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If you've been fighting on CB for any length of time, you'll find that it can be difficult to find a winning strategy. This page is dedicated to strategies that users all throughout CB have used and found to be effective. Since CB is all about strategical options, there are multiple strategies provided below for each category.

For special strategies that a specific user may use, the naming convention includes the user's name, such as "Almuric's 'How to Get to the Top Guide'" and "Grant's Strategy".

General Strategies By Number of Minions

Detailed Guides

Basic Minions

  • Tank
  • Monk
  • Mage
  • Archer
  • Enchanter
  • Wall
  • In order to win, a team must have at least one damage dealer, i. e. an tank, monk, archer or mage. A single enchanter or wall can only receive damage, but cannot kill their opponents, thus a 1-Minion strategy featuring only a support minion is impossible (Unless a Rune of Balrog Flame or some type of familiar are involved).
  • Multi-Minion Teams are usually based on a combination of the above basic minions.

All Listed Strategies

1-Minion Teams

2-Minion Teams

3-Minion Teams

4-Minion Teams

5-Minion Teams

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