Artist section, lesser Tattoos can not be "re-inked" to regular ones. Regular tattoos are considered rare items and can be found in the auctions here [1].
  • Simple is almost always better.
  • In general, the more complicated it is, the better the effectiveness, but against less targets.
  • Hiring more minions does not give you more XP per fight - it simply distributes the same amount of XP equally among your minions ! However, hiring a new minion does give you some instant one-time experience to distribute on said minion, but at quite a heavy CB$ cost
  • Picking a (new) strategy might involve firing some of your (recently hired) additional minions. In the first couple of days, feel free to do so : you don't lose much by doing it now, if you think a strategy with less minions might appeal more to you. Actually, it MIGHT be a very good idea to keep a single minion team up to a certain MPR anyway.

Making the most of your NUB

  • You have a UNIQUE opportunity to reach the top ranks with the NUB, so don't waste it! Click the "get more" link in the left frame next to your BA number to get free BA each day - after your NUB is over, those start costing a lot of CB$, and your CB$ income rate will also get lower ! There is no free BA or monetary reward bonus with the NCB (New Character Bonus).
  • You should try to use all of the natural BA regen each day, if you are coming back to 160 BA then you are likely missing some. It gets easier later on, the higher in MPR your character is, the slower the BA will regenerate so the less often you'll have to be around to not miss any BA (you get higher rewards per battle to compensate, so a slower regeneration rate is a GOOD thing)
  • Keep fighting as often as possible as a main priority AND as high as possible as a second priority only, especially if you're part of a clan. Don't waste too many BA probing for targets constantly !
  • DON'T FORGE. It's more efficient to just use the blacksmith or insta-up instead of forging everything yourself, since you'll have plenty of money from fighting. Wait until after your NUB runs out if you want to move from fighting to forging.
  • You should try to conserve CB$ whenever possible. Research what you might need, try to find deals, haggle, be patient whenever you can afford to. You never know when an incredibly great deal might come along and you're one of the few with both the funds and the need to get it.
  • There ARE alternatives if you need CB$ fast, but they're not necessarily all that great : you can either take a loan from another player (not very likely if you are very young and have no decent history of debt repayment), or you can simply purchase CB$ with USD (most people prefer PayPal payments) from other players that have too much of it. Yes, it's all allowed, even if some don't like that it is.
  • Try to stay out of debt. It may seem like everyone around you has really high net worths and plenty of rare items, but you'll soon catch up with most due to the cash part of the NUBonus. If you go into debt early on, you're very likely to also make bad calls with that money, so not only do you end up paying back more (transfer fees, interest rate), but also get next to nothing to show for it.

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