Basically 4 minions, in this order : Wall, Mage, Tank, Enchanter.

The reason for this order is that the Enchanter only needs to cast its spells at the start of the battle and is useless after doing so. It is then used as a meatshield to protect from Magic Missile (MM) which fires from the back. The Wall is only there to take damage for the minion(s) behind it, in this case, the Mage and Tank. The Mage uses a DD (See:Direct Damage Spells), and although it does damage, the Tank is your primary damage dealer and needs to stay alive the longest.

Tattoo: A Tattoo of Endurance (ToE) would be the best tattoo to use for this team, it helps keep the whole team alive and helps with the damage reduction that the Wall provides.

Armor: Check the Armor pages for sets of armor to use for each minion.

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